IAPR/IEEE Winter School on Biometrics 2021

Journal Paper Writing

26 Jan (Tue)

17:00 - 18:00
On Writing Journal Papers
Lecturer: Prof. Mark Nixon
Slides (pdf) 799KB

Short bio.
Prof. Mark Nixon is the Professor in Computer Vision at the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, UK. He is also a Fellow of the IET, Fellow of the IAPR (for services to biometrics and computer vision) and the Distinguished Fellow of the BMVA 2015.

Research that isn’t published might not have happened at all; publications and academic careers go hand in hand. With the advent of high profile conferences and ArXiv, many students are less clear about publishing in journals. So this talk aims to clarify the position. Its coverage incudes: journal choice, the review process, the publication system, choices that are faced when publishing in journals and some hints as to how it might be best to approach what can be a pretty tough proposition. I shall also suggest some challenges that are often encountered, and some mistakes that can be best avoided. It’s neither a panacea nor a sermon, more a guided tour and audience suggestions are most welcome.