The School Prayer

O lord Jesus, be with me all through today to help me
to live as I ought to live.

Be with me at my lessons,
so that I may never give up any task, no matter how
hard and difficult it is, until I have tried my best.

Be with me at my games,
so that, whether I win or lose, I may play fair, and
so that if I win I may not boast, and if I lose I may
not make excuses.

Be with me in my pleasure,
so that I may enjoy your gifts and never use them
selfishly or to hurt others.

Be with me in my house,
so that I may be kind and considerate, and that I
may try to make the work of others easier and not harder.

Be with me in the streets,
so that I may be a credit to my school and to
those who love me and to myself.

Help me to be the kind of boy you want me to be.
This I ask for your love's sake. Amen.