HKBU Osaka & Kyoto Tour on 6/6/2017 - 10/6/2017 - Wong Kai Yu

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Osaka University and Kyoto University

I felt excited in the Study Tour to Japan 2017on 6/6 - 10/6.

In this study tour, I had a good experience in Japan. I visited famous attractions and had an academic exchange in Osaka and Kyoto.

I visited Osaka University and Kyoto University. I did laboratory in their research. For example: simulating the physical environment when it is raining, simulating flipping book effect using the electronic detection. I think they are so brilliant. I hope that I will be one of them one day. I appreciate that the Japanese students are not well presenting in English, but they tried their best to explain and introduce their research and product. As I major in computer science student year 3, I need to work hard on my Final Year Project because their research was so professional, some of the terminology and phase are not familiar to me.

The most unforgettable experience was face-to-face interacting with Japan robot in laboratory. The robot is still in developing. Their skins and movement was really like a human being. I felt so excited because robot technology are well developed than I imagine.

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Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International
Visit to Japanese Company

We visited Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International. We visited human-like robot. When we entered the room, there were many device detecting the changeable environment in the room such as our movement and our voice direction. The representative of the company introduced the operation and background information. One of the robot lookout is responsible for their boss’soutlook.

Besides, they introduced one of the latest product in their company called Hugvie. The design is a pillow with the cross shape. They let each of us to try their product. The pillow was so soft, the model was so suitable to hug. Also, the hug pillow included a receiver device, the user can put their ear near the pillow and listen the broadcast channel. They tried to do experiment in elderly center and kindergarten school. It worked and the target get a well experience.

Attractions in Japan

I visited famous attractions in Osaka and Kyoto. I really enjoyed the view in Kyoto Tower. The design of buildings were simple and low-rise in Japan. I visited Osaka Science Museum, I learned more science knowledge on playing simple experiment such as Mechanics,Optics. I visited Kiyomizu-dera, Hanamikoji, Kawaramachi Station (Kyoto) and Arashiyama & TogetuKyo Bridge. These attractions gave me a new experience on Japanese culture because the culture is totally different from Hong Kong.

Japanese Food

Also, I got a great experience on Japanese Food. I ate Sushi, Ramen and other Japanese cuisine. Most of food are extremely delicious. I felt so curious that ticket machine used in some of the food shop. It would be great that if it can apply in Hong Kong as well. It is because it can solves the problems of lacking human resource in Hong Kong.