The 4th International Workshop on AI for Social Good in the Connected World

in conjunction with WI-IAT 2023


The workshop will be held in a hybrid (online/in-person) mode. The Presentation Schedule is given as follows:

Thursday, October 26, 2023 (Starting from 9am CEST)

Virtual Room III

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Youjie Wan, Jing Li, Qi Guo, Yue Peng, and Benyun Shi, "K-STTN: Knowledge-induced Spatial-Temporal Transformer Networks for Traffic Forecasting"



Aibin Tang, Yineng Gao, Miao Liu, Yue Peng, Jiming Liu, and Benyun Shi, "Vaccine Allocation Strategy for Addressing Vaccine-Induced Asymptomatic Infections"



Maria Fasli, Amani Yousef Owda, Tufail Abbasi, Majdi Owda, Lampros Stergioulas, and Bhanu Neupane, "Open Government Data (OGD) Framework for Sustainable Development"



Majdi Owda, Amani Yousef Owda, and Maria Fasli, "An Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualizations of Underprivileged Communities Diabetes Dataset for Public Good"



Sri Devi Ravana, Myat Noe Win, Nasa Zata Dina, and Maria Fasli, "Embedding SDGs in Higher Education Curricula: A Case Study"



Hima Thota, Melody Moh, and Teng-Sheng Moh, "Towards Detecting and Quantifying Identity-Based Polarization in Online Content: A Deep-Learning Approach"



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Dear Workshop Participants,


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The video will be used only as a backup solution in case of unstable internet connection. Indeed, remote presenters are required to attend the session, present their work live and answer questions from the audience. Presenters not participating to the session will be considered as a no-show and their work might be removed from the conference proceedings. Later we will share information about remote participation via Zoom. You may update the uploaded video (and presentation) by filling again this form from scratch. If you mean to supply both video and presentation, then you should upload both every time you fill the form. The upload of the video (or presentation) requires a google account, which you may create for free and delete after the conference. Let's remind you that our workshop paper presentation is 15 mins presentation + 5 mins Q&A. Deadline is October 24, right before the start of the conference.




Prof. Jiming Liu

Chair Professor, Dean of Science
Department of Computer Science

Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong SAR


Dr. Yang Liu
Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong SAR


Prof. Maria Fasli

Executive Dean,
Faculty of Science and Health

School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
UNESCO Chair in Analytics and Data Science
University of Essex


Call for Papers:

We now live in a hyper-connected society where information is transmitted at the speed of light, and communication and information technologies (ICTs) have permeated all aspects of human activity and have been transforming our lives. Traditional physical, geographical and cultural boundaries are getting blurred and we are experiencing new forms of social interaction and engagement emerging. Living in this hyper-connected world where an individual can be both a consumer and producer of information, not only are people gaining greater exposure to information from across the globe, but we are increasingly seeing new and unanticipated behaviour patterns the impacts of which are not yet fully understood. As a result, both new opportunities and novel challenges arise from this hyper-connected world. Among ICT technologies, Artificial Intelligence has seen unprecedented developments in the last few years owing to the proliferation of data and increase in computational power. Innovative and effective approaches which tackle the problems in the new connected-world domains, such as public health, social security and communication, economics, and education by utilizing sophisticated AI technologies, are of urgent demand. Whilst AI technologies present unique opportunities to tackle complex problems, the use of data and such methods raise significant questions around privacy and the ethics of automatic decision-making in particular, in areas where there may be risks of harm to individuals or communities. Appropriately applying AI techniques to solve social problems in this connected world will provide the public more effective ways to uncover the hidden knowledge and capture the insights of the problems, thereby ensuring that the power of AI is harvested for social good and benefits societies across the globe.


This workshop “AI for Social Good in the Connected World” aims at providing a platform for researchers from academia, industry, and the public sector in the areas of AI , machine learning, data analytics, web mining, social science, ethics, public policy, cognitive science, public health, urban computing, knowledge engineering, and multimedia computing to exchange ideas and explore novel AI methodologies for modeling complex social related data as well as efficient solutions to complex problems arising from different social scenarios in this connected world including addressing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) The topics of this workshop include, but are not limited to:

·        Advanced AI techniques and computational models in the connected world

·        Knowledge discovery and data analytics in the connected world

·        Data sharing and integration in the connected world

·        Data security and privacy in the connected world

·        Human-centered computing in the connected world

·        AI for the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

·        AI for public and personalized healthcare in the connected world

·        AI for social computing and information retrieval in the connected world

·        AI for urban computing and smart city in the connected world

·        AI for public welfare in the connected world

·        AI for sustainability in the connected world

·        Public policy in the era of AI

·        Challenges of deploying AI technologies for automatic decision making

·        Legal, regulatory and ethical implications and frameworks for AI technologies


We are inviting submissions from academic, industry, and practitioners on the above topics, covering fundamental and applied research and demonstrations of applications of AI for social good and the SDGs. Shorter position papers describing work in progress or other related work (policy development, governance etc.) would also be welcome.


Important Dates (Anywhere on Earth):

August 8, 2023: Workshops/Special Sessions Paper Submission

August 22, 2023: Workshop Fast Track - Submission (For Main Conf's Rejected Papers)

August 29, 2023: Paper Acceptance Notification


Paper Format Instructions and Templates:

The formatting and maximum length requirements for the workshop submissions can be found here:


Submission link:

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