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The DI Laboratory was set up with such a mandate, focusing on innovative illustrations to demonstrate new types of real-time interactions between human and digital computers, via touching, gesture, body movement as enabled by the latest display and sensing technologies, for collaborative work, augmented reality, digital entertainment, knowledge exploration, and so on.

Courses and Workshops

Putting students to experience new possibilities brought by the latest advancement in digital technologies could be equally effective, if more. And sometimes, it could be even more inspiring.

COMP4005 - Information Systems Theory, Methodology and Architecture

Putting theory into practice...

GDSC1017 - Science and Technology behind the Movies

Designing Future Driving...
Would it be powered by Smiling Energy?

COMP1006 - Facets of Computing

Innovate via Silly chats...

GCIT Courses - Information Technology Management

These kids just KOed all our Kinect and LeapMotion games...

ITEC2015 - iMakeApps

Pitching the next Instagram...

Workshop on Design for Sustainability (D4S) - Internal Selection

Can't wait to see how our COMP and COMM Ph.D. students are reshaping our education system!!