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UG Syllabus (For Current Year 4 Students)

All Undergraduate (For Current Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3 Students Only) Undergraduate (For Current Year 4 Students Only) Postgraduate

Course Code Title and Description
COMP1005 [+] Essence of Computing
COMP1006 [+] Facets of Computing
COMP2005 [+] Business in the IT Context
COMP2006 [+] Computer Organization
COMP2007 [+] Object Oriented Programming
COMP2008 [+] Applied Information Systems Laboratory I
COMP2009 [+] Applied Information Systems Laboratory II
COMP2015 [+] Data Structures and Algorithms
COMP2016 [+] Database Management
COMP2017 [+] Operating Systems
COMP2018 [+] Computer Systems and Software Workshop I
COMP2019 [+] Computer Systems and Software Workshop II
COMP2025 [+] Mobile Application Development Workshop
COMP3005 [+] Design and Analysis of Algorithms
COMP3006 [+] Software Engineering
COMP3007 [+] Systems Analysis and Design
COMP3008 [+] IS Development Project I
COMP3009 [+] IS Development Project II
COMP3015 [+] Data Communications and Networking
COMP3016 [+] Internship
COMP3026 [+] Digital Media Computing
COMP3027 [+] Enterprise Information Systems
COMP3035 [+] Health Information Technology
COMP3045 [+] Advanced Algorithm Design, Analysis and Implementation
COMP3046 [+] Advanced Programming for Software Development
COMP4005 [+] Information Systems Theory, Methodology and Architecture
COMP4006 [+] Information Technology Professional Practices
COMP4007 [+] Software Design, Development, and Testing
COMP4015 [+] Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
COMP4016 [+] Clinical Decision Support and Information Systems
COMP4017 [+] Computer and Network Security
COMP4025 [+] Interactive Computer Graphics
COMP4026 [+] Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
COMP4027 [+] Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
COMP4035 [+] Database System Implementation
COMP4036 [+] Digital Media Computing and Communications
COMP4037 [+] E-Technology Architectures, Tools and Applications
COMP4045 [+] Human-Computer Interaction
COMP4046 [+] Information Systems Control and Auditing
COMP4047 [+] Internet and World Wide Web
COMP4055 [+] Medical Image Processing and Applications
COMP4056 [+] Nature Inspired Computing
COMP4057 [+] Distributed and Cloud Computing
COMP4065 [+] Performance Modelling and Analysis of Computer Systems
COMP4066 [+] Principles of Programming Language
COMP4067 [+] Theory of Computation
COMP4075 [+] Social Computing and Web Intelligence
COMP4076 [+] Selected Topics in Digital Media and Mobile Technology
COMP4077 [+] Selected Topics in Enterprise Systems and Business Intelligence
COMP4085 [+] Selected Topics in Intelligent Informatics
COMP4086 [+] Selected Topics in Theoretical Computer Science
COMP4087 [+] Selected Topics in Web Technology and Data Engineering
COMP4095 [+] Information Systems Management and Professional Practices
COMP4096 [+] Business Intelligence and Decision Support
COMP4097 [+] Mobile Computing
COMP4105 [+] Web Search Principles and Technology
COMP4106 [+] E-Business Technology
COMP4125 [+] Visual Analytics
COMP4126 [+] Health Informatics: Technology and Practices
COMP4888 [+] Final Year Project
COMP4889 [+] Final Year Project II
COMP4898 [+] Final Year Project
COMP4899 [+] Final Year Project II
GCIT1005 [+] Essential IT for Enterprises and SoHo
GCIT1006 [+] IT for Success in Everyday Life and Work
GCIT1007 [+] IT and Digital Media
GCIT1015 [+] IT Innovations Shaping our World
GDSC1017 [+] Science and Technology Behind the Movies
GDSC1816 [+] Interactive Computing for Visual Communication
ITEC1005 [+] Effective Use of Spreadsheets for Data Processing
ITEC1006 [+] Searching and Managing Information
ITEC2005 [+] Web Design and Development with 2D/3D Animations
ITEC2006 [+] Internet and E-Commerce
ITEC2015 [+] iMakeApps
ITEC2016 [+] Data-Driven Visualization for the Web
ITEC3005 [+] Strategic Use of Information Technology
ITEC3006 [+] Music, Photo and Movie Processing
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