2nd International Workshop on Social Recommender Systems

In conjunction with CSCW 2011, March 19-23, Hangzhou, China


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Accepted Papers


  1. A Federated Search and Social Recommendation Widget [PDF]
    Sten Govaerts, Sandy El Helou, Erik Duval, Denis Gillet

  2. Interplay between Social Selection and Social Influence on Physical Proximity in Friendship Formation [PDF]
    Hao Wang, Alvin Chin, Hao Wang
  3. NewsCube2.0: An Exploratory Design of a Social News Website for Media Bias Mitigation [PDF]
    Souneil Park, Minsam Ko, Jungwoo Kim, Ho-Jin Choi, Junehwa Song
  4. Social Tagging for Personalized Location-Based Services [PDF]
    C. Biancalana, F. Gasparetti, A. Micarelli, G. Sansonetti
  5. Personalized Tag Recommendation Using Social Contacts [PDF]
    Jun Hu, Bing Wang, Zhaowen Tao
  6. Incremental Tag-Aware User Profile Building to Augment Item Recommendations [PDF]
    Ho Keung Tsoi, Li Chen
  7. User-Adaptive Photo Tag Recommendation Employing Social Networks [PDF]
    Devi Archana Paladugu, Zheshen Wang, Baoxin Li

  8. Anatomy of a Collaborative Search Engine [PDF]
    Jingyu Sun, Xueli Yu, Ning Zhong
  9. Improving Social Recommendations Through Privacy-Awareness [PDF]
    Alexander Korth, Andreas Nšurnberger
  10. Evaluating the Effects of Trustworthiness and Preference in Recommender Systems [PDF]
    Da-Cheng Nie, Zi-Ke Zhang, Jun-Lin Zhou, Yan Fu

2nd International Workshop on Social Recommender Systems