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Technical Reports will be published in both hardcopies (ISBN:962-85415-1-X, ISSN:1810-1054) and electronic online copies (ISSN:1810-1593).

2003 Series

Characterizing Web Usage Regularities with Information Foraging Agents
ID. (Date) COMP-03-001 (Feb 4, 2003)
Author(s) Jiming Liu, Shiwu Zhang and Jie Yang

Quality of Service for MPEQ Video in Human Perspective
ID. (Date) COMP-03-002 (Feb 5, 2003)
Author(s) Joseph Kee-Yin, NG, Karl R.P.H., LEUNG, Wai, WONG

Autonomy Oriented Computation
ID. (Date) COMP-03-003 (Feb 5, 2003)
Author(s) Jiming Liu and Kwok Ching Tsui

A transmission Scheme for Providing Streaming Support and QoS Control in a Distributed MPEG Video System
ID. (Date) COMP-03-004 (Feb 7, 2003)
Author(s) Joseph Kee-Yin, NG, Calvin Kin-Cheung, HUI, Wai, WONG and Karl R.P.H., LEUNG

Expectation-MiniMax: A General Penalized Competitive Learning Approach to Clustering Analysis
ID. (Date) COMP-03-005 (Feb 17, 2003)
Author(s) Yiu-ming Cheung

Some New Findings on the Self-similarity Property in Communications Networks and on Statistical End-to-end Delay Guarantee
ID. (Date) COMP-03-006 (Feb 21, 2003)
Author(s) Joseph Kee-Yin, NG, Shibin, SONG, Bi Hai, TANG

Design of an Interactive Video-on-Demand System
ID. (Date) COMP-03-007 (Mar 3, 2003)
Author(s) Yiu-Wing Leung and Tony K. C. Chan

A Timing Analysis on the Maximum Delay Bound in a Field Bus System with Priority Messages
ID. (Date) COMP-03-008 (Mar 3, 2003)
Author(s) Joseph Ng, Stephen Chan, Thomas Erdner, Wolfgang Halang

Assignment of Movies to Heterogeneous Video Servers
ID. (Date) COMP-03-009 (Mar 3, 2003)
Author(s) Yiu-Wing Leung and Ricky Yuen-Tan Hou

Efficient Computation Methods to calculate the Worst Case Cell Delay for an ATM Switch with Real-Time Video Traffic
ID. (Date) COMP-03-010 (Mar 3, 2003)
Author(s) Joseph Kee-Yin NG, Shibin Song, Bihai Tang, Wei Zhao

U-Measure: A Quality Measure for Multiobjective Programming
ID. (Date) COMP-03-011 (Mar 3, 2003)
Author(s) Yiu-Wing Leung and Yu-Ping Wang

The Statistical End-to-end Delay Guarantee for Networks with Self-similar Traffic
ID. (Date) COMP-03-012 (Mar 3, 2003)
Author(s) Joseph Kee-Yin NG, Shibin Song, Bihai Tang, Wei Zhao

Distorted Character Fusion by Wavelet Transformation
ID. (Date) COMP-03-013 (Mar 13, 2003)
Author(s) Yuan Y. Tang, L. Wang, X. C. Feng

A Study on the Sensitivity of the Center of Gravity Algorithm for Location Estimation
ID. (Date) COMP-03-014 (May 13, 2003)
Author(s) Joseph Kee-Yin Ng, Stephen Ka Chun Chan, and Shibin Song

Time-Critical On-Demand Broadcast: Algorithms, Analysis, and Performance Evaluation
ID. (Date) COMP-03-015 (Jun 15, 2003)
Author(s) Jianliang Xu, Xueyan Tang, and Wang-Chien Lee

Mining Web Site's Clusters from Link Topology and Site Hierarchy
ID. (Date) COMP-03-016 (Jul 11, 2003)
Author(s) Kwok-Wai Cheung and Yuxiang Sun

Extended Latent Class Models for Collaborative Recommendation
ID. (Date) COMP-03-017 (Jul 11, 2003)
Author(s) Kwok-Wai Cheung, Kwok-Ching Tsui and Jiming Liu

A Divide-and-Conquer Learning Approach to Radial Basis Function Networks
ID. (Date) COMP-03-018 (Aug 25, 2003)
Author(s) Yiu-ming Cheung and Rong-bo Huang

Spectral Energy Minimization for Semi-supervised Learning
ID. (Date) COMP-03-019 (Sep 16, 2003)
Author(s) Chun-hung Li and Zhi-Li Wu

Location Estimation via Missing Value Support Vector Regression
ID. (Date) COMP-03-020 (Sep 16, 2003)
Author(s) Zhi-li Wu, Chun-hung Li, Joseph Ng and Karl R.P.H. Leung

A Competitive and Cooperative Learning Approach to Robust Data Clustering
ID. (Date) COMP-03-021 (Nov 1, 2003)
Author(s) Yiu-ming Cheung

A New Approach to Blind Source Separation with Global Optimal Property
ID. (Date) COMP-03-022 (Nov 1, 2003)
Author(s) Yiu-ming Cheung and Hailin Liu

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