We cordially invite you to submit your contribution to the demo track of the 2012 ACM SIGHIT International Health Informatics Symposium (IHI 2012).
      The IHI demo track is an exciting and highly interactive way to demonstrate your health informatics system or application. Because of IHI's focus on end-to-end systems, whereby applied informatics is used to address the needs of health and healthcare applications, demos of innovative systems are solicited, which illustrate practical research or engineering contributions in an interesting and interactive manner.
      The demo program will be featured prominently in the conference program and should be seen as a vehicle for researchers, practitioners, and commercial/industrial/non-profit institutions to showcase innovative new technologies or applications in health informatics.
      The demo review process will look for practical uses of technology and also for a "wow" factor in all submissions. We encourage the description of prototypes as long as they clearly present a coherent, end-to-end view of what the application might become once it gets deployed in production.
      A submission proposal includes a demo paper and can optionally include a demo video, whose URL should be referred to in the textual demo description for reviewers to take into consideration when analyzing the submission. Note that the demo paper should differ from regular papers in several important aspects. First, it should clearly describe the overall architecture of the system or technology demonstrated. Second, the paper should put great emphasis on the motivation of the work, on the applications of the presented system or technology, and on the novelty of the work. Third, the proposal should clearly describe the demo scenario. In particular, it should describe how the demo audience can interact with the demo system, to better understand the underlying technology. For demos running over the web, a back-up scenario should be described, in case connectivity is limited at the demo venue.
      All topics described in the Call for Papers are eligible for demo track submissions.
      All aspects of the submission and notification process will be handled electronically. Submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:
      • The author(s) name and affiliation(s) must be present in the submitted document. Any submitted demo proposal violating the length, file type, or formatting requirements will be rejected without review.
      • Papers must adhere to the ACM Proceedings Format available for LaTex, WordPerfect, WordPerfect 9, and Word. Changing the template's font size, margins, inter-column spacing, or line spacing is prohibited. Each paper must be submitted as a single PDF file, formatted for 8.5" x 11" paper.
      • The length of submission is 4 pages. This page limit includes all parts of the proposal: title, abstract, body, and bibliography.
      • Each paper must provide an appendix (which is excluded from the page limit) indicating the preferred review approach, including:
      - The preferred allocation of reviewing expertise. This can be done by electing the primary and secondary focus of the paper (e.g., Computing, Information Science, Medicine, Nursing, and Social/Behavioral Science).
      - A bulleted list with up to 3 topics covered in the paper (from the list of conference topics)
      The optional demo video should focus on illustrating the demo scenario and the interactive nature of the demo system. The video must be no more than three minutes in length and should start by clearly identifying the authors and title of the proposal. The video should be in common video format (e.g., MPEG, AVI), and should be playable on a wide variety of media players. We strongly encourage authors to produce and submit a demo video that will be linked off of the final program on the conference website (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo).
      The notification for acceptance of demo papers is the same as that for regular papers. Accepted demo proposals will appear in the final proceedings and in ACM digital library.
      • Demo paper submission deadline: July 31, 2011 11:59pm EST
      • Notification of acceptance: September 1, 2011 11:59pm EST
      • Camera-ready copy due: October 5, 2011 11:59pm EST