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The proliferation of large-scale and multi-sourced data in the digital era provides great opportunities to engage in urban and transport enquiries at larger and finer scales. More data are generated from automobiles, smartphones, automatic fare systems, and other facilities at any moment. Human and natural phenomenon are being modelled with increasing precision and representativeness. Many previously unattainable research subjects and hypotheses are now being investigated by leveraging the big data. Patterns of human mobility and travel behaviour are identified along with their relationship with urban environment, which are of great significance to the field of transportation, urban planning, and urban science. At the same time, there are challenges in the application of big data including the lack of sociodemographic information, the complicated task of processing these massive and often flawed data, and the linkage between this new line of research and the classic theories in related fields.

This workshop is jointly organized by the Research Cluster on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies and Department of Computer Science of Hong Kong Baptist University. It aims at providing a forum for the discussion on the opportunities and challenges in the analysis of big data for urban and transportation research. Discussions will focus on the use of big data from different sources in the exploration of recurring patterns of human mobility, methods and techniques in data processing and management, and new insights into urban science with data-driven approaches.