Preliminary Program as of November 30, 2006


Major changes from the November 18 version.

- Ir239 was moved from [IAT H6] to [IAT K6].

- Ir387 was moved from [IAT I7] to [IAT B6]

- Wr234 was moved from [WI K5] to [WI F7]. 

- Wr339 was moved from [WI F7] to [WI K3].



December 19, 2006 (Tuesday)






Room 401


Opening / Keynote (with ICDM)


Service-Oriented Science: Scaling eScience Impact

Ian Foster






Room 404 [WI A4] Social Networks


Regular Papers

<Wr527> Mining and Visualizing the Evolution of Subgroups in Social Networks

Tanja Falkowski, Jörg Bartelheimer, and Myra Spiliopoulou

<Wr323> Different Aspects of Social Network Analysis

Mohsen Jamali and Hassan Abolhassani

<Wr514> Learning Social Networks from Web Documents Using Support Vector Classifiers

Masoud Makrehchi and Mohamed Kamel


Short Papers

<Wr525> Relationship Algebra for Computing in Social Networks and Social Network Based Applications

Javed I. Khan and Sajid Shaikh

<Wr418> Perspective of Applying the Global E-mail Network

Wenbin Li, Ning Zhong, Jiming Liu, Yiyu Yao, and Chunnian Liu

<Wr283> WMR—A Graph-based Algorithm for Friend Recommendation

Shuchuan Lo and Chingching Lin



Room 405 [WI A5] Semantic Web Service


Regular Papers

<Wr404> A Semantic Web Service Based Approach for Augmented Provenance

Liming Chen, Xueqiang Yang, and Feng Tao

<Wr487> Semantic Web Services Discovery Using Ontology-Based Rating Model

Natenapa Sriharee


Short Papers

<Wr213> Web Services Description Ontology-based Service Discovery Model

Chuanchang Liu, Yong Peng, and Junliang Chen 

<Wr271> Extending Semantic Web Service Description by Service Assumption

Zheng Lu, Shiyan Li, Aditya Ghose, and Peter Hyland 

<Wr441> Relation-based Case Retrieval Approach for Web Services Selection

S.M.F.D Syed Mustapha

<Wr369> Web Service Discovery via Semantic Association Ranking and Hyperclique Pattern Discovery

Aabhas V. Paliwal, Nabil R. Adam, Hui Xiong, and Christof Bornhövd

<Wr277> Discovering Web Services Based on Functional Semantics

Lei Ye and Bin Zhang



Room 406 [IAT A6] Autonomous Knowledge Agents


Regular Papers

<Ir210> Plans as Products of Learning

Samin Karim, Budhitama Subagdja, and Liz Sonenberg

<Ir430> Learning Dynamic Bayesian Networks Using Evolutionary Mcmc

Hao Wang, Kui Yu, and Hongliang Yao

<Ir299> Autonomous Mobile Programs

Xiao Yan Deng, Phil Trinder, and Greg Michaelson


Short Papers

<Ir425> Distributed Default Logic for Multi-Agent System

Dominik Ryzko and Henryk Rybinski

<Ir261> Multi-class Support Vector Machine Classification Algorithm under Triple Tree Model

Hong Jian and Chen Jirong

<Ir250> Sixth-Sense: Context Reasoning for Potential Objects Detection in Smart Sensor Rich Environment

Bin Guo, Satoru Satake, and Michita Imai



Room 407 [IAT A7] Empirical Aspects of Agents


Regular Papers

<Ir447> Representing Context for Multiagent Trust Modeling

Martin Rehak, Milos Gregor, Michal Pechoucek, and Jeffrey Bradshaw

<Ir234> Commercial Experience with Agent-Oriented Software Engineering

David Anthony Winscom Clarke

<Ir290> Empirical Analysis for Agent System Comprehension and Verification

Tibor Bosse, Dung N. Lam, and K. Suzanne Barber


Short Papers

<Ir334> Mainstream Games in the Multi-Agent Classroom

Celso de Melo, Rui Prada, Guilherme Raimundo, Joana Paulo Pardal, Helena Sofia Pinto, and Ana Paiva

<Ir323> Qualitative Verification of Multi-Agents Reactive Decisional System using Business Process Modeling Notation

Mohammed Berrada, Buchaib Bounabat, and Mostafa Harti

<Ir293> A Test Suite for the Evaluation of Mobile Agent Platform Security

Axel Bürkle, Barbara Essendorfer, Alice Hertel, Wilmuth Müller, and Martin Wieser



Room 408 [WIAT A8] WI/IAT tutorial


<WIAT T1> Towards Semantic Service-Oriented Systems on the Web

Sung-Kook Han and Dumitru Roman






Room 401

WI Invited Talk

Two obvious intuitions: ontology-mapping needs background knowledge and approximation

Frank van Harmelen


The WIC Feature Talk

Web Intelligence Research from Brain Informatics Perspective

Ning Zhong


Room 406 [IAT B6] Autonomy-Oriented Computing and Agent Technology


Regular Papers

<Ir349> A Recommender Agent for Software Libraries: An Evaluation of Memory-Based and Model-Based Collaborative Filtering

Frank McCarey, Mel O Cinneide, and Nicholas Kushmerick

<Ir327> Learning Non-Unanimous Ontology Concepts to Communicate with Groups of Agents

Mohsen Afsharchi, Behrouz Far, and Jörg Denzinger

<Ir348> Distributed Transport services Assignment and Integration in Agent-Based Architecture

Hayfa Zgaya and Slim Hammadi

<Ir387> Towards Agent-based Coalition Formation for Service Composition

Ingo Mueller, Ryszard Kowalczyk, and Peter Braun


Short Papers

<Ir451> Planning through Integrating an Action Abstraction and a Plan Decomposition Hierarchy

Erin Walker and Christel Kemke

<Ir431> A Bounded Q-decomposition RTDP Approach to Resource Allocation

Pierrick Plamondon and Brahim Chaib-draa

<Ir353> Intelligent Tutoring Systems using Reinforcement Learning to teach Autistic Students

Sreenivasa Sarma and Ravindran B

<Ir462> Tagging and referrals in the EVM architecture

Mariusz Nowostawski and Martin Purvis



Room 407 [IAT B7] Negotiation


Regular Papers

<Ir229> A Negotiation Framework for Collision Avoidance between Vessels

Hu Qinyou, Hu Qiaoer, and Chen Haishan

<Ir360> Comparing the Performance of MLP and RBF Neural Networks Employed by Negotiating Intelligent Agents

Ioannis Papaioannou, Ioanna Roussaki, and Miltiades Anagnostou

<Ir473> Evaluating Information Variation in Informed Agent Negotiation

Paul Bogg

<Ir437> A Negotiation Model for Ontology Mapping

Cassia Trojahn, Marcia Moraes, Paulo Quaresma, and Renata Vieira


Short Papers

<Ir420> Towards Information and Goal Based Agent Negotiation

Paul Bogg

<Ir391> When BDI meets Argumentation: The Conceptual Ideal

Cheah Wai Shiang and Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer

<Ir277> Autonomous Order Monitoring by Software Agents

Freimut Bodendorf and Robert Zimmermann







Room 401 [WI C1] World Wide Wisdom Web and Social Interaction Paradigms


Regular Papers

<Wr425> Generating Concept Ontologies Through Text Mining

Lipika Dey, Ashish Chandra Rastogi, and Sachin Kumar

<Wr486> ESMAP: A Multi-Agent Platform for Extending a Knowledge Management System

Graciela Garcia and Ruth Cobos

<Wr280> Lognormal Distribution of BBS Articles and its Social and Generative Mechanism

Keitaro Naruse and Masao Kubo


Short Papers

<Wr351> Enhancing Software Engineering Project Information through Software Engineering Ontology Instantiations

P. Wongthongtham, E. Chang, and T. S. Dillon

<Wr337> Origin-destination Network Tomography Using Bayesian Inversion Approach

Jianzhong Zhang

<Wr551> Knowledge Spaces: Dynamic Collaboration in a New Era of Ideas and Innovation

Stephen Quinton and Paul Houghton



Room 405 [WI C5] Web Service Composition


Regular Papers

<Wr490> Efficient Service Composition Using Zero-Suppressed Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams

Walter Binder, Ion Constantinescu, and Boi Faltings

<Wr439> Jenova: New Framework for Web Service Transactions

Heqing Guan, Shuchao Wan, and Jun Wei


Short Papers

<Wr275> A Component-based Approach to Automated Web Service Composition

Quoc Bao Vo and Lin Padgham

<Wr438> A Dynamic Semantic Association-Based Web Service Composition Method

Meng Xu, Junliang Chen, Yong Peng, Xiang Mei, and Chuanchang Liu

<Wr203> Qos-context control for Dynamic Web Services Composition

Xinwei Xu

<Wr422> An Unabridged Method Concerning Capability Matchmaking of Web Services

Hai Wang, Zengzhi Li, and Lin Fan

<Wr456> Expressing Service and Query Behavior using -calculus for Matchmaking

Li Kuang, Ying Li, Shuiguang Deng, Jian Wu, and Zhaohui Wu

<Wr442> A Similarity Measure for OWL-S Annotated Web Services

Yasser Ganisaffar, Hassan Abolhassanii, Mahmood Neshati, and Mohsen Jamali

<Wr497> A Contextual Based Semantic Modeling Approach to Task-Service Formation in Virtual Organization

William Song and Mingquan Zhou

<Wr488> An SOA-based Software Deployment Management System

Ing-Yi Chen and Chao-Chi Huan



Room 406 [IAT C6] Agent-based Distributed Systems


Regular Papers

<Ir267> A Design and Operation Model for Agent-based Flexible Distributed System

Akiko Takahashi and Tetsuo Kinoshita

<Ir258> Dependency of Network Structures in Agent Selection and Deployment

Kensuke Fukuda, Toshio Hirotsu, Satoshi Kurihara, Shin-ya Sato, Osamu Akashi, and Toshiharu Sugawara

<Ir375> Properties of Capability Based Agent Organization Transition

Eric Matson and Raj Bhatnagar

<Ir435> Evaluating Different Genetic Operators in the Testing for Unwanted Emergent Behavior using Evolutionary Learning of Behavior

Jörg Denzinger and Jordan Kidney

<Ir201> Developing Multi-Agent Systems with Dynamic Binding Mechanism

Xinjun Mao and Jianming Zhao


Short Papers

<Ir468> Mechanisms for Cooperative Behaviour in Agent Institutions

Martin Purvis, Sharmila Savraimuthu, Marcos De Oliveira, and Maryam Purvis

<Ir372> A Hierarchical Development Architecture for Customizing AO Methodologies

Zeng Zhifeng and Xue Xiao



Room 407 [IAT C7] Conversational Agents and Information Agents


Regular Papers

<Ir374> Generic Command Interpretation Algorithms for Conversational Agents

Laurent Mazuel and Nicolas Sabouret

<Ir336> Storytelling Ontology Model using RST

Arturo Nakasone and Mitsuru Ishizuka

<Ir335> Autonomous agent as helper – Helpful or Annoying?

Paul Rudman and Mary Zajicek


Short Papers

<Ir329> How am I? - Guidelines for Animated Interface Agents Evaluation

Marcia Moraes and Milene Silveira

<Ir274> Knowledge-based Support of Network Management Tasks using Active Information Resource

Susumu Konno, Yukio Iwaya, Toru Abe, and Tetsuo Kinoshita

<Ir306> Role of Mobile Agents in Distributed Data Mining

Umakant Kulkarni, Kiran Tangod, Srinivas Mangalwede, and Anil Yardi

<Ir339> Carcara: A Multi-agent System for Web Mining using Adjustable User Profile and Dynamic grouping

Anne Canuto and Manuel Gomes Junior






Room 301 ICDM-WI-IAT Industry/Demo Track


Regular Papers

<Wr259> A Web Browser for Ajax Approach with Asynchronous Communication Model

Noriko Hanakawa and Nao Ikemiya

<Wr339> Interactive Web Information Retrieval Using WordBars

Orland Hoeber and Xue Dong Yang

<Wr513> Process-Recollective Refinding on the Web

Ippei Nishimoto and Masashi Todda

<Wr546> Effective Page Segmentation Combining Pattern Analysis and Visual Separators for Browsing on Small Screens

Peifeng Xiang, Xin Yang, and Yuanchun Shi

<Ir229> A Negotiation Framework for Collision Avoidance between Vessels

Hu Qinyou, Hu Qiaoer, and Chen Haishan

<Ir324> Designing Commitment-Based Agent Interactions

Michael Winikoff

<Ir336> Storytelling Ontology Model using RST

Arturo Nakasone and Mitsuru Ishizuka

<Ir430> Learning Dynamic Bayesian Networks Using Evolutionary Mcmc

Hao Wang, Kui Yu, and Hongliang Yao



Short Papers

<Wr222> Fuzzy Ontology Map - A Fuzzy Extension of the Hard-Constraint Ontology

Toby H. W. Lam

<Wr267> A Novel Web Page Filtering System by Combining Texts and Images

Zhouyao Chen, Ou Wu, Mingliang Zhu, and Weiming Hu

<Wr306> Towards A Selective Inference Platform Based On OWL

Youwei Xu, Shengqun Tang, and Yan Yang

<Wr453> Semantic Analysis of Web Pages Using Web Patterns

Milos Kudelka, Vaclav Snasel, Ondrej Lehecka, and Eyas El-Qawasmeh

<Wr488> An SOA-based Software Deployment Management System

Ing-Yi Chen and Chao-Chi Huan

<Wr523> Protection Techniques from Information Extraction

Gianluigi Greco, Giovambattista Ianni, Vincenzino Lio, and Luigi Palopoli

<Wr550> Subject-Oriented Knowledge Formalization: Method and Prototype

Xuan Zhou, Qing Li, Lars Ludwig, and Yuliu Chen

<Wi204> PARMENIDES: Towards Business Intelligence Discovery from Web Data

Alexander Mikroyannidis, Babis Theodoulidis, and Andreas Persidis

<Wi203> iShakti – Crossing the Digital Divide in Rural India

Shail Patel, Ogi Batavaljic, Paulo J. Lisboa, Chris Hawkins, and Rohithari Rajan

<Wi202> Towards Automated Reputation and Brand Monitoring on the Web

Cai-Nicolas Ziegler and Michal Skubacz

<Wd204> dlvhex: A Prover for Semantic-Web Reasoning under the Answer-Set Semantics

                   Thomas Eiter, Giovambattista Ianni, Roman Schindlauer, and Hans Tompits

<Wd203> MICE3: An Information Desktop on the Web

                   Gan Keng Hoon, Saravadee Sae Tan, and Bryan Gan

<Wd202> Integrated Argumentation Environment

                   Takashi Isogai, Taro Fukumoto, and Hajime Sawamura

<Wd201> VIREX: Interactive Approach for Database Querying and Integration by Re-engineering Relational Data into XML

                   Anthony Lo, Reda Alhajj, and Ken Barker

<Ir221> A Distributed Fuzzy Qualitative Evaluation System

Kevin Kam Fung Yuen and H.C.W. Lau

<Ir431> A Bounded Q-decomposition RTDP Approach to Resource Allocation

Pierrick Plamondon and Brahim Chaib-draa

<Ii201> Collaborative RPD Agents Assisting Decision Making in Active Decision Spaces

                   Guruprasad Airy, Po-Chun Chen, Xiacong Fan, John Yen, David Hall, Michael Brogan, and Tim Huynh

<Ii202> Multi-agent Software Tool for Management of Design Process in Microelectronics

Vladimir Gorodetskiy, Oleg Karsaev, Victor Konushy, Wolf-Ekkehard Matzke, Eyck Jentzsch, and Vadim Ermolayev

<Id203> Socially Intelligent Agent Architecture with Autonomic System Personalization

Azree Shahrel A. Nazri, Abd Azim Abd Ghani, and Md. Nasir Sulaiman






Room 301 






December 20, 2006 (Wednesday)






Room 402 [WI D2] Social Interaction Analysis


Regular Papers

<Wr503> Temporal Analysis of the Wikigraph

Luciana S. Buriol, Carlos Castillo, Debora Donato, Stefano Leonardi, and Stefano Millozzi

<Wr473> Measuring Qualities of Articles Contributed by Online Communities

Ee-Peng Lim, Ba-Quy Vuong, Hady Wirawan Lauw, and Aixin Sun

<Wr520> Understanding Leadership Behavior in Human Influence Network

Naohiro Matsumura and Yoshihiro Sasaki

<Wr364> Labeled Link Analysis for Extracting User Characteristics in E-commerce Activity Network

Yumi Kawachi, Shinichiro Yoshii, and Masashi Furukawa


Short Paper

<Wr400> A Generic WebDAV-based Document Repository Manager for Collaborative Systems

Haifeng Shen, Chengzheng Sun, Suiping Zhou, and Zaw Wai Phyo



Room 403 [WI D3] Knowledge Grids and Grid Intelligence


Regular Papers

<Wr529> Dynamic Access Control Prediction for Ordered Service Sequence in Grid Environment

Chuanjiang Yi, Hai Jin, and Chengwei Wang


<Wr543> Fast Discovery of Interesting Collections of Web Services

Zhou Zhu and James Bailey


Short Papers

<Wr485> Semantic-Based Workflow Composition for Video Processing in the Grid

Gayathri Nadarajan, Yun-Heh Chen-Burger, and James Malone

<Wr409> Grid Security Framework for Managing the Certificate

May Phyo Oo, Nilar Thein, and ThinnThu Naing

<Wr378> Semantic Discovery of Grid Services Using Functionality based Matchmaking Algorithm

S. Thamarai Selvi, R.A. Balachandar, K. Vijayakumar, N. Mohanram, M. Vandana, and Rajagopalan Raman

<Wr212> Intelligent Transportation Information Sharing and Service Integration in Semantic Grid Environment

Wei Shi, Jian Wu, Ying Li, and Li Kuang

<Wr569> Developing Mining-grid Centric E-Finance Portal

Jia Hu and Ning Zhong



Room 404 [WI D4] Intelligent E-Technology - 1


Regular Papers

<Wr394> View-Based Semantic Search and Browsing

Christo Dichev and Darina Dicheva

<Wr568> Public Authentication of 3D Mesh Models

Hao-tian Wu and Yiu-ming Cheung


Short Papers

<Wr555> Factor Analysis to Support the Visualization and Interpretation of Clusters of Portal Users

Carmen Rebelo, Pedro Quelhas Brito, Carlos Soares, and Alípio Jorge

<Wr320> Distributed Storage of High-Volume Environmental Simulation Data: Mantle Modelling

Martin Wolstencroft, Omer F Rana, and J Huw Davies

<Wr228> A Uniform Product Knowledge Representation Semantic Model

Chengfeng Jian, Meiyu Zhang, and Cunju Lu

<Wr368> The Role of Different Thesauri Terms and Captions in Automated Subject Classification

Koraljka Golub

<Wr491> Towards Fast Digestion of IMF Staff Reports with Automated Text Summarization Systems

Shuhua Liu and Johnny Lindroos



Room 405 [WI D5] Information Extraction and Concept Discovery


Regular Papers

<Wr343> Interactive Tuples Extraction from Semi-Structured Data

Rémi Gilleron, Patrick Marty, Marc Tommasi, and Fabien Torre

<Wr399> A Lazy Approach for Category Model Construction using Training Texts

Saravadee Sae Tan, Gan Keng Hoon, and Tang Enya Kong

 <Wr226> Using Cross-Document Random Walks for Topic-Focused Multi-Document Summarization

Xiaojun Wan, Jianwu Yang, and Jianguo Xiao


Short Papers

<Wr447> Investigating Semantic Measures in XML Clustering

Richi Nayak

<Wr437> An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Learning Classification Rules

Junzhong Ji, Ning Zhang, Chunnian Liu, and Ning Zhong

<Wr544> Automatic Discovery of Concepts from Text

Ong Siou Chin, Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer, and Alvin W. Yeo



Room 406 [IAT D6] Distributed Problem Solving


Regular Papers

<Ir279> A Multi-stage Graph Decomposition Algorithm for Distributed Constraint Optimisation

Terence Law and Adrian Pearce

<Ir442> A Technique for Large Automated Mechanism Design Problems

Frederick Asselin, Brigitte Jaumard, and Antoine Nongaillard

<Ir246> Framework for Modeling Reordering Heuristics for Asynchronous Backtracking

Marius Silaghi

<Ir275> Towards High-Level Programming for Distributed Problem Solving

Ryan Kelly and Adrian Pearce


Short Paper

<Ir203> Multi-robot Path Planning Based on Cooperative Co-evolution and Adaptive CGA

Jinyin Chen, Dongyong Yang, Naofumi Matsumoto, and Yuzo Yamane



Room 407 [IAT D7] Autonomous Auctions


Regular Papers

<Ir455> Realising Common Knowledge Assumptions in Agent Auctions

Frank Guerin and Emmanuel Tadjouddine

<Ir298> An Agent-based Mechanism for Autonomous Multiple Criteria Auctions

Sylvie Kornman, Marie-Jo Bellosta, and Daniel Vanderpooten

<Ir445> An Approximate Algorithm for Resource Allocation using Combinatorial Auctions

Viswanath Avasarala, Himanshu Polavarapu, and Tracy Mullen


Short Paper

<Ir458> Towards Better Approximation of Winner Determination for Combinatorial Auctions with Large Number of Bids

Naoki Fukuta and Takayuki Ito



Room 408 [WIAT D8] WI/IAT tutorial


<WIAT T2> Link Mining: Current State of the Art

Ronen Feldman







Room 404 [WI E4] Web Mining


Regular Papers

<Wr431> Rough Association Rule Mining in Text Documents for Acquiring Web User Information Needs

Yuefeng Li and Ning Zhong

<Wr483> Exploring Local Community Structures in Large Networks

Feng Luo, James Z. Wang, and Eric Promislow

<Wr355> Making Topic-Specific Report and Multimodal Presentation Automatically by Mining the Web Resources

Shaikh Mostafa Al Masum and Mitsuru Ishizuka


Short Papers

<Wr541> The Mining and Extraction of Primary Informative Blocks and Data Objects from Systematic Web Pages

Yi-Feng Tseng and Hung-Yu Kao

<Wr496> Financial News Mining: Monitoring Continuous Streams of Text

Jon Espen Ingvaldsen, Jon Atle Gulla, Tarjei Laegreid, and Paul Christian Sandal



Room 405 [IAT E5] Cognitive Models for Agent Systems


Regular Papers

<Ir297> The Role of Problem Classification in Online Meta-Cognition

George Alexander and Anita Raja

<Ir316> Specification and Verification of Dynamics in Cognitive Agent Models

Tibor Bosse, Catholijn M. Jonker, Lourens van der Meij, Alexei Sharpanskykh, and Jan Treur

<Ir426> A Cognitive Model for Visual Attention and its Application

Tibor Bosse, Peter-Paul van Maanen, and Jan Treur


Short Papers

<Ir464> Structure Learning of a Behavior Network for Context Dependent Adaptability

Xiaolin Hu and Ou Li

<Ir449> Boosting-based Learning Agents for Experience Classification

Po-Chun Chen, Xiaocong Fan, Shizhuo Zhu, and John Yen

<Ir302> A Multi-Agent Approach to Social Human Behaviour in Children

Frodi Hammer, Alireza Derakhshan, Yves Demazeau, and Henrik Hautop Lund



Room 406 [IAT E6] Distributed Problem Solving and Multi-agent Organization


Regular Papers

<Ir438> Using Prior Knowledge to Improve Distributed Hill Climbing

Roger Mailler

<Ir219> An Adaptive Multi-Agent Organization Model Based on Dynamic Role Allocation

Mark Hoogendoorn and Jan Treur

<Ir333> Heuristics for Dealing with a Shrinking Pie in Agent Coalition Formation

Kevin Westwood and Vicki Allan

<Ir257> Dynamic Multi-Linked Negotiations in Multi-Echelon Production Scheduling Networks

Hoong Chuin Lau, Guan Li Soh, and Wee Chong Wan


Short Paper

<Ir253> A Multi-agent Based Method for Reconstructing Buckets in Encrypted Databases

Yi Tang, Jun Yun, and Quan Zhou



Room 407 [WIAT E7] WI/IAT Industry Track Papers

 => Moved to ICDM-WI-IAT Industry/Demo Track (Room 301, 17:00-18:30 on December 19)



Room 408 [WIAT E8] WI/IAT tutorial


<WIAT T3> Knowledge extraction for improving agent efficiency

Andreas L. Symeonidis and Pericles A. Mitkas






Room 401


IAT Invited Talk - 1

Approximate Reasoning in MAS: Rough Set Approach

Andrzej Skowron


IAT Invited Talk - 2

Engaging in a Conversation with Synthetic Agents along the Virtuality Continuum

Elisabeth André




Room 406 [WI F6] Web Information Search and Retrieval


Regular papers

<Wr533> A Generalized Hidden Markov Model Approach for Web Information Extraction

Ping Zhong and Jinlin Chen

<Wr233> PageSim: A Novel Link-based Similarity Measure for the World Wide Web

Zhenjiang Lin, Irwin King, and Michael R. Lyu


Short papers

<Wr357> A Multi-Agent Simulation Framework for Spiders Traversing the Semantic Web

Christos Dimou, Alexandros Batzios, Andreas L. Symeonidis, and Pericles Mitkas

<Wr452> Binary Search Join between an IR system and an RDBMS

Ernest Dawei Wang

<Wr330> A Method for Focused Crawling Using Combination of Link Structure and Content Similarity

Mohsen Jamali, Hassan Sayyadi, Babak Bagheri Hariri, and Hassan Abolhassani

<Wr472> LSCrawler: A Framework for an Enhanced Focused Web Crawler based on Link Semantics

M Yuvarani, N.Ch.S.N. Iyengar, and A Kannan

<Wr295> Board Forum Crawling: A Web Crawling Method for Web Forum

Yan Guo

<Wr458> The Impact of the Web Prefetching Architecture on the Limits of Reducing User's Perceived Latency

Josep Domenech, Julio Sahuquillo, José A. Gil, and Ana Pont

<Wr334> An Adaptive Scoring Method for Block Importance Learning

Yan Liu, Qiang Wang, QingXian Wang, Yao Liu, and Liang Wei

<Wr365> Hybrid System Based on Intelligent Neighbor Formation Algorithm

Saranya Maneeroj and Pattarasinee Bhattarakosol



Room 407 [WI F7] Web Support Systems


Regular Papers

<Wr513> Process-Recollective Refinding on the Web

Ippei Nishimoto and Masashi Todda

<Wr522> Navigating Provenance Information for Distributed Healthcare Management

Vikas Deora, Arnaud Contes, Omer F. Rana, Shrija Rajbhandari, Ian Wootten, Kifor Tamas, and Laszlo Z. Varga

<Wr235> A Comparative User Study of Web Search Interfaces: HotMap, Concept Highlighter, and Google

Orland Hoeber and Xue Dong Yang


Short Papers

<Wr509> A Perception Based, Domain Specific Expert System for Question-Answering Support

Raheel Ahmad and Shahram Rahimi

<Wr536> Interdisciplinary Contents Management using 5W1H Interface for Metadata

Keiko Shimazu, Tatsuya Arisawa, and Isao Saito

<Wr552> An Efficient Incremental Algorithm for Frequent Itemsets Mining in Distorted Databases with Granular Computing

Congfu Xu and Jinlong Wang

<Wr413> Granular Web Shopping Experts

Ling Gu and Yan-Qing Zhang

<Wr234> On Textual Documents Classification using Fourier Domain Scoring

Michal Pryczek and Piotr Szczepaniak






Room 404 [WI G4] Clustering


Regular Papers

<Wr521> Personalized Hierarchical Clustering

Korinna Bade and Andreas Nürnberger

<Wr532> Improving Index Compression Using Cluster Information

Jinlin Chen, Ping Zhong, and Terry Cook

<Wr361> Query Directed Web Page Clustering

Daniel Crabtree, Peter Andreae, and Xiaoying Gao


Short Papers

<Wr454> WISE: Hierarchical Soft Clustering of Web Page Search Results based on Web Content Mining Techniques

Ricardo Campos, Gaël Dias, and Célia Nunes

<Wr556> Finding Conceptual Document Clusters with Improved Top-N Formal Concept Search

Yoshiaki Okubo and Makoto Haraguchi

<Wr309> Data Extraction from Semi-structured Web Pages by Clustering

Le Phone Bao Vuong, Xiaoying Gao, and Mengjie Zhang



Room 405 [WI G5] Intelligent E-Technology - 2


Regular Papers

<Wr549> Strategy Acquisition of Agents in Multi-Issue Negotiation

Shohei Yoshikawa, Takahiko Kamiryo, Yoshiaki Yasumura, and Kuniaki Uehara

<Wr421> Anting: An Adaptive Scanning Method for Computer Worms

Yi Tang and Xiangning Dong


Short Papers

<Wr401> A Semantic Learning Approach for Mapping Unstructured Query to Web Resources

Gan Keng Hoon, Phang Keat Keong, and Tang Enya Kong

<Wr519> A Web-based System for Observing and Analyzing Computer Mediated Communications

Madeth May, Sebastien George, and Patrick Prévôt

<Wr279> The Research of a New Worklfow Model with Step-Task Layers Based on XML Documents

Xing Jianping, Zhao Lin, and Meng Lingguo

<Wr561> Safe Credential-Based Trust Protocols: A Framework

Sultan Almuhammadi and Nien T. Sui

<Wr465> Protocol Identification of Encrypted Network Traffic

Matthew Gebski, Alex Penev, and Raymond K. Wong



Room 406 [IAT G6] Agent Collaboration


Regular Papers

<Ir272> Toward Inductive Logic Programming for Collaborative Problem Solving

Jian Huang and Adrian Pearce

<Ir315> Symbolic Negotiation in Linear Logic with Coalition Formation

Peep Küngas and Mihhail Matskin

<Ir332> Efficient Bidding Strategies for Simultaneous Cliff-Edge Environments

Ron Katz and Sarit Kraus


Short Papers

<Ir289> Public Mental Attitudes for ACL Semantics

Guido Boella, Rossana Damiano, Joris Hulstijn, and Leendert van der Torre

<Ir413> Cooperation Model of Multi-Agent System Based On The Situation Calculus

Yisong Liu, Lili Dong, and Yamin Sun

<Ir259> A Feasible and Practical Coalition Formation Mechanism: Leveraging Compromise and Task Relationships

Aknine Samir and Shehory Onn



Room 407 [WIAT G7] WI/IAT Demonstration Track Papers


=> Moved to ICDM-WI-IAT Industry/Demo Track (Room 301, 17:00-18:30 on December 19)







Bauhinia Cruise





December 21, 2006 (Thursday)






Room 402 [WI H2] Web Usage Mining


Regular Papers

<Wr329> Relevance and Impact of Tabbed Browsing Behavior on Web Usage Mining

Maximilian Viermetz, Carsten Stolz, Vassil Gedov, and Michal Skubacz

<Wr540> Methodology for Preprocessing and Evaluating the Time Spent on Web Pages

Peter I. Hofgesang

<Wr391> Automatic Identification of Chinese Weblogger's Interests Based on Text Classification

Xiaochuan Ni, Xiaoyuan Wu, and Yong Yu


Short Papers

<Wr406> Extracting Users' Interests from Web Log Data

Tsuyoshi Murata and Kota Saito

<Wr346> Active User-Based and Ontology-Based Web Log Data Preprocessing for Web Usage Mining

Natheer Khasawneh and Chien-Chung Chan

<Wr484> Detection of Bloggersf Interests: Using Textual, Temporal, and Interactive Features

Chun Yuan Teng and Hsin Hsi Chen



Room 403 [WI H3] Interoperability and Integration of Ontologies


Regular Papers

<Wr455> Interoperability among Distributed Overlapping Ontologies – A Fuzzy Ontology Framework

Muhammad Abulaish and Lipika Dey

<Wr360> A Fine-Grained Approach to Resolving Unsatisfiable Ontologies

Sik Chun Lam, Jeff Z. Pan, Derek Sleeman, and Wamberto Vasconcelos


Short Papers

<Wr417> Importance of Entities in Knowledge

Jun Fang, Lei Guo, XiaoDong Wang, Liang Chen, Ning Yang, and WeiLi Yang

<Wr382> Geographic Named Entity Disambiguation with Automatic Profile Generation

Yefei Peng, Daqing He and Ming Mao

<Wr468> A Persistent Labeling Scheme for Dynamic ordered XML Trees

Aye Aye Khaing and Ni Lar Thein

<Wr327> Web Directory Integration Using Conditional Random Fields

Terry Chia-Wei Wu and Wen-Lian Hsu

<Wr222> Fuzzy Ontology Map - A Fuzzy Extension of the Hard-Constraint Ontology

Toby H. W. Lam



Room 404 [WI H4] Recommender Systems and Information Filtering


Regular Papers

<Wr303> C2 :: A Collaborative Recommendation System Based on Modal Symbolic User Profile

Byron Leite Dantas Bezerra, Francisco de Assis T Carvalho, and Valmir Macário Filho


Short Papers

<Wr419> Recommender System Based on Consumer Product Reviews

Silvana Aciar, Debbie Zhang, Simeon Simoff, and John Debenham

<Wr511> Exploiting Trust and Suspicion for Real-time Attack Recognition in Recommender Applications

Ebrahim Bagheri and Ali Ghorbani

<Wr480> Recommender System Based on Temporal Database with Contextual Information using Temporal Logic

Zar Linn and Khin Hla

<Wr517> Research Paper Recommender Systems: A Random-Walk Based Approach

Marco Gori  and Augusto Pucci

<Wr397> Distributed Recommender Profiling and Selection with Gittins Indices

Li-Tung Weng, Yue Xu, Yuefeng Li, and Richi Nayak

<Wr267> A Novel Web Page Filtering System by Combining Texts and Images

Zhouyao Chen, Ou Wu, Mingliang Zhu, and Weiming Hu

<Wr526> Personalization of e-newsletters based on Web Log Analysis and Clustering

Carla Carvalho, Alípio M. Jorge, and Carlos Soares



Room 405 [WI H5] Intelligent Human-Web Interaction


Regular Papers

<Wr259> A Web Browser for Ajax Approach with Asynchronous Communication Model

Noriko Hanakawa and Nao Ikemiya


<Wr539> Designing Interaction Paradigms for Web-Information Search and Retrieval

Ya-Wen Hsu, Naureen Moon, and Rahul Singh


<Wr260> 3D Component-Based Visualization Framework for Generating Simple 3D Applications Using Web Services

Masahiko Itoh and Yuzuru Tanaka


<Wr546> Effective Page Segmentation Combining Pattern Analysis and Visual Separators for Browsing on Small Screens

Peifeng Xiang, Xin Yang, and Yuanchun Shi


Short Paper

<Wr291> Topic-Specific Web Content Adaptation to Mobile Devices

Eunshil Lee, Jinbeom Kang, Joongmin Choi, and Jaeyoung Yang



Room 406 [IAT H6] Building Multi-agent Systems


Regular Papers

<Ir411> A Predictive Method for Providing Fault Tolerance in Multi-Agent Systems

Alessandro Almeida, Samir Aknine, Jean-Pierre Briot, and Jacques Malenfant

<Ir461> A Logging-Based Approach for Building More Robust Multi-Agent Systems

Amy Unruh, James Bailey, and Kotagiri Ramamohanarao

<Ir444> An Autonomic Problem Determination and Remediation Agent for Ambiguous Situations Based on Singular Value Decomposition Technique

Hoi Chan and Thomas Kwok


Short Papers

<Ir281> An Improved Formal Framework of Actions, Individual Intention and Group Intention for Multi-agent Systems

Xianwei Lai, Shanli Hu, and Zhengyuan Ning

<Ir366> Observant and Proactive Communication in Multi-Agent Teamwork

Yu Zhang



Room 407 [IAT H7] Agent-based Control


Regular Papers

<Ir380> Dynamical Control in Large-scale Material Handling Systems through Agent Technology

Kasper Hallenborg and Yves Demazeau

<Ir355> Agent-Based Control Framework for Distributed Energy Resources Microgrids

Zhenhua Jiang

<Ir467> A Multi-Agent System for Building Control

Bing Qiao, Kecheng Liu, and Chris Guy


Short Papers

<Ir300> Ubiquitous Home Security Robot based on Sensor Network

Yoon-Gu Kim, Han-Kil Kim, Sun-Han Yoon, Suk-Gyu Lee, and Ki-Dong Lee

<Ir363> Integrating a Priority-Based Scheduler of Behaviours in JADE

Juan A. Suárez-Romero, Amparo Alonso-Betanzos, and Bertha Guijarro-Berdiñas



Room 408 [WI H8] Enhancing Web Services


Regular Papers

<Wr405> On Board: Sharing Resources in a Collaborative Grid-TV Environment

Pilar Herrero, Jose Luis Bosque, Manuel Salvadores, and María S. Pérez

<Wr466> A Memory-Efficient Strategy for Exploring the Web

Carlos Castillo, Alberto Nelli, and Alessandro Panconesi


Short Papers

<Wr558> Towards a Transaction Model for Services in Grid Environment

Jinlei Jiang, Guangwen Yang, and Meilin Shi

<Wr550> Subject-Oriented Knowledge Formalization: Method and Prototype

Xuan Zhou, Qing Li, Lars Ludwig, and Yuliu Chen

<Wr349> A New Method of Security Feature Extraction based on Association Rules

Dun Li, Yuanda Cao, and Yueliang Wan

<Wr286> SpamWall: Heuristic Filter for Web-Spam

Animesh Trivedi and Aasish Pappu

<Wr471> Business Process Integration of Third-party Logistics Service Providers in E-commerce

Li Yan, Liu Zhixue, and Xu Juan







Room 404 [WI I4] Content Categorization


Regular Papers

<Wr390> The Role of URLs in Objectionable Web Content Categorization

Jianping Zhang, Jason qin, and Qiuming Yan

<Wr450> Personalized Spam Filtering with Semi-supervised Classifier Ensemble

Victor Cheng and C. H. Li


Short Papers

<Wr316> Finding Short Patterns to Classify Text Documents

Jiyuan An and Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen

<Wr265> A Study of X2-Test for Text Categorization

Yao-Tsung Chen and MengChang Chen

<Wr304> Support Vector Machines for Text Categorization in Chinese Question Classification

Xu-dong Lin, Hong Peng, and Bo Liu

<Wr238> Analyzing the Effect of Document Representation on Machine Learning Approaches in Multi-Class e-Mail Filtering

Helmut Berger, Michael Dittenbach, and Dieter Merkl

<Wr305> Binary Cybergenre Classification Using Theoretic Feature Measures

Lei Dong, Carolyn Watters, Jack Duffy, and Michael Shepherd



Room 405 [WI I5] Ontology Management and Learning


Regular Papers

<Wr340> Forgetting in Managing Rules and Ontologies

Thomas Eiter, Giovambattista Ianni, Roman Schindlauer, Hans Tompits, and Kewen Wang

<Wr530> A Tableau-based Federated Reasoning Algorithm for Modular Ontologies

Jie Bao, Doina Caragea, and Vasant Honavar


Short Papers

<Wr333> Using Semantic Web Technology for Self-Management of Distributed Object-Oriented Systems

A.R. Haydarlou, M.A. Oey, B.J. Overeinder, and F.M.T. Brazier

<Wr502> Heraclitus II: A Framework for Ontology Management and Evolution

Alexander Mikroyannidis and Babis Theodoulidis

<Wr243> Toward Semantic QoS-aware Web Services: Issues, Related Studies and Experience

Jiehan Zhou and Eila Niemela

<Wr284> Integration of Ontology Data through Learning Instance Matching

Chao Wang, Jie Lu, and Guangquan Zhang

<Wr412> Mapping between Relational Database Schema and OWL Ontology for Deep Annotation

Zhuoming Xu, Shichao Zhang, and Yisheng Dong



Room 406 [IAT I6] Agents under Uncertainty


Regular Papers

<Ir469> Iterative Compilation of Multiagent Probabilistic Graphical Models

Xiangdong An and Nick Cercone

<Ir472> Iterative Multiagent Probabilistic Inference

Xiangdong An and Nick Cercone

<Ir264> Fuzzy Adaptive Agent for Supply Chain Management

Sio Fan Lou and Yain Whar Si

<Ir232> Probability Fuzzy Cognitive Map for Decision-making in Soccer Robotics

Huaqing Min



Short Papers


<Ir331> A Multi-agent Bayesian Inference Mechanism for Topology Balancing in Unstructured P2P Networks

Prithviraj Dasgupta



Room 407 [IAT I7] Autonomy-Oriented Computing

<Ir415> A General Framework for Parallel BDI Agents

Huiliang Zhang and Shell Ying Huang

<Ir448> Goal-Oriented Development of BDI Agents: the PRACTIONIST Approach

Vito Morreale, Susanna Bonura, Giuseppe Francaviglia, Fabio Centineo, Massimo Cossentino, and Salvatore Gaglio

<Ir421> Integrating Value Directed Compression and Belief Space Analysis for POMDP Decomposition

Xin Li, William K. Cheung, and Jiming Liu


Short Paper

<Ir287> A Graph based Simulation of Reorganization in Multi-Agent Systems

Zheng-guang Wang, Xiao-hui Liang, and Qin-ping Zhao







Room 401

Business Lunch (with ICDM)







Room 404 [WI J4] Annotation, Discovery and Web Personalization


Regular Papers

<Wr341> Using Multimedia Ontology for generating Conceptual Annotations and Hyperlinks in Video collections

Gaurav Harit, Santanu Chaudhury, and Hiranmay Ghosh

<Wr263> An Effective Approach for Periodic Web Personalization

Baoyao Zhou, Siu Cheung Hui, and Alvis C.M. Fong


Short Papers

<Wr453> Semantic Analysis of Web Pages Using Web Patterns

Milos Kudelka, Vaclav Snasel, Ondrej Lehecka, and Eyas El-Qawasmeh

<Wr481> Web Information Retrieval in Collaborative Tagging Systems

Sheung-On Choy and Andrew K. Lui

<Wr297> Learning to Generate Labels for Organizing Search Results from a Domain-Specified Corpus

Jing Zhao and Jing He

<Wr492> Web Appearance Disambiguation of Personal Names Based on Network Motif

Kai-Hsiang Yang, Kun-Yan Chiou, Hahn-Ming Lee, and Jan-Ming Ho

<Wr254> Automated Concept Discovery from Web Resources

Michael Dittenbach, Helmut Berger, and Dieter Merkl

<Wr292> Improving Web Site Content Using a Concept-based Knowledge Discovery Process

Sebastian Rios, Juan Velasquez, Eduardo S. Vera, Hiroshi Yasuda, and Terumasa Aoki

<Wr548> Extraction of Reliable Reputation Information Using Contributor's Stance

Takayuki Yamada, Daisaku Sakano, Yoshiaki Yasumura, and Kuniaki Uehara

<Wr312> Name Disambiguation in Person Information Mining

Yu-Chuan Wei, Ming-Shun Lin, and Hsin-Hsi Chen



Room 405 [WI J5] Ontology Learning and Engineering


Regular Papers

<Wr500> Context-based Hierarchical Clustering for the Ontology Learning

Lobna Karoui, Marie-Aude Aufaure, and Nacera Bennacer

<Wr396> Mining Domain-Specific Thesauri from Wikipedia: A case study

David Milne, Olena Medelyan, and Ian H. Witten

<Wr515> Identifying document topics using the Wikipedia category network

Peter Schonhofen

<Wr347> SeseiOnto: Interfacing NLP and Ontology Extraction

Maxime Morneau, Guy W. Mineau, and Dan Corbett


Short Papers

<Wr436> Automatic Ontology Generation Using Schema Information

Shun-hong Sie and Jian-hua Yeh

<Wr344> Course Composition based on Semantic Topical Dependency

Javed I. Khan, Yongbin Ma, and Manas Hardas

<Wr306> Towards A Selective Inference Platform Based On OWL

Youwei Xu, Shengqun Tang, and Yan Yang

<Wr247> Corporate Memory Meets the Semantic Web

Sylvia C Wong, Richard M Crowder, Gary B Wills, and Nigel R Shadbolt



Room 406 [IAT J6] Agents in Competing Goals


Regular Papers

<Ir276> Adaptive Negotiation with On-line Prediction of Opponent Behaviour in Agent-based Negotiations

Jakub Brzostowski and Ryszard Kowalczyk

<Ir242> A Market-based Adaptation for Resolving Competing Needs for Scarce Resources

Rui Wang, Tracy Mullen, and John Yen

<Ir453> Resolution-based Policy Search for Imperfect Information Differential Games

Minh Nguyen-Duc and Brahim Chaib-draa

<Ir324> Designing Commitment-Based Agent Interactions

Michael Winikoff

<Ir379> The Two Facets of the Exploration-Exploitation Dilemma

Kaifu Zhang and Wei Pan

<Ir307> An Autonomous Trust Construction System Based on Bayesian Method

Wei Wang, Guosun Zeng, and Tao Liu



Room 407 [IAT J7] Applications of Autonomy Oriented Computing


Regular Papers

<Ir395> Non-normative Behaviour in Multi-agent System: Some Experiments in Traffic Simulation

Arnaud Doniec, Stéphane Espié, René Mandiau, and Sylvain Piechowiak

<Ir278> Evaluating JACK Sim for agent-based modelling of pedestrians

Nicole Ronald, Leon Sterling, and Michael Kirley

<Ir237> A Modified Particle Swarm Algorithm Combined with Fuzzy Neural Network with Application to Financial Risk Early Warning

Fuyuan Huang, Rongjun Li, HanXia Liu, and Rui Li

<Ir233> Particle Swarms Cooperative Optimization for Multi-task Coalition Generation Problem in Parallel Manner

Guofu Zhang, Jianguo Jiang, Na Xia, and Guofu Zhang


Short Papers

<Ir265> Autonomous Agents and Cellular Automata Modeling Traffic Flow

Mingzhe Liu

<Ir377> Market-Based Distributed Task Selection in Multi-Agent Swarms

Matthew Hoeing and Prithviraj Dasgupta

<Ir399> Implementation of a Molecular Simulator Based on a MultiAgent System

Fabio Avellaneda Pachón, Juan Pablo Garzón Ruiz, and Enrique González Guerrero

<Ir410> Dynamic Reconfiguration of Multi-Agent Systems Based on Autonomy Oriented Computing

Li Tao and Zili Zhang


 Room 408 [WIAT J8] WI/IAT tutorial


<WIAT T4> Building an intelligent Web: theory and practice

Pawan Lingras and Rajendra Akerkar






Room 402 [WI K2] Social Interaction, Knowledge Community, Agents and Wisdom


Regular Papers

<Wr313> Specifications and Rapid Prototyping of Multi-Agent Systems through Coloured Petri Net represented in Abductive Logic Programming (CPN-LP)

T. H. Fung 

<Wr379> From Local Behaviors to the Dynamics in an Agent Network

Shiwu Zhang and Jiming Liu


Short Papers

<Wr508> Utilizing Rich Bluetooth Environments for Identity Prediction and Exploring Social Networks as Techniques for Ubiquitous Computing

Jukka Perkiö, Ville Tuulos, Marion Hermersdorf, Heli Nyholm, Jukka Salminen, and Henry Tirri

<Wr202> A Kind of Efficient Agent-Based Platform Supporting Multimedia Seamless Mobility for Pervasive Computing

Xiaobin Huang

<Wr314> An Intelligent Trust Mechanism Based on Swarm Intelligence

Wang Wei and Zeng Guosun

<Wr385> Performances of Mobile-agents for Interactive Image Retrieval

David Picard, Arnaud Revel, and Matthieu Cord

<Wr414> A Web Service Workflow System using Genetic Planner and Scheduler

Fabiano Alves, Kairon Guimarães, and Márcia Fernandes



Room 403 [WI K3] Web Search Engine


Regular Papers

<Wr359> Web Search Engine as a Bee Hive

Pavol Navrat and Martin Kovacik

<Wr495> Proof: A DHT-Based Peer-to-Peer Search Engine

Kai-Hsiang Yang and Jan-Ming Ho

<Wr339> Interactive Web Information Retrieval Using WordBars

Orland Hoeber and Xue Dong Yang


Short Papers

<Wr301> UPRE: User Preference based Search System

Peter Gursky, Tomas Horvath, Robert Novotny, Veronika Vanekova, and Peter Vojtas

<Wr501> A Hierarchy of Search Engines based on ODP Concepts

Venkata Sudhakar Reddy Ch and Banshi.D. Chaudhary

<Wr392> A Framework of Feedback Search Engine Motivated by Content Relevance Mining

Yuexian Hou, Honglei Zhu, and Pilian He

<Wr352> Rapid Synthesis of Domain-Specific Web Search Engines Based on Semi-Automatic Training-Example Generation

Hidetomo Nabeshima, Reiko Miyagawa, Yuki Suzuki, and Koji Iwanuma

<Wr388> Substitution or Complement: An Empirical Analysis on the Impact of Collaborative Tagging on Web Search

Peng Han, Zhimei Wang, Zhiyun Li, Bernd Krämer, and Fan Yang



Room 404 [WI K4] Web Mining and Web Support Systems


Regular Papers

<Wr266> Mining the Web for Transliteration Lexicons: Joint-Validation Approach

Jong-Hoon Oh and Hitoshi Isahara

<Wr559> A Data Complexity Analysis on imbalanced datasets and an Alternative Imbalance

Cheng G. Weng and Josiah Poon

<Wr328> Privacy Preserving Multiagent Probabilistic Reasoning about Ambiguous Contexts: A Case Study

Xiangdong An, Dawn Jutla, and Nick Cercone


Short Papers

<Wr380> Topic Detection and Tracking for News Web Pages

Masaki Mori, Takao Miura, and Isamu Shioya

<Wr373> IMFTS: High-Speed Mining Frequent Traversal Sequences with Bidirectional Constraints

Jiadong Ren, Xiaojian Zhang, and Huili Peng

<Wr457> A Simple and Accurate Progressive Algorithm for Training Transductive SVMs

Lei Wang, Shixin Sun, and Jie Li

<Wr367> The Design of Gugubarra 2.0: A Tool for Building and Managing Profiles of Web Users

Natascha Hoebel, Sascha Kaufmann, Karsten Tolle, and Roberto V. Zicari

<Wr375> Adopting Wildlife Experiments for Web Evolution Estimations: The Role of an AI Web Page Classifier

Ioannis Anagnostopoulos and Photis Stavropoulos

<Wr246> Web-Based Distributed Embedded Gateway System Design

Qiang Huang, J.S. Smith, and Tuo Li

<Wr523> Protection Techniques from Information Extraction

Gianluigi Greco, Giovambattista Ianni, Vincenzino Lio, and Luigi Palopoli

<Wr564> Identifying User Goals from Web Search Results

Yao-Sheng Chang, Kuan-Yu He, Scott Yu, and Wen-Hsiang Lu

<Wr372> QSCM: Engineering QoS in Web-Based Software Configuration Management System

Xiuli Wang, Yongji Wang, and Hui Zhou



Room 405 [WI K5] Ontology Engineering


Regular Papers

<Wr460> Instanciation of Relations for Semantic Annotation

S. Tenier and Y. Toussaint, A. Napoli, and X. Polanco

<Wr289> Research on Reasoning of the Dynamic Semantic Web Services Composition

Yingjie Li, Xueli Yu, Lili Geng, and Li Wang

<Wr430> Fast Rollup on Recursive Hierarchy in OLAP

Lin Yuan and Hengming Zou


Short Papers

<Wr423> Utilizing Search Intent in Topic Ontology-based User Profile for Web Mining

Xujuan Zhou, Sheng-Tang Wu, Yuefeng Li, Yue Xu, Raymond Y.K. Lau, and Peter Bruza

<Wr504> Towards a New Approach for Information Retrieval in the SemanticLIFE Digital Memory Framework

Hanh Huu HoangAAmin Andjomshoaa, and A Min Tjoa

<Wr429> Automatic Acquiring Training Sets for Web Information Gathering

Xiaohui Tao, Yuefeng Li, Ning Zhong, and Richi Nayak

<Wr410> Retrieving and Matching RDF Graphs by Solving Satisfiability Problem

Sheng Liu and Jian Zhang

<Wr363> A Hybrid Model of Image Retrieval Based on Ontology Technology and Probabilistic Ranking

Lisa Fan and Botang Li

<Wr274> Document Classification Based on Support Vector Machine Using A Concept Vector Model

Shuang Deng and Hong Peng

<Wr310> Improving link analysis through Considering Hosts and Blocks

Qiang Wang, Yan Liu, JunYong Luo, Jing Ning, and Qing Yao

<Wr253> Web Service Based Architecture and Ontology Based User Model for Cross-System Personalization

Fuzhi Zhang, Zhizheng Song, and He Zhang



Room 406 [IAT K6] Building Distributed Systems


Regular Papers

<Ir401> Perceptive Middleware and Intelligent Agents Enhancing Service Autonomy in Smart Spaces

Nikolaos Dimakis, John Soldatos, Lazaros Polymenakos, Manfred Schenk, Uwe Pfirrmann, and Axel Bürkle

<Ir342> An Efficient Distributed Broadcast Algorithm for Ad Hoc Networks

Layuan Li, Chunlin Li, and Qiang Sun

<Ir239> State Space Segmentation for Acquisition of Agent Behavior

Hiroaki Ueda, Takeshi Naraki, Kenichi Takahashi, and Tetsuhiro Miyahara


Short Papers

<Ir344> Multi-Agent Coordination and Cooperation through Classical Planning

Yannis Dimopoulos and Pavlos Moraitis

<Ir398> Modeling Delegation through an i*-based Approach

Stephane Dehousse, Lin Liu, Stephane Faulker, Manuel Kolp, and Haris Mouratidis

<Ir456> Reuse Interaction Protocols to Develop Interactive Agents

Tarek Jarraya and Zahia Guessoum

<Ir263> A Component-Based Architecture for Multi-Agent Systems

Kaiyu Wan and Vasu Alagar

<Ir384> Multi-Agent Interaction Based Collaborative P2P System for Fighting Spam

Guoqing Mo, Wei Zhao, Haixia Cao, and Jianshe Dong



Room 407 [IAT K7] Applications of Intelligent Agent Technology


Regular Papers

<Ir450> Follow the Leader: Profiling Agents in an Opinion Formation Model of Dynamic Confidence and Individual Mind-sets

Daniel Ramirez-Cano and Jeremy Pitt

<Ir303> Transforming Natural Arguments in Araucaria to Formal Arguments in LMA

Yohsuke Takahashi, Hajime Sawamura, and Jing Zhang


Short Papers

<Ir318> Co-evolution of Agent-Oriented Conceptual Models and CASO Agent Programs

Aniruddha Dasgupta, Aneesh Krishna, and Aditya Ghose

<Ir320> Flexible Workflow Driven Job Shop Manufacturing Execution and Automation Based on Multi Agent System

Yanli He, Haicheng Yang, Weiping He, Wei Zhang, and Xinping Hu

<Ir262> Defeasible Reasoning with e-Contracts

Georgios K. Giannikis and Aspassia Daskalopulu

<Ir269> A Call Handling Assistant for Mobile Devices

Wayne Wobcke, Yiu-Wa Rita Chan, Yunghan Andrew Limaru, and Anna Wong

<Ir352> Agent-Based Soft Computing Society Applied in the Research of Reservoir Sedimentary Facies in Oil fields

Fuhua Shang, Ruishan Du, and Yang Li

<Ir373> POCAp: A Software Process for Context-aware Computing

Renato Bulcao Neto, Taciana Kudo, and Maria da Graca Pimentel



Room 408 [IAT K8] Web Services and QoS


Regular Papers

<Ir409> Dynamic Protocol Selection in Open and Heterogeneous Systems

Jose Ghislain Quenum, Samir Aknine, and Onn Shehory

<Ir470> An Agent based QoS Conflict Mediation Framework for Web Services Compositions

Xuan Thang Nguyen

<Ir206> A Labeled Graph Approach to Analyze Organizational Performance

Mark Hoogendoorn, Jan Treur, and Pinar Yolum


Short Papers

<Ir314> A Comparative Study of Parallel Reinforcement Learning Methods with a PC Cluster System

Masayuki Kushida, Kenichi Takahashi, Hiroaki Ueda, and Tetsuhiro Miyahara

<Ir346> Multi-Agent Systems Performance by Adaptive/Non-Adaptive Agent Selection

Toshiharu Sugawara, Kensuke Fukuda, Toshio Hirotsu, Shin-ya Sato, and Satoshi Kurihara

<Ir221> A Distributed Fuzzy Qualitative Evaluation System

Kevin Kam Fung Yuen and H.C.W. Lau