Doctoral Consortium

      Vista Room
      Session Chair:
      Javed Mostafa, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
      Yuan An, Drexel University
      Etienne Antoniutti Di Muro, TBS Group
      Christophe Giraud-Carrier, Brigham Young University
      Carlo Combi, Universita' degli Studi di Verona
      Ted Pedersen, University of Minnesota
      Gondy Leroy, Claremont Graduate University
      Yuan An, Drexel University
      Javed Mostafa, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

      • Electronic Whiteboards in Emergency Medicine
        --Rasmus Rasmussen
      • Enabling Public Health Surveillance in Online Social Media through Data Mining
        --Scott H. Burton 
      • Integrating Flexible Clinical Pathways into CDSS
        --Wen Yao
      • Testing Electronic Health Records Applications with a Security Test Pattern Catalog Developed Using Empirical Data
        --Benjamin H. Smith 
      • Designing Social TV Services to Foster Elderly Social Interactions
        --Malek AlaouiTroyes 
      • Automated identification of Redundant and Relevant New Information in Clinical Notes 
        --Rui Zhang
      • Social Tags and Controlled Vocabularies for Health Information Retrieval
        --Michael Zarro 
      • Consent-based Access Control for Sharing Private Electronic Information 
        --Atif Khan
      • UCONLEGAL: A Usage Control Model for Healthcare Regulations
        --Ramya Gopalan 

      3:00 – 3:30 pm Poster presentations
      3:30 – 4:15 pm One-on-one mentoring
      4:15 – 5:00 pm Panel: Research in Health Informatics and Career Development