Optimizations for the View Update Problem with Emerging Applications

(GRF, HKBU210409, 2010-2011)



PI: Byron Choi

Co-Is: Jianliang Xu and Sourav S Bhowmick

Students: Yun Peng and Jintian Deng




Materialized views have been important in improving query evaluation performance in database applications. Since materialized views are managed as real data, they are subjected to both queries and updates. While queries on materialized views are straightforward, updates on the views are not. Specifically, a view update must be translated into an update on source databases for maintaining consistency between the view and its source databases. Recently, materialized views have also played a crucial role in many emerging applications. These applications often pose new challenges or opportunities to view updates. A particular application on views sometimes causes the problem either harder or simpler in a non-trivial way. These call for a new investigation on the view update problem with new database applications.


Start date: 01-01-2010

Complete date: 31-12-2011


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