Social media and recommender systems can mutually benefit from one another. On the one hand, social media introduces new types of public data and metadata, such as tags, comments, votes, and explicit people relationships, which can be utilized to enhance recommendations. On the other hand, recommender systems can significantly affect the success of social media, ensuring that each user is presented with the most attractive and relevant content, on a personal basis. This workshop aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners around the emerging topics of recommender systems within social media in order to: (1) share research and techniques used to develop effective social media recommenders, from algorithms, through user interfaces, to evaluation (2) identify next key challenges in the area, and (3) identify new cross-topic collaboration opportunities.

To take advantage of the KDD setting and its broad and diverse audience, we are in particularly encouraging two research subtopics of the area: 1) studying new emerging applications for recommender systems on the Social Web 2) using new sources of knowledge especially Big Data generated by people and machine to enhance current techniques and develop new methods for recommender systems on the Social Web.

The workshop topics include three major aspects: social recommender technologies and applications, user interfaces in social recommender systems, and evaluation of the social recommender systems. Here is a detailed list of potential topics of interests:

Social recommender technologies and applications

  • Model of recommendation context for social recommender systems
  • Characteristics of online social sites in need of social recommenders
  • Culture-specific social recommenders
  • New algorithms suitable for social recommender systems
  • People recommendation and social matching
  • Filtering and personalization of social streams
  • Emerging applications for social recommender systems
  • Recommendations for groups and communities
  • Recommender Systems and the semantic web
  • Social recommender systems in the enterprise
  • Diversity and novelty in social recommender systems
  • Recommendations for new social media users

User Interfaces in social recommender systems

  • Transparency and explanations in SRS
  • Adaption and personalization for SRS
  • User feedback in SRS
  • Trust and reputation in SRS
  • Social awareness and visualization
  • Privacy of SRS


  • Evaluation methods and evaluations of SRS
  • User studies
  • Crowdsourcing for recommendation evaluation