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Department of Computer Science Distinguished Lecture
2018 Series

"How to Achieve Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in X"
Learning from Experiences at UC Berkeley

Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu
Professor & Chief Scientist, UC Berkeley;
Founding Director, Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology;
Visiting Chair Professor at Department of Physics and Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, HKBU;
Instructor of Undergraduate Course INDENG135, Applied Data Science with Venture Applications at UC Berkeley;
Instructor of Master Class: Research Trends in AI with Venture Applications at GMIC, Hong Kong, October 2017

Date: January 23, 2018 (Tuesday)
Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm
Venue: WLB109, Wing Lung Bank Building, Shaw Campus

HKBU has recently embarked upon a journey of integrating the emerging areas of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence with "X", where X is effectively a broad range of academic research and teaching areas. Coincidentally, at the University of California Berkeley, we have also been actively developing a new level integration between data related technology areas and a wide array of academic areas including humanities, engineering, and business.

In fact, although Data and AI is an important topic for CS departments in a technical sense, it's also an important teaching and research area for non-technical parts of any university. Topics covered in this talk will include i) research direction examples, ii) strategies to maximize the benefit of Data and AI across the university, and iii) the evolution of data-related education including some examples from recent initiatives at Berkeley and our collaboration with HKBU intended to prepare students for a changing world.

Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu is the founding faculty director and chief scientist of UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology. He received the IEOR Emerging Area Professor Award from his department at Berkeley. Ikhlaq Sidhu is an innovator with an industry background and the perspective of an academic.

He teaches, advises, and manages people to enable impactful and relevant innovation, which today demands a different kind of leadership. From him, people learn how to create new things that are technically complex that will also actually have impact in the real world.

He is an innovator in the narrow sense (e.g. created 60+ patents, technology, and products) and he is an innovator in the broad sense (e.g. launched ventures, raised funds, founded organizations, led businesses, and navigated complex organizational challenges) within areas of data networking, telecommunications, and academics.

Sidhu is most known for bringing an industry perspective to academia. He founded the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology in 2005 and launched its many spin-offs programs. With Ken Singer, he co-created the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (for students) and the Berkeley Method of Innovation Leadership (for existing companies). Both of these frameworks add concepts of social-psychology, mindset, and journey to the traditional steps of innovation. The spin-offs from his work at Berkeley include the GVL in 2008, the Fung Institute in 2009, the Engineering Leadership Professional Program in 2011, SkyDeck in 2012, the Innovation Collider in 2015, and Data-X in 2016.

Sidhu serves on several boards and advisory roles including Venture Advisor at Onset Ventures (a leading Silicon Valley investment firm), the Faculty Committee for Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley, the Board of Trustees of the Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar, Fellow, Applied Innovation Institute, and the Faculty Director’s Council, Jacob’s Institute of Design at UC Berkeley.

********* ALL INTERESTED ARE WELCOME ***********
(For enquiry, please contact Computer Science Department at 3411 2385)
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