Computer Science Scholar Receives Funding from NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme

Dec 20, 2022

A research project led by Professor Jiming Liu, Associate Vice-President (Research Development), Dean of Science and Chair Professor of the Department of Computer Science, HKBU has been awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Research Grants Council (NSFC/RGC) under the Joint Research Scheme (JRS) with a total funding of nearly HK$1 million covering a period of four years.

Professor Liu at HKBU said, “The Department of Computer Science is dedicated to conducting impact research through multi-disciplinary collaborations to foster sustainability for a better world. We hope with the support of this JRS, researchers in Hong Kong and the Mainland can capitalise on our complementary strengths and achieve fruitful research results.”

The awarded project mainly covers topic in information technology and entitled as “Multi-scale Spatio-temporal Modeling, Learning, and Inference Methods for Complex Infectious Disease Systems” in collaboration with Mainland scholar Professor Benyun Shi in the Nanjing Tech University. It aims to offer novel computational solutions to the fundamental challenges of heterogeneous data modelling, machine learning, and statistical inference, and provide practical tools for AI and data science-enabled disease intervention and control.

The NSFC/RGC supports research projects jointly proposed by Mainland and Hong Kong researchers for their scientific merit. JRS aims to promote collaboration between researchers/research teams in Hong Kong and the Mainland on the basis of complementing the existing strengths of both sides.