IAPR/IEEE Winter School on Biometrics 2023

Hands-on Session Programme


The hands-on session will be supported by OpenCV China Team. Participants will learn to develop a real-time face recognition system using OpenCV. Participants should form a team of two who are from different affiliations and complete the system. Other biometric systems are welcome as well, but participants should discuss with and get approval from the instructors first. Three teams with excellent work will be awarded certificates.

What should the participants prepare?
1. A laptop computer for reading documents. But it is optional.
2. Install OpenCV 4.7 (C++ library, or Python library).
3. A webcam.

9 Jan (Day 2)

13:30 – 13:55
Topic: OpenCV and Deep Learning
Speaker: WU Jia, OpenCV China Team

14:00 – 14:25
Topic: How to develop a face recognition system using OpenCV
Speaker: FENG Yuantao, OpenCV China Team

14:30 – 15:20
Participants develop a biometric system with the help of OpenCV China engineers, and submit a final technical report to by 23:59:59 Jan 11, 2022 UTC+8. The organizer will score the reports, and the top three teams will be awarded certificates.

10 Jan (Day 3)

13:30 - 15:20
Participants continue to develop a biometric system with the help of OpenCV China engineers.

12 Jan (Day 5)

13:30 - 15:00
Prize announcement + presentation
The top three teams present their work. (30 minutes per team)