Presentation Instruction

      Please check the program to identify your presentation schedule and venue.  Below is a brief instruction of presentation.
      1. For oral presentation: each paper has a 30-minute slot. We suggest that you prepare a 25-minute talk and reserve 5 minutes for questions and answers.  Please arrive early (5 minutes prior to the beginning of your session) to introduce yourself to the session chair.  The session chair will introduce you to the audience and facilitate the presentation as well as the questions and answers.  

      2. For poster presentation: each paper should yield a poster with a 3 foot by 4 foot size (roughly 91 cm by 122 cm, either 3' high x 4' wide or 4' high x 3' wide). Poster boards will be provided.  The poster/demo session chair will be in touch with you for further instructions.  

      3. For demo presentation: demo stations will be available concurrently with the poster session. As discussed in the Call for Demos, the demonstration should be appealing and interactive, allowing the attendees to experience the system/prototype being demonstrated. We also encourage presenters to have access to a possibly scaled down version of the demo that can work if there is a network outage.  A wired network access will be provided, but the rest of the computing infrastructure necessary must be brought in by the demo presenters.

      4. For doctoral consortium presentation: the doctoral consortium chairs will contact you for the arrangement.