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Technical Details for the Challenges

EEE-05 Contest Technical Details (Updated 10/25)

About EEE Challenge

With growing acceptance of service-oriented computing, an emerging area of research is the investigation of technologies that will enable the discovery and composition of web services. Using the same approach as the popular Trading Agent Competitions (TAC), the EEE-05 Web Services Challenge is the first event geared towards the management of web services. The competition solicits industry and academic researchers that develop software components and/or intelligent agents that have the ability to discover pertinent web services and compose them to create higher-level functionality.

Competition Overviews

In this initial year, the competition will be limited to syntactical matching using the Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Participants will be required to identify and compose WSDL-specified services based on their input and output messages as specified in directory of WSDL documents. In following years, the competition will focus on the semantic linking of web services using such technologies as the Resource Description Language (RDL) and the Web Ontology Language for Services (OWL-S).

Competition Details

Competitors of EEE-05 Challenge will be evaluated on the design and functional capabilities of their component/agent.

Design Evaluation

Participants of the EEE-05 Challenge are required to submit a technical description of their software agent or component of no more than 2 pages. This description and local evaluation will be used to judge and rate the design of the entry. The 2-page description should follow the IEEE Computer Society format as specified by the main conference and will be published as a poster paper in the general proceedings for all accepted entries.

Functional Evaluation

This year's challenge will be separated into the following two functional competitions.

Competition A: Service Discovery Capabilities
Participants will be provided with a directory of web services specifications. In this first year, the directory will contain multiple WSDL files. Each participant will be given a specific discovery request as represented by the provided input messages and the required output messages. The participantˇ¦s component/agent will be required to find all services that meet the requirements. The service repositories will contain services that do not meet the requirements, services that partially meet the requirements, services that exactly meet the requirements, and services that meet the requirements but also provide additional information. Competition A will be evaluated by the number of services retrieved that either exactly meet the requirements or exceeds the requirements. In addition, the entries will be evaluated on their performance in gathering the list of services.

Competition B: Service Composition Capabilities
Given the same service repositories provided in Competition A., the participants will be provided with another discovery request. In this competition, the request can only be fulfilled by the composition of multiple services. The participant will be required to supply the sequence and list of services that meet the requirements. A major assumption in this competition is that the input and output messages of multiple services will match syntactically. Competition B will be evaluated by the number of correctly composed services in addition to the performance of the software agent or component.

Competition Co-Chairs

Dr. M. Brian Blake (Contact)
Georgetown University
234 Reiss Science Building
Washington, DC 20057
Phone: (202) 687-3084
Fax: (703) 883-1917

Dr. Kwok Ching Tsui
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)


Participants are encouraged to contact the competition co-chairs to express interest in the contest. Sample WSDL descriptions and a sample repository will be available by October 2005 at

Important Dates

Samples Available at Main SiteOct 20, 2004
Short Technical Description DueOct 5, 2004 Nov 19, 2004 Dec 10, 2004
Competition DateMar 29, 2005

Advisory Board and Judges (invited)

Terry PayneUniversity of Southhampton, UK
Norman SadehCarnegie Mellon University, USA
Eleni StrouliaUniversity of Alberta, Canada
Andreas WombacherIPSI, Germany

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Sept 28, 2004
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Oct 5, 2004
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