Current PhD Students:


Mr. Zhenheng TANG, started from Sept 2020.



Mr. Yuxin WANG, started from Sept 2019.



Mr. Xin HE, started from Sept 2018.



Mr. Canhui WANG, started from Sept 2017.




Graduated Students:


Dr. Shaohuai SHI, started from March 2016. Now at HKUST as Research Assistant Professor.


Dr. Qiang WANG, started from Sept. 2015. Now at HKBU as Research Assistant Professor.


Dr. Chengjian LIU, started from Sept 2013. Now at Shenzhen Technology University as Assistant Professor.


Dr. Xinxin MEI, started from Sept. 2011. Now at OpenMining.


Dr. Kaiyong ZHAO, started from Jan. 2011. Now at CloudMinds as Vice President.


Dr. You LI, PhD, started from Sept. 2009. Now at Southern University of Science and Technology.


Dr. Xiaowei CHEN, PhD, started from Sept. 2007. Now Senior Engagement Manager at Amazon.


Mr. Yong YAN, MPhil, started from Sept. 2006. Now at Matlab.


Mr. Ka Ho CHAN, MPhil, started from Sept. 2005. Now at HKECO.