W1: Workshop on Knowledge Grid and Grid Intelligence

The Grid Computing has evolved from the earlier days of merely sharing distributed resources for solving big computational tasks to the latest trend of developing the Grid as a service-oriented architecture to support transparent and reliable distributed systems integration. Thanks to its recent marriage with Web Services and the Semantic Web. While the Semantic Web + Web Services emphasizes on the interoperability of different on-line systems, the Grid complements it by providing the infrastructure to handle large-scale distributed enterprises information systems...

W2: Workshop on Applications, Products and Services of Web-based Support Systems

The Web provides a new medium for storing, presenting, gathering, sharing, processing and using information. The impacts of the Web can be felt in almost all aspects of life. Web Intelligence is a sub-field of computer science that tries to meet the challenges and take advantages of the opportunities offered by the Web. The workshop aims to a particular field of Web Intelligence by providing a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas and information by researchers, students, and professionals on the issues and challenges brought on by the Web technology for various support systems. One of our goals is to find out how applications and adaptations of existing methodologies on the Web platform benefit our decision-makings and various activities.

W3: Workshop on Collaboration Agents: Autonomous Agents for Collaborative Environments

Autonomous agents have long been recognised as particularly promising tools for mundane tasks such as information seeking and distribution. Many researchers have recognised the power of multiple agents collaborating to achieve these and other tasks. However, in only a few cases, have agents been utilised to bring people together (or at least schedule them), and recent developments are producing architectures of agents that can go further, facilitating interactions as humans might. We believe that it is in the bringing together of people that agents can finally realise their potential.

This workshop is intended to bring to the fore the state of the art of research and development of agents that bring people together, through, for example, scheduling, monitoring, or facilitating meetings, distributing information and building societies, and maintaining links between people whenever they can. The workshop will not focus on, for example, the development of interface of search agents - forums exist to bring this research to the fore. Our interest is in the building of a community of researchers in the area to allow the growth of a highly exciting field, one in which agents help people come together.