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2018 FYP and PG Competition

Nov 26, 2018

The 15th Final Year Project (FYP) Competition and 12th Postgraduate Paper Contest organized by the IEEE (HK) Computational Intelligence Chapter were concluded in August 2018. The number of entries increased from the previous year, and shortlisted nominees were invited to the finals held on 18-Aug at the HKU. The awards went to the following outstanding students:

15th FYP Competition:

CHAMPION: "Modeling and Prediction of Discussion Topics in Twitter", Luk Wing San, Tsang Chiu Sing, and Kwok Chun Ho Andy (HKUST)
FIRST RUNNER-UP: "Encoding Emotion Information in Sequence to Sequence Response Generation", Chan Yin Hei (OUHK)
SECOND RUNNER-UP: "Scalable and Efficient Query Methods for Learning to Hash" Liu Jie, and Song Yang (CUHK)

12th Postgraduate Paper Contest:

CHAMPION : "Travel Demand Prediction using Deep Multi-Scale Convolutional LSTM Network", Chu Kai Fung (HKU)
FIRST RUNNER-UP : "Accommodating Perturbation of Cluster Memberships in Optimal Trend by Multi-Model Evolutionary Clustering", Tam Hiu Hin (OUHK)
SECOND RUNNER-UP: "Sentiment Analysis and Label Denoising of Review Ranking in Openrice", Tang Shiu Yuen (HKBU)

Congratulations to all awardees for their great achievements!