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2016 Student Project Competition

Aug 20, 2016

Both the 13th Final Year Project (FYP) Competition and 10th Postgraduate Paper Contest organized by the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter have been concluded.

This year, we have received many entries from different universities in Hong Kong, including the City University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Baptist University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Open University of Hong Kong, the University of Hong Kong, and. Each submitted project/paper went through a review process by our panel consisting of experts in the area of computational intelligence.

Finally, the following papers/projects were shortlisted, and then presented in the ceremony, which was held on August 20, 2016. As a result, the competition results are as follows:

FYP Competition:
1. Champion: "Chinese Character and Word Analysis in Daily Essays", Student: Leung Ming Tak (HKU)
2. First Runner-up: "Improved Adaptive Global Replacement Scheme for MOEA/D-AGR", Students: Tam Hiu Hin Tony (OUHK)
3. Second Runner-up: "Energy Harvesting Framework for Internet of Things Applications", Student: Yau Cheuk Wang Macro (HKU)

Postgraduate Paper Contest:
1. Champion: "Feature Extraction via Non-negative Matrix and Tensor Factorization", Student: Ang Man Shun (HKU)
2. First Runner-up: "A New Optimal Resource Allocation Scheme for Computationally Expensive Problems", Student: Sun Yi (HKU)
3. Second Runner-up: "Incorporating Copying Mechanism in Sequence-to-Sequence Learning", Student: Gu Jiatao (HKU)