Japan Study Tour

Kyoto and Osaka 6-10 June

My Feelings

This is my first time travelling to Osaka and Kyoto. When I first stepped out of the plane in Japan Territory, I felt very excited.

Learning in schools and companies

We went to the Kyoto University and join the sharing session with international students. We are from different parts of the world, and gathered together at the university, talking about the experiences in our own countries. It was a great activity as we could learn more about different countries’ cultures. We also went to Osaka University and ATR, where many new technologies were there for us to explore. We talked to Erica (a robot) and played VR apps. What made me feel astonished was a headphone-like machine which could affect your body balance. We also attended the seminars given by master students about their projects/researches. We had much fun experiencing all those things.

Awesome tourist spots

Talking about the tourist spots in Kyoto and Osaka, I like Kyoto Tower the most. It was night time when we went there. From the outside, the tower had its light on, which made it very beautiful in the dark. When we walked inside, we could see the whole Kyoto Area. On the other day, we tried Japanese-style praying in the temples. Our tour guide introduced Japanese Gods to us, which was quite an interesting topic to learn. One more unforgettable thing was that, we went shopping in Dotonbori in Osaka, where the whole street was filled with people and shops. And that was the point my wallet started to shrink. I was having fun when we played chess with a Japanese staff (an old man) at the Osaka History Museum on the last day. We had to answer questions about Osaka history. We did not quite understand what he said, but with the help of body gestures, we were able to finish the whole game happily.

Cultural exposure

I also remembered that at night we sneaked out of the hotel, and started a journey to a tourist spot. It was our first time taking JR by ourselves. Instead of riding on a coach, taking JR let me have a deeper feeling towards the Japanese culture. Besides the above mentioned, food was also a memorable part of the tour, especially the Tofu pot we tasted at Arashiyama. In Hong Kong, we do not eat tofu as the main course. We also had shabu-shabu (hotpot) on the last day. Although it was pretty much the same as in Hong Kong, we learnt to make egg congee, which was popular in Japan according to our tour guide.