Camera-Ready Paper
Submission Instructions

Camera Ready Paper
Submission Due Date: 15 April 2003

1. When submitting your camera-ready manuscript to the IDEAL2003 Secretariant, please strictly follow Section 7 of the Authors' Instructions which are summarized as follows:
  • your source (input) files, e.g. TEX files for the text and PS or EPS files for the figures,
  • RTF files, if authors have prepared their papers using a word processing system other than LATEX or TEX
  • any style files, templates, and special fonts you may have used,
  • the final DVI file (for papers prepared using LATEX or TEX
  • the final PS File (not in reverse order),
  • if possible, a PDF file of the final version of your contribution,
  • the properly completed and signed Copyright form.
Otherwise, the paper will be immediately returned without further processing. Please note, except for the Copyright form, all the about files should be compressed into ONE file.
2. The page number of each paper is limited to 8 A4-size pages for ORAL papers, and 5 A4-size pages for Poster ones. Otherwise, US$100.00 will be charged per extra page.
Note 1. No paper will be published unless it is accompanied with a valid Registration payment on or before 15 April 2003.

Camera-Ready Paper
Submission Methods

1. Online Submission(closed)
If you forget your username and/or password, please contact IDEAL2003 Secretariant immediately.

2. Email and/or Fax

The softcopy file of Camera Ready Paper manuscript can be sent by e-mail to:

The Registration and Copyright Form can be faxed to +852 3411 7892; or by mail to:

Secretariat of IDEAL2003
Department of Computer Science,
7/F, Sir Run Run Shaw Building,
Hong Kong Baptist University,
Hong Kong.


Download IDEAL2003 Registration Form - DOC Format, PDF Format

Download IDEAL2003 Copyright Transfer Form - PDF Format


Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings are now printing in progress and we forecast we can sent the proceedings by mail at Mid July 2003.