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Incentive Scheme for RPg Students/Graduates

Studentship Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Overseas Attachment/Conference Attendance RPg Performance Award Scheme Academic Writing Overseas Post-doctoral Scheme

The University and Department are fully committed to establish an ideal academic environment for research postgraduate (hereafter RPg) students. Meanwhile, various incentive/matching funding schemes were launched for RPg students to acquire additional resource to support their study and self-development.


  • Full-Time MPhil and 4-year PhD Programme
    Studentships are provided to full-time MPhil and PhD students. The monthly studentship should be enough for tuition fee, accommodation and sundries, etc. Studentship recipients are, in general, provided with studentship for 24 months for MPhil and 36 months for PhD study. For the 4-year PhD programme, the fourth year studentship is subject to a performance assessment by Faculty.
  • 3-year PhD Programme
    Normally, a UG/RG studentship expires after 36 months for 3-year PhD Programme. The longer financial support will be considered to provide for PhD entrants who only possess a Bachelor's degree.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)

  • HKPFS Nominees
    Started from 2015, the Department offers HK$920,000 ~ HK$960,000 (approx. US$118,000 ~ US$123,000 ) to RPg students who have been successfully nominated by the University under HKPFS during 4-year study.

    For the first three years of study, the annual stipend is HK$240,000 (approx. US$31,000) per year. For the fourth year, the annual stipend is HK$200,000 ~ HK$380,000 (approx. US$26,000 ~ US$49,000). Total Conference and Research-related Travel Allowance is HK$60,000 (approx. US$7,800) during the 4-year study.
  • HKPFS Awardees
    Upon successful admission to our department's PhD programme via HKPFS, awardees will be offered HK$1,640,000 ~ HK$1,820,000 (approx. US$210,000 ~ US$233,000).

    Stipend (tax-free) # HK$480,000 (approx. US$62,000) per year for three years;
    HK$200,000 ~ HK$480,000 (approx. US$26,000 ~ US$62,000) for the fourth year;

    Tuition Waiver ^ First year tuition waiver (HK$42,100); tuition waivers for second, third and fourth year of study are subject to satisfactory academic progress;

    Conference and Research-related Travel Allowance +

    HK$155,400 (approx. US$20,000) during 4-year study

    # HK$957,600 offered by RGC and remaining offered by HKBU and Department of Computer Science subject to satisfactory performance
    ^ Offered by Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
    + Jointly offered by RGC, HKBU and Department of Computer Science
    Note: Fouth year’s award and support will be subject to satisfactory performance.

Overseas Attachment/Conference Attendance

Academic exchange is one of good training methods to enable RPg students to pursue cutting-edge research. In order to encourage and support RPg students' Overseas Research Exchange experience during their studies, the University and Department have provided a different degree of incentive and financial support for students.

  1. The University is very supportive to RPg students who participate in overseas attachment and conference attendance. Students may apply for "Research Student Expenses" to support the travel and taxes incurred for the research activities, subject to its rules and procedures.
  2. On top of the University research student expenses support, the Department supports each full-time RPg student with the extra amount of HKD7,000 (MPhil) & HKD10,000 (PhD) for the participation of overseas exchange programme/attachment## and research-related activities within their normal study period.

    ## RPg students who are invited to visit and attach to universities for a few days along with their conference attendance will be considered as overseas attachment.
    For those RPg students who engage in three months to one year overseas research attachment within the normal study period, the Department support may include reimbursement for actual expenses of airfare up to HK$12,000; and overseas accommodation allowance at HK$3,000 per month with a cap at HK$18,000 per application, on top of the current financial support from Graduate School and the Department.

RPg Performance Award Scheme

RPg students who (i) have at least one first-authored research paper published or accepted for publication in a top journal/conference or (ii) have received a Best Paper Award from a reputable international journal/conference are eligible to be considered for the award. Awardees will entitle to receive a one-off cash prize of HK$10,000 from the Department.

Academic Writing

RPg students can reimburse for the actual expenses of academic writing service (up to HK$5,000) in total during the normal study period. Each scheme will be implemented on a matching basis (i.e. Department: 2/3 and the principal supervisor: 1/3).

Overseas Post-doctoral Scheme

Regarding the training of a Post-doctoral in the well-known overseas universities / research groups, the Department will offer a yearly quota for this scheme normally no more than three.
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