Study Tour in Osaka and Kyoto

Joining this study tour is a fascinating eye-opener. During this enchanting tour,
we are not only meet other university students, but also visit to a locally renowned
company which researches lots of new technological products. In addition, Japan
has their traditional and unique culture. We are able to visit and experience for it.

Maybe, some students will think that participating study tour is boring. Students are
just sitting in the lecture and listening to professors' speech. However, this study tour
is totally not the same. In the Osaka University, we meet the students and they share
their sensibleness about their latest project which involves numerous students from
different majors. Furthermore, students show their creative goods. One of them gives
me a deep image. When we bent a book, the animation would display on the computer.
The deeperyou bent, the faster the speed of animation. Also, we can see the whole story
dependson our speed.In addition, the balloon changes to different colors is interesting.
It willindicate distinct color when we press it will different pressure. It is a good chance
for us to see more and know more about other people's creativity.Therefore, we can
improve our view.

I have not seen Artificial Intelligence (AI). This time, I have an opportunity to meet
them. Erica, is an AI, which can talk to people in Japanese and English Nowadays,
advanced technology makes some impossible things in the past become true. Just like
Erica, it looks like a real and beautiful human. We can see Erica twice - in the local
company and Kyoto University. In the company, we are glad to see two different version
of the Erica- one is the old, one is the new. The old version of Erica is controlled
by the staffs. When we talk to it, the controllers need to dominate Erica so that Erica
responses to us. The latest Erica can sense us and talk to us automatically. I think
it is an extraordinary occasion. Not many people has this chance to see and experience
the AIs in this close distant.

Besides the educational part, we can go sightseeing to some well-known places.
For me, Kyoto is a best place to experience the traditional culture. Kyoto
contains many historical sites. For example, Kiyomizu-dera. It is a celebrated
monument, and it is listed in the world cultural heritage. It witness Kyoto from
the past until now. Kiyomizu-dera has a special position in Japanese' mind.
Although it is old, people conserve it well. Also ,we go to Arashiyama. It is
a good place to see these natural environment.

This study tour improves my view a lot.