Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, PhD, is an Associate Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company, where he leads the Intelligent Agent Technology program, known for its development of the KAoS Java agent framework. He is also technical lead for a research group at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that is developing technology to assist with evidence-based long-term post-transplant care of bone marrow transplant patients. In 1993-1994, he was a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar at the European Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Engineering (EURISCO), and in 1997-1998 was a visiting professor at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. His work on agent conversation and security policy design tools is currently funded by a grant from the DARPA control of agent-based systems (coABS) program. He is also funded by NASA to extend KAoS agent and middleware technology as part of an industry collaboration to build a secure extranet to enable advanced forms of data sharing and system-wide simulation and monitoring within the global aviation community. Jeff is actively involved in the agent research community, and is general chair of the Autonomous Agents 99 conference. Among other publications, he has edited the books Knowledge Acquisition as a Modeling Activity (with Ken Ford, John Wiley, 1993), Software Agents (AAAI Press/The MIT Press, 1997), and the forthcoming Handbook of Software Agents.