Final Program

IEEE/WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'03)

IEEE/WIC International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'03)

October 13-16, 2003, Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax, Canada


Note: In the following Conference sessions, a regular paper is denoted by a symbol, and a short paper is denoted by a * symbol. Each regular paper is allocated 20 minutes, and a short paper is allocated 10 minutes.


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October 13, Monday


Workshops and Tutorials


Workshop and Tutorial On-site Registration (Georgian Lounge)


  Regency Ballroom

Imperial Ballroom
Admiral Room
Britannia Room


W1: Knowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence

W2: Applications, Products and Services of Web-based Support Systems

W3: Collaboration Agents: Autonomous Agents for Collaborative Environments



Coffee Break


W1: Knowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence(Cont.)

W2: Applications, Products and Services of Web-based Support Systems(Cont.)

W3: Collaboration Agents: Autonomous Agents for Collaborative Environments(Cont.)





W1: Knowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence(Cont.)

W2: Applications, Products and Services of Web-based Support Systems(Cont.)

W3: Collaboration Agents: Autonomous Agents for Collaborative Environments(Cont.)

T1: A Glimpse at the Future of Agent Technology
Jeffrey M. Bradshaw


Coffee Break


W1: Knowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence(Cont.)

W2: Applications, Products and Services of Web-based Support Systems(Cont.)

W3: Collaboration Agents: Autonomous Agents for Collaborative Environments(Cont.)

T2: Adaptive Web-based Systems: Technologies and Examples
Peter Brusilovsky


Conference On-site Registration (Georgian Lounge)

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October 14, Tuesday




Conference On-site Registration (Georgian Lounge)


Opening Address (Imperial Ballroom)


Invited Talk 1 (Chair: Nick Cercone): "Mining and Monitoring Data Streams", Dr. Philip S. Yu (Imperial Ballroom)


Invited Talk 2 (Chair: Boi Faltings): "Reasoning about Cooperation", Prof. Michael Wooldridge (Imperial Ballroom)


Coffee Break


  Regency Ballroom

Admiral Room
Imperial Ballroom



Session 1A (IAT) (Chair: Jesus Favela):

Agent Behaviors and Reinforcement Learning (1)

Session 1B (WI) (Chair: Chunnian Liu):

Web Mining and Data Engineering (1)

Session 1C (WI) (Chair: Jiming Liu):

Web Topology and Social Networks (1)


Social Interactions in Multi-Agent Systems: A Formal Approach
M. Fasli

* Representing and Enforcing Interaction Protocols in Multi-Agent Systems: An Approach Based on Conceptual Graphs
G. W. Mineau

* Controlling Malevolent Behavior in Open Multi-Agent Systems by Means of Deterrence Theory
P. Winoto

* Modeling and Specifying Scenarios and Agent Behaviors
L. Shan and H. Zhu


* Mining Answers in German Web Pages
G. Neumann and F. Xu

* Generic Text Summarization Using Local and Global Properties of Sentences
C. Kruengkrai and C. Jaruskulchai

* Incremental Personalized Web Page Mining Utilizing Self-Organizing HCMAC Neural Network
C.-M. Chen


Temporal Web Usage Mining
M. Hogo, M. Snorek, and P. Lingras

A Data-Mining Approach for Optimizing Performance of an Incremental Crawler
H. Bullot, S. K. Gupta, and M. K. Mohania

Web Farming and Data Warehousing for Energy Tradefloors
C. Felden and P. Chamoni


* Local Policies for the Control of Virtual Communities
G. Boella and L. van der Torre

* Mining Social Network of Conference Participants from the Web
Y. Matsuo, H. Tomobe, K. Hasida, and M. Ishizuka

* Detecting Near-Replicas on the Web by Content and Hyperlink Analysis
E. Di Iorio, M. Diligenti, M. Gori, M. Maggini, and A. Pucci

* PageRank and Web Communities
M. Bianchini, M. Gori, and F. Scarselli


Community-Based Model and Access Control for Information Grid
X. Li, Z. Xu, X. Liu, and N. Yang

Social Scheduler: A Proposal of Collaborative Personal Task Management
I. Ohmukai and H. Takeda





Session 2A (IAT) (Chair: Boi Faltings):

Distributed Problem Solving

Session 2B (IAT) (Chair: Shahram Rahimi):

Task-Oriented Agents

Session 2C (WI) (Chair: Y. Y. Yao):

Web Prefetching


* A Distributed Agent Approach to Global Transportation Scheduling
D. Perugini, D. Lambert, L. Sterling, and A. Pearce

* Efficiency of Emergent Constraint Satisfaction in Small-World and Random Agent Networks
X. Jin and J. Liu

* Problem-Solving in Open Environments
S. Macho-Gonzalez and B. Faltings


HOWTO: Asynchronous PFC-MRDAC-Optimization in Distributed Constraint Problems +- Adopt
M.-C. Silaghi

Arithmetic Circuit for the First Solution of Distributed CSPs with Cryptographic Multi-Party Computations
M.-C. Silaghi

* Problem Solving with Attitude and the Theory of Reasoned Action
S. Au and N. Parameswaran

A New Distributed Approach to Solve Meeting Scheduling Problems
A. B. Hassine, T. Ito, and T. B. Ho


* Tasks as Context for Intelligent Agents
K. Lister and L. Sterling

* Mission Impossible? Automatically Assembling Agents from High-Level Task Descriptions
G. Jayaputera, S. Loke, and A. Zaslavsky

* A Task-Oriented Agent-Based Mechanism for Theorem Proving
Q. B. Vo

* Multi-Agent Planning as a Coordination Model for Self-Organized Systems
F. Marc, I. Degirmenciyan-Cartault, and A. El Fallah-Seghrouchni

* A Resource-Based Framework for Planning and Replanning
R. van der Krogt, M. de Weerdt, and C. Witteveen


Human-Agent Viewpoint Similarity Based on Terminological Logic for Mixed-Initiative Planning
A. Bouzouane and B. Bouchard


* Exploiting Webspace Organization for Accelerating Web Prefetching
J. I. Khan and Q. Tao

* CARP Compliant Proxy Enforcer Frame Work
K. E. A. Negm

* A Real-Time Evolutionary Algorithm for Web Prediction
D. Bonino, F. Corno, and G. Squillero


* Web Prefetching Using Display-Based Prediction
Y. Kim and J. Kim

* WebScout: Support for Revisitation of Web Pages within a Navigation Session
N. Milic-Frayling, R. Sommerer, and K. Rodden

LRU Based Small Latency First Replacement (SLFR) Algorithm for the Proxy Cache
S.-W. Shin, K.-Y. Kim, and J.-S. Jang





Session 3A (IAT) (Chair: Jiming Liu):

Autonomy-Oriented Computing (AOC)

Session 3B (IAT) (Chair: Jeffery M. Bradshaw):

Autonomous Pricing and Negotiation (1)

Session 3C (WI) (Chair: Yiming Ye):

Ontology Engineering (1)


* Assistive Ecologies-Bio-Mimetic Design of Ambient Intelligence
M. H. Sorensen

* Modeling Agent-Based Load Balancing with Time Delays
Y. Wang, J. Liu, and X. Jin

* Proxy Ecology-Cooperative Proxies with Artificial Life
J. Z. Wang and R. K. Guha


* Network Load Balancing Algorithm Using Ants Computing
H. Une and F. Qian

* Discrete Bee Dance Algorithms for Pattern Formation on a Grid
N. Gordon, I. A. Wagner, and A. M. Bruckstein

* MPIAB: A Novel Agent Architecture for Parallel Processing
S. Rahimi, A. Narayanan, and M. Sabharwal

* Soft Gene, Role, Agent: MABS Learns from Sociology
Q. Yan, X. Mao, L. Shan, Z. Qi, and H. Zhu


* Dynamic Stochastic Capacity Pricing for Resource Allocation
A. G. Anyouzoa, T. D'Hondt, D. C. Akoa, and M. Ba

* The Use of Hybrid Negotiation in Resource Coordination Among Agents
X. Li and L.-K. Soh

* Dynamic Inference of Perceptual Categories in Negotiating Agents
M. Grimsley and A. Meehan

* Belief Revision for Adaptive Negotiation Agents
R. Y. K. Lau, B. Essam, S. Y. Chan, and Z. Huang


* Multi-Agent Coalition via Autonomous Price Negotiation in a Real-Time Web Environment
H. C. Lau and W. S. Lim

* Privilege Negotiation Agents for Distributed Authorization on World Wide Web
R. Au, M. Yao, and M. Looi


* Semantic Web Complex Ontology Mapping
N. Silva and J. Rocha

* Ontology-Based Web Mining Model: Representations of User Profiles
Y. Li and N. Zhong

* Integrating Ontological and Linguistic Knowledge for Conceptual Information Extraction
R. Basili, M. Vindigni, and F. M. Zanzotto

* Semantic Reliability in Distributed Systems: Ontology Issues and System Engineering
C. Linn


* Building an Ontology Based on Hub Words for Information Retrieval
S. O. Koo, S. Y. Lim, and S. J. Lee

* IISM: An Image Internal Semantic Model for Image Database Based on Relevance Feedback
L. Duan and W. Gao


Coffee Break



Session 4A (IAT) (Chair: John Yen):

Autonomous Information Services

Session 4B (WI) (Chair: Kwei-Jay Lin):

Context-Aware Computing

Session 4C (WI) (Chair: Soe-Tsyr Yuan):

Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation (1)


* An Agent-Based Digital Self in 24/7 Web Services World: Architecture and Implementation
S. Goschnick and L. Sterling

* Autonomous Information Services Integration and Allocation in Agent-Based Information Service System
X. Lu and K. Mori

* A Neural Multi-Agent Based System for Smart HTML Pages Retrieval
G. Pilato, S. Vitabile, G. Vassallo, V. Conti, and F. Sorbello

* Combining Reactive and Deliberative Agents for Complete Ecosystems in Infospheres
F. L. Gandon


* Odaies: Ontology-Driven Adaptive Web Information Extraction System
N. Zhang, H. Chen, Y. Wang, S.-J. Cheng, and M.-F. Xiong

* Learning DNF Concepts by Constrained Clustering of Positive Instances
L. Minqiang and L. Zhi


* Music Information Retrieval by Detecting Mood via Computational Media Aesthetics
Y. Feng, Y. Zhuang, and Y. Pan

* MobiShare: Sharing Context-Dependent Data and Services from Mobile Sources
E. Valavanis, C. Ververidis, M. Vazirgianis, G. C. Polyzos, and K. Norvag

* Determining Remote System Contention States in Query Processing over the Internet
W. Liu, Z. Liao, J. Hong, and Z. Liao

* Functionality Adaptation: A Context-Aware Service Code Adaptation for Pervasive Computing Environments
V. W.-M. Kwan, F. C.-M. Lau, and C.-L. Wang

* Information-Need Driven Query Refinement
N. Stojanovic


* Constraining Model-Based Reasoning Using Contexts
L. Gong and D. Riecken

Towards Know-When Technology in the Mobile Information Space: Long-Term User Trace Log Analysis in the Mobile Internet
T. Yamakami


* Foundations of Unconstrained Collaborative Web Browsing with Awareness
M. Aneiros and V. Estivill-Castro

* Clustering Approach for Hybrid Recommender System
Q. Li and B. M. Kim

* Online Recommendation Based on Customer Shopping Model in E-Commerce
J. Ji, Z. Sha, C. Liu, and N. Zhong

* Improvements of Naive Bayes Collaborative Filtering Using Interval Estimation
V. Robles, P. Larranaga, E. Menasalvas, M. S. Perez, and V. Herves


* A Recommendation Algorithm Using Multi-Level Association Rules
C. Kim and J. Kim




Reception (the Atrium of the Computer Science Building, 6050 University Avenue, Halifax)

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October 15, Wednesday




Invited Talk 3 (Chair: Ning Zhong): "Web Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic-The Concept of Web IQ (WIQ)", Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh (Imperial Ballroom)




  Regency Ballroom

Admiral Room
Imperial Ballroom



Session 5A (IAT) (Chair: Tarek Helmy):

Embodied Agents and Agent-Based System Applications (1)

Session 5B (WI) (Chair: Einoshin Suzuki):

Categorization and Ranking (1)

Session 5C (WI) (Chair: Jingtao Yao):

Web Mining and Data Engineering (2)


* A Hybrid Architecture for Autonomous Navigation Using a CBR Reactive Layer
C. Urdiales, E. J. Perez, F. Sandoval, and J. Vazquez-Salceda

* MMASS Approach to Localization Problems
S. Bandini, S. Manzoni, and G. Vizzari

* An Approach to Digitizing and Managing Well-Logging Parameter Graphs with Agent-Based Perspective
C. Li, C. Zhang, M. Wang, and Q. Song


Preliminary Performance Evaluation of an Agent-Based Geospatial Data Conflation System
S. Rahimi, J. Bjursell, D. Ali, M. Cobb, and M. Paprzyckis

Hybrid Intelligent System for Pricing the Indices of Dual-Listing Stock Markets
S. I. Ao

Introducing Software Agents to Support a Web-Based Collective Activity
N. Taurisson and P. Tchounikine


* Improving Web Usability by Categorizing Information
V. Carchiolo, A. Longheu, and M. Malgeri

* Web Image Retrieval Re-Ranking with Relevance Model
W.-H. Lin, R. Jin, and A. Hauptmann

* An Architecture to Support Navigation and Propose Tips within a Dedicated Website
B. Richard, P. Tchounikine, and P. Jacoboni

* Topic Continuity for Web Document Categorization and Ranking
B. L. Narayan, C. A. Murthy, and S. K. Pal


Incremental Document Clustering Using Cluster Similarity Histograms
K. M. Hammouda and M. S. Kamel


* Towards Modernized and Web-Specific Stoplists for Web Document Analysis
M. P. Sinka and D. W. Corne

* Querying and Clustering Web Pages about Persons and Organizations
S. Ye, T.-S. Chua, and J. R. Kei


Attribute Reduction of Rough Sets in Mining Market Value Functions
J. Huang, C. Liu, C. Ou, Y. Y. Yao, and N. Zhong

Bidirectional Hierarchical Clustering for Web Mining
Z. Yao and B. Choi

A Text Mining Approach on Automatic Generation of Web Directories and Hierarchies
H.-C. Yang and C.-H. Lee

A System for Chinese Question Answering
G.-T. Huang and H.-H. Yao

A Comparative Study of Zernike Moments
T.-W. Lin and Y.-F. Chou


Coffee Break



Session 6A (IAT) (Chair: Leendert van der Torre):

Multi-Agent Systems, Modeling and Methodology (1)

Session 6B (WI) (Chair: Peter Brusilovsky):

Web Services

Session 6C (WI) (Chair: Chunnian Liu):

Web Mining and Data Engineering (3)


* An Investigation of the Long-Term Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Multi-Agent Systems
P. Winoto

* A Software Engineering Process for BDI Agent-Based Systems
T. I. Zhang, E. Kendall, and H. Jiang

* On Need-Driven Proactive Information Exchanges in Agent Teams
J. Yen, X. Fan, and R. A. Volz


Formal Framework for Adaptive Multi-Agent Systems
W. Jiao, M. Zhou, and Q. Wang

* Modeling the Behaviors of Players in Competitive Environments
S.-Y. Chiao and C. S. Xydeas

* Identifiability of Causal Effects in a Multi-Agent Causal Model
S. Maes, J. Reumers, and B. Manderick

Enlarging the Applicability of a Failure Cause Eradication Based Methodology
N. Guionnet and G. Gouarderes


* WISE-Building Simple Intelligence into Web Services
S.-T. Yuan and K.-J. Lin

* Efficient Matchmaking and Directory Services
I. Constantinescu and B. Faltings

* Configuring Web Services, Using Structuring and Techniques from Agent Configuration
S. van Splunter, M. Sabou, F. M. T. Brazier, and D. Richards


* Automatic Composition of Web Service Workflows Using a Semantic Agent
J. Korhonen, L. Pajunen, and J. Puustjarvi

Ubiquitous Service Interoperation through Polyarchical Middleware
M. Yu, A. Taleb-Bendiab, D. Reilly, and W. Omar

* Web-Based Medical Decision Support System for Neurological Diseases
S. Tsumoto


* WebKIV: Visualizing Structure and Navigation for Web Mining
Y. Niu, T. Zheng, J. Chen, and R. Goebel

* Two-Phase Web Site Classification Based on Hidden Markov Tree Models
Y.-H. Tian, T.-J. Huang, W. Gao, J. Cheng, and P.-B. Kang


* Concept Decomposition by Fuzzy k-Means Algorithm
J. Dobsa and B. D. Basic

* Using the KDD Process to Support Web Site Reconfigurations
J. D. Velasquez, H. Yasuda, T. Aoki, and R. Weber

* A New Facial Feature Extraction Method Based on Linear Combination Model
Y. Hu, B. Yin, and D. Kong

* Research on Modeling with Dynamic Bayesian Networks
F. Tian, H. Zhang, and Y. Lu

A Query Processing Algorithm for Hierarchical Markov Networks
C. J. Butz and J. Liu




Invited Talk 4 (Chair: Toyoaki Nishida): "Grid Research in China and the Vega Grid Project at ICT", Prof. Zhiwei Xu (Imperial Ballroom)




  Regency Ballroom

Admiral Room
Imperial Ballroom



Session 7A (IAT) (Chair: Leon Sterling):

Embodied Agents and Agent-Based System Applications (2)

Session 7B (IAT) (Chair: Ron Sun):

Autonomous Pricing and Negotiation (2)

Session 7C (WI) (Chair: Vijay Raghavan):

Web Information Search and Retrieval (1)


* FLIP: A Platform to Integrate Embodied Agent Technology
L. K. Jensen, B. B. Kristensen, and Y. Demazeau

* EMMA: An E-Mail Management Assistant
V. Ho, W. Wobcke, and P. Compton

* A New Approach of the Collaborative User Interface Agents
T. Helmy, S. Amamiya, T. Mine, and M. Amamiya


A Possible Approach to the Development of Robotic Multi-Agent Systems
M. Cossentino, L. Sabatucci, and A. Chella

* An Application of Multi-Agent Coordination Techniques in Air Traffic Management
M. Nguyen-Duc, J.-P. Briot, and A. Drogoul

A Multi-Agent System for Optimizing Urban Traffic
J. France and A. A. Ghorbani


* A Two-Level Negotiation Framework for Complex Negotiations
X. Zhang, V. Lesser, and T. Wagner

*Integrative Negotiation in Complex Organizational Agent Systems
X. Zhang, V. Lesser, and T. Wagner

* Designing Flexible Negotiation Agent with Relaxed Decision Rules
K. M. Sim and S. Y. Wang

* Agent-Based Decision Support for Actual-World Procurement Scenarios
J. A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, A. Giovannucci, A. Reyes-Moro, F. X. Noria, and J. Cerquides


* A Procedure for Mediating Between Service Requesters and Providers
P. Lamarre and S. Cazalens

* Cost-Based Dynamic Reconfiguration System for Intelligent Agent Negotiation
F. P. Maturana, P. Tichy, P. Slechta, R. J. Staron, F. M. Discenzo, K. Hall, and V. Marik


* Context Sensitive Text Mining and Belief Revision for Adaptive Information Retrieval
R. Y. K. Lau


* Web-Based Information Retrieval Support Systems: Building Research Tools for Scientists in the New Information Age
J. T. Yao and Y. Y. Yao

* Web Intelligence in Information Retrieval
K. Curran, C. Murphy, and S. Annesley
Evaluation of Criteria for Information Retrieval
T. Ishioka

* Expected Value of User Sessions: Limitations to the Non-Semantic Approach
E. Menasalvas, B. Pardo, S. Millan, E. Hochsztain, and J. M. Pena

* Evolutionary Reinforcement of User Models in an Adaptive Search Engine
S. Maleki-Dizaji, Z. A. Othman, H. O. Nyongesa, and J. Siddiqi

* Performance Management in Competitive Distributed Web Search
R. Khoussainov and N. Kushmerick

* Video Browsing and Retrieval Based on Multimodal Integration
Y. Zhu and D. Zhou


Coffee Break



Session 8A(WI) (Chair: Ali A. Ghorbani):

Web Agents (1)

Session 8B (WI) (Chair: Craig Linn):

Ontology Engineering (2)

Session 8C (WI) (Chair: Marco Gori):

Web Topology and Social Networks (2)


* Towards Holistic Web-Based Information Retrieval: An Agent-Based Approach
K. M. Sim

* Exploiting a Search Engine to Develop More Flexible Web Agents
S.-d. Lin and C. A. Knoblock

* A QoS Network Routing Algorithm Using Multiple Pheromone Tables
S. Tadrus and L. Bai


* Querying Spatiotemporal XML Using DataFoX
Y. Chen and P. Revesz

* Implementing Explanation Ontology for Agent System
X. Su, M. Matskin, and J. Rao

* Trust Based Knowledge Outsourcing for Semantic Web Agents
L. Ding, L. Zhou, and T. Finin


* Mining Web Site's Clusters from Link Topology and Site Hierarchy
K.-W. Cheung and Y. Sun

* Enhancing a Web-Based Distance-Learning Curriculum with Dedicated Tools
D. Rasseneur, P. Jacoboni, and P. Tchounikine

* Graph Structures in Paragraph-Linked Repositories
J. Miao





Session 9A (WI) (Chair: Kwang Mong Sim):

Web Agents (2)

Session 9B (WI) (Chair: Josiah Poon):

Categorization and Ranking (2)

Session 9C (IAT) (Chair: Marias Silaghi):

Cooperative Problem Solving


* Value Centric Trust in Multi-Agent Systems
J. Carter and A. A. Ghorbani

* Bayesian Network-Based Trust Model
Y. Wang and J. Vassileva


* Web-Agents Inspired by Ethology: A Population of "Ant"-Like Agents to Help Finding User-Oriented Information
A. Revel

* Web Agents for Requirements Consistency Management
Z. Chen and A. Ghose

* AntWeb-The Adaptive Web Server Based on the Ants' Behavior
W. M. Teles, L. Weigang, and C. G. Ralha


* Detecting Hostile Accesses through Incremental Subspace Clustering
M. Narahashi and E. Suzuki

* Web-Based Collection Selection Using Singular Value Decomposition
J. King and Y. Li

* Social Cognitive Factors of Unfair Ratings in Reputation Reporting Systems
R. Conte and M. Paolucci


* A Generalized Site Ranking Model for Web IR
C. Ding and C.-H. Chi


* Many Is More, But Not Too Many: Dimensions of Cooperation of Agents with and without Predictive Capabilities
M. Scheutz and P. Schermerhorn

* Strategies for Cooperative Search in Distributed Databases
J. J. Chua and P. E. Tischer


* Collaboration Based on Hierachical Relationship
X. Liang, X. Shen, and Q. Zhao

* BDIGGY: A Cognitive Architecture for Cooperative Problem Solving
A. Pauchet, N. Chaignaud, and A. E. Fallah-Seghrouchni




Banquet (Pier 22, 1031 Marginal Road, Halifax)

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October 16, Thursday




Invited Talk 5 (Chair: Jiming Liu): "Web information Extraction with Lixto: Visual Logic and Expressive Power, Prof. Georg Gottlob (Imperial Ballroom)

09:15-09:20 Break


  Regency Ballroom

Admiral Room
Imperial Ballroom



Session 10A (IAT) (Chair: Wayne Wobcke):

Agent Behaviors and Reinforcement Learning (2)

Session 10B (WI) (Chair: Zhiwei Xu):

E-Business and E-Technology (1)

Session 10C (WI) (Chair: Jingtao Yao):

Web Information Extraction and Management


* Asymmetric Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
V. Kononen

* Living with Dynamic Concepts in Dynamic Environments: Intelligent Agents that Adapt Themselves
M. Rehm

* Integrating Reinforcement Learning, Bidding and Genetic Algorithms
D. Qi and R. Sun


* Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Using OLAP-Based Association Rules Mining
M. Kaya and R. Alhajj

* Q-Learning Automaton
F. Qian and H. Hirata


* A Negotiation Strategy for Electronic Trade Using Intelligent Agents
O. Cairo, J. G. Olarte, and F. Rivera-Illingworth

* Service-Oriented Autonomous Decentralized Community Communication Technique for a Complex Adaptive Information System
K. Ragab, N. Kaji, and K. Mori


* Negotiation Paradigms Based on Knowledge Bead's Methodology
Y. Zhuang, S. Fong, and S. Meilin

* WICE: A Web-Based Intelligent Cost Estimator for Real-Time Decision Support
W.-D. Yu and C.-C. Lai

* Adaptive Intelligent Environment for Remote Experimentation
M. J. Callaghan, J. Harkin, T. M. McGinnity, and L. P. Maguire

* A Comparative Framework for EB Systems Development Methodologies
J. Huang, J. Wang, T. Chang, C. Zhao, and L. Wang


* A Knowledge Extraction Process Specification for Today's Non-Semantic Web
J. L. Arjona, R. Corchuelo, and M. Toro

* Topic and Meta-Descriptor Extraction for Text Description
N. Hernandez and B. Grau


*The Formalization of Argumentation and Its Application in Network Computing
Z. Yang and C. Mu

* A Hybrid Method for Web Data Extraction
Y. Wang and L. Zhou

* Learning Information Extraction Patterns from Tabular Web Pages without Manual Labeling
X. Gao, M. Zhang, and P. Andreae

* An Automated Management Tool for Unstructured Data
M. Ceglowski, A. Coburn, and J. Cuadrado



Coffee Break



Session 11A (WI) (Chair: Toyoaki Nishida):

Intelligent Human-Web Interaction

Session 11B (WI) (Chair: Ernestina Menasalvas):

E-Business and E-Technology (2)

Session 11C (WI) (Chair: Ning Zhong):

Web Mining and Data Engineering (4)


* A Novel Web Security Evaluation Model for a One-Time-Password System
B. Soh and A. Joy

* User Attributes in Web-Based Electronic Service Adoption Model (E-SAM)
K. Sandhu and B. Corbitt

* A Toolkit for Creating Personalized Presentations
D. Pacey, E. Dempster, M. H. Williams, A. Cawsey, D. Marwick, and L. MacKinnon

* Adaptive Web Interface Design Using Fuzzy Logic
H. O. Nyongesa, T. Shicheng, S. Maleki-Dizaji, S.-T. Huang, and J. Siddiqi

* Supporting the Interaction between User and Web-Based Multimedia Information
N. Bianchi-Berthouze, N. Katsumi, H. Yoneyama, S. Bhalla, and T. Izumita

* Future View: Web Navigation Based on Learning User's Browsing Patterns
N. Nagino and S. Yamada

* Learning to Perform Moderation in Online Forums
A. Arnt and S. Zilberstein

* Personalizing a Web Site for Cellular Phones
A. Kobayashi and H. Fujioka

* Intelligent User Interfaces for Web-Based Configuration Systems
L. Ardissono, A. Goy, G. Petrone, M. Holland, R. Schafer, G. Friedrich, and C. Russ


* An Online Multi-Agent E-Sales Recruitment System
R. Khosla and T. Goonesekera

* Bundling and Pricing for Information Brokerage: Customer Satisfaction as a Means to Profit Optimization
D. J. A. Somefun and J. A. La Poutre


* Design and Implementation of a Web-Based Computational Grid Portal
G. He and Z. Xu

* An Intelligent Agent-Mediated Web Trading Environment
S. Kouremenos, S. Vrettos, and A. Stafylopatis

* A Simulation-Based Approach for Testing Market Strategies in Electronic Marketplaces
M. J. Viamonte, C. Ramos, F. Rodrigues, and J. S. Cardoso

* Increasing Matchmaking Semantics in Intelligent Commerce System
R. F. Tomaz and S. Labidi


* Matrix Dimensionality Reduction for Mining Web Logs
J. Lu, B. Xu, and H. Yang

* Embedded Data Indexing for Fast Stream Interception by Internet Appliances
J. I. Khan and Y. He

* Clustering for Web Information Hierarchy Mining
H.-Y. Kao, J.-M. Ho, and M.-S. Chen

* A Neural Network Based Approach to Automated E-Mail Classification
J. Clark, I. Koprinska, and J. Poon

* Decreasing Saw-Tooth Priority (DSTP) Based Product Data Classifier
R. D. Goyal and J. Mukherjee

* A New Method for Query Generation Applied to Learning Text Classifiers
J. Leblet and M. Quafafou

* Intelligent Mapping of Hyperspace
C. G. Ralha and J. C. L. Ralha

* The Concept of Attribute Dimension and Corresponding Operations
Y. Lin and L. Zhanhuai





Session 12A (IAT) (Chair: Ville Kononen):

Multi-Agent Systems, Modeling and Methodology (2)

Session 12B (IAT) (Chair: Raymond Y. K. Lau):

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Agents (1)

Session 12C (IAT) (Chair: Martin Purvis):

Ubiquitous Systems and E-Technology Agents


* Norm Governed Multi-Agent Systems: The Delegation of Control to Autonomous Agents
G. Boella and L. van der Torre

* Inaccessibility in Multi-Agent Systems
M. Pechoucek, M. Dobisek, J. Lazansky, and V. Marik

* Improving the Fault-Tolerance in MAS with Dynamic Proxy Replicate Groups
A. Fedoruk and R. Deters

* CARLA-A CORBA-Based Architecture for Lightweight Agents
M. Aleksy, A. Korthaus, and M. Schader


* Knowledge Sharing in Default Reasoning Based Multi-Agent Systems
H. Rybinski and D. Ryzko

* A General Architecture for Autonomous Agents
B. Ekdahl, L. Jensen, M. R. Lilja, S. Nyman, and A. Wikstrom


* Discovery and Sharing of Knowledge with Self-Organized Agents
L. K. Wickramasinghe and L. D. Alahakoon

* Discovery of Emergent Natural Laws by Hierarchical Multi-Agent Systems
H. Stolk, K. Gates, and J. Hanan

* Classification Rule Discovery with Ant Colony Optimization
B. Liu, H. A. Abbass, and B. McKay

* Learning Knowledge Bases for Information Extraction from Multiple Text-Based Web Sites
X. Gao and M. Zhang


* Multi-Agent Technology for Distributed Data Mining and Classification
V. Gorodetsky, O. Karsaeyv, and V. Samoilov

* Agent-Oriented Framework for Decision Tree Evolution
M. Sprogar and M. Colnaric


* An XML-Based Multi-Agent System for the User-Oriented Management of QoS in Telecommunications Networks
P. De Meo, J. Mbale, G. Terracina, and D. Ursino

* Multi-Agent Interaction Protocols for E-Business
M. Purvis, M. Nowostawski, M. Oliveira, and S. Cranefield


* Using Self-Organization for Functional Integrity Maintenance of Wireless Sensor Networks
J.-P. Jamont and M. Occello

* Validating Interaction in Ubiquitous Software Systems Using Dialogue Oriented Interactions
A. Gouaich

* Distributed Ubiquitous Software Services
A. Gouaich

* Multi-Agent Autonomic Architecture and Its Application in E-Medicine
H. Tianfield

* Virtual Enterprise Formation with Agents-An Approach to Implementation
S. A. Petersen, J. Rao, and M. Matskin

* Supporting Knowledge Management Infrastructure: A Multi-Agent Approach
W. Dai, S. H. Rubin, and C. Chen


Coffee Break



Session 13A (IAT) (Chair: Huaglory Tianfield):

Mobile Agents

Session 13B (IAT) (Chair: Vladimir Gorodetsky):

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Agents (2)

Session 13C (WI) (Chair: Georg Gottlob):

Web Information Search and Retrieval (2)


* Mobile Agents for Data Analysis in Industrial Automation Systems
D. P. Buse, J. Q. Feng, and Q. H. Wu


* A Programming Language for Autonomous and Mobile Agents
A. El Fallah-Seghrouchni and A. Suna

* A JMS Message Transport Protocol for the JADE Platform
E. Curry, D. Chambers, and G. Lyons

* Adding Flexibility Using Structured Goals: The Case of Itinerant Mobile Agents
T. Phung, S. W. Loke, and J. Harland

* Communicative Acts of Elvin-Enhanced Mobile Agents
S. W. Loke and A. Zaslavsky


* Novel Vertical Mining on Diffsets Structure
W. Consue and W. Kurutach

* The Role of Agents in Distributed Data Mining: Issues and Benefits
M. Klusch, S. Lodi, and G. Moro


* Web Course Self-Adaptation
M. A. Razek, C. Frasson, and M. Kaltenbach

* Person Name Identification in Chinese Documents Using Finite State Automata
B. Shen, Z. Zhang, and C. Yuan



* Towards Automatic Incorporation of Search Engines into a Large-Scale Metasearch Engine
Z. Wu, V. Raghavan, H. Qian, V. Rama, W. Meng, H. He, and C. Yu

* Using Psychological Word Database in Web Search
H. Takeuchi, M. Kitajima, and H. Urokobara

* A Unified Fuzzy Feature Indexing Scheme for Region Based Online Image Querying
R. Zhang, Z. Zhang, and J. Yao

* An Efficient Internet Crawling and Filtering System for the Nationwide Tendering Information Retrieval
T. Matsuda, K. Nakamura, and N. Sakamoto

* A Framework for an Advanced Reading Support in the Digital Library Age
K. Rouane, C. Frasson, and M. Kaltenbach





Session 14A (IAT) (Chair: Xiaolong Jin):

Agent-Based Simulation

Session 14B (WI) (Chair: Kwok-Wai Cheung):

Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation (2)

Session 14C (IAT) (Chair: Seng W. Loke):

Autonomous Auctions


* Method of Crowd Simulation by Using Multi-Agent on Cellular Automata
T. Hamagami and H. Hirata


* A New Agent-Based Framework for the Simulation of Electricity Markets
I. Praca, C. Ramos, Z. Vale, and M. Cordeiro

* Formal Framework for Modeling and Simulation of DDoS Attacks Based on Teamwork of Hackers-Agents
I. Kotenko, A. Alexeev, and E. Man'kov


* On the Temporal Analysis for Improved Hybrid Recommendations
T. Y. Tang, P. Winoto, and K. C. C. Chan


* INTIMATE: A Web-Based Movie Recommender Using Text Categorization
H. Mak, I. Koprinska, and J. Poon

* WebGuard: Web-Based Adult Content Detection and Filtering System
M. Hammami, Y. Chahir, and L. Chen


* On Heuristics for Solving Winner Determination Problem in Combinatorial Auctions
M. Mito and S. Fujita

* Artificial Software Agents on Thin Double Auction Markets-A Human Trader Experiment
J. Grossklags and C. Schmidt


* SIMPLE-A Multi-Agent System for Simultaneous and Related Auctions
R. L. Milidiu, T. Melcop, F. dos S. Liporace, and C. J. P. de Lucena

* Non-Refundable-Bid Auctions for Positions in a Queue: A Decision-Theoretic Analysis
P. Winoto and T. Y. Tang

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