Mind Drive Competition for Secondary Schools
2 April 2022


The Mind Drive Competition is a car racing competition! It is one of our Department’s vibrant events that is open to secondary school students in Hong Kong. It aims at promoting to secondary school students the latest body sensing and computing technologies, and related innovations.


As one of the celebratory events of the 60th Anniversary of Faculty of Science, Hong Kong Baptist University, we cordially invite secondary school students to participate in this novel posture-controlled car racing. This event consists of a series of training workshops (3 sessions) to provide background on the posture detection software, and to assist the participants to design and implement the program and postures to control a remote controlled toy car. The participants are expected to work as a team (3 students/team) and “use their mind” to think of the best way to control their cars. On the competition day, the participants will make use of their own posture ideas to race with other schools. Use your imagination and creativity! To win trophies, register the Mind Drive Competition and explore our whole competition package including body-sensing computer programs, the racing track, and the toy cars.


Some details are highlighted as follows,


Mind Drive Competition: 2 April 2022
Training Workshop: 12, 19 and 26 March 2022
Venue: SCC201, Madam Kwok Chung Bo Fun Sports and Cultural Centre, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University
Registration Period: 17 January 2022 – 16 February 2022