Students studying in local post-secondary institutions as well as invited mainland tertiary institutions are encouraged to form teams with up to 4 members each to participate this contest.

  How To Participate
  Each team is required to submit a project (could be hardware or software) to demonstrate an innovative idea of applying AI technologies to make our society more efficient and competitive or to make our lives more comfortable. In the initial phase, each team is required to submit a 3-page description for short-listing. Short-listed teams will be asked to prepare:

- A report of 20-30 pages about the idea and its impact
- A poster and a demonstrable project for final presentation

  Venue: Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University
  Honorary Guest: Prof. Lotfi Zadeh (Professor, University of California, Berkeley)


  Important Dates
Deadline for Initial Registration July 10, 2004
Announcement of Short-Listed Projects August 21, 2004
Briefing Session August 31, 2004
Deadline for 3-page Project Description Sept 10, 2004
Project Presentation and Demonstration Oct 24, 2004
Final Presentation and Prize Presentation Nov 10, 2004