Accepted Paper List

All oral and poster papers will be published in the
Springer-verleg Lecture Notes Series.

Oral Presentation

Paper ID Contact Author Other Author(s) Title
0211 Yongguang Bao Daisuke Asai, Xiaoyong Du, Kazutaka Yamada, Naohiro Ishii An Effective Rough Set-Based Method for Text Classification
0212 Hamid Beigy M.R. Meybodi A Self-Organizing Channel Assignment Algorithm: A Cellular Learning Automata Approach
0216 James Berign Dan Bernhardt Learning From Average Experience
0218 Joong-Hwan Baek Seung-Beom Hong, Won Nah Abrupt Shot Change Detection Using Multiple Features and Classification Tree
0219 Tossapon Boongoen Alan Harrison Endorsement-based estimation for prepositional phrase attachment disambiguation
0303 Jin Ok Kim Kyong Seok Baik, Chin Hyun Chung On a Lip Print Recognition by the Pattern kernel with Multi-Resolution Architecture
0314 Jin Ok Kim Bum Ro Lee, Chin Hyun Chung The Inductive Inverse Kinematics Algorithm for Manipulating the Posture of an Articulated Body
0316 JinHyuk Hong Sung-Bae Cho A Two-Stage Bayesian Network for Effective Development of Conversational Agent
0327 Yiu-Ming Cheung Rong-bo Huang A Divide-and-Conquer Fast Implementation of Radial Basis Function Networks with Application to Time Series Forecasting
0405 Dirk V Arnold Hans-Georg Beyer On the Effects of Outliers on Evolutionary Optimization
0503 Osama M Badawy Noha A. Elprince Feature Weight Maintenaince in Active Case-Based Reasoning System
0504 Emilio Corchado Colin Fyfe Initialising Self-Organising Maps
0505 Nasser Esmaili Afshad Talaie Pattern Recognition in Classification of Intelligent Composites During Smart Manufacturing
0604 Chun Che Fung Ong Sing Goh Intelligence Agent Technology in E-Commerce
0605 Tapio Frantti Sanna Kallio Fuzzy Logic Aided Gsture Recognition
0606 Cunhao Fang Yaoxue Zhang, Kegang Xu A XML-based Data Communication Solution For Program Mining
0705 Raj P. Gopalan Yudho Giri Sucahyo Improving the Efficiency of Frequent Pattern Mining by Compact Data Structure Design
0801 De-Shuang Huang On the Comparisons Between RLSA and CLA for Solving Arbitrary Linear Simultaneous Equations
0802 De-Shuang Huang Horace H.S. Ip On the Choices of the Parameters in General Constrained Learning Alogrithms
0806 Bruno Bachimont Younes Hafri, Peter Stachev An Approach of Web User Profiling
0810 Kamel Haouam Farhi Marir SEMIR: Semantic Indexing and Retrieving Web Document using Rhetorical Structure Theory
0812 Yiqiu Han Wai Lam Exploiting Heterogeneous Features For Classification Learning
0815 Xiao Huang John Weng, Roger Calantone Locally Balanced Incremental Hierarchical Discriminant Regression
0818 Atsushi Hashizume Generating Representative from Clusters of Association Rules on Numeric Attributes
0825 Xuelei Hu Lei Xu A Comparative Study of Several Cluster Number Selection Criteria
0901 Sio Iong Ao Automating Stock Prediction with Neural Network and Evolutionary Computation
0902 Shoji Isao Estimation of diffusion parameters by a nonparametric drift function model
0904 Andrzej Izworski Ryszard Tadeusiewicz System for Intelligent Processing and Recognition of Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) Signals
0905 Kazunori Iwata Kazushi Ikeda Temporal Difference Coding in Reinforcement Learning
1004 Tony Jan Combination of Linear and General Regression Neural Network for Robust Short Term Financial Prediction
1011 Jiyuan An Hanxiong Chen, Kazutaka Furuse, Nobuo Ohbo, Eamonn Keogh Grid-Based Indexing for Large Time Series Databases
1103 Ryotaro Kamimura Haruhiko Takeuchi Generating explicit self-organizing maps by information maximization
1107 Hyun Kang Chang Woo Lee, Keechul Jung, Hang Joon Kim A Clustering Approach to the Vision-based Interface for Interactive Computer Games
1114 Ibrahim Kuschchu Evolution at Learning: How to Promote Generalization?
1115 Se Hyun Park Eun Yi Kim Automatic Extraction of Moving Objects Using Distributed Genetic Algorithm
1116 Masaaki Kunigami Takao Terano Connected Replicator Dynamics and Their Control in a Learning Multi-Agent System
1117 Eun Mi Kim Cherl-Soo Pahk Strict Monotone of An Edge Intensity Profile and A New Edge Detection Algorithm
1118 ibrahim Kushchu Miriktani Derrick E.Coli Search: Self Replicating Agents for Web-based Information Retrieval
1215 Wan-Jui Lee Shie-Jue Lee An Efficient Mining Method for Incremental Updation in Large Databases
1216 Ying Li Ying Chen, Fangyan Rao The Approach for Data Warehouse to Answering Spatial OLAP Queries
1219 Zne-Jung Lee Wen Li Lee A Hybrid Search Algorithm of Ant Colony Optimization and Genetic Algorithm Applied to Weapon-Target Assignment Problems
1221 Sanguk Noh Cheolho Lee, Kyunghee Choi, Gihyun Jung Detecting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks Through Inductive Learning
1225 Ju-Hong Lee Seok-Ju Chun, Sun Park Selectivity Estimation for Optimizing Similarity Query in Multimedia Databases
1228 Shinn-Ying Ho Kual-Zheng Lee, Ting-Wei Liu Model-Based Pose Estimation of Human Motion Using Orthogonal Simulated Annealing
1230 Bumghi Choi Ju-Hong Lee, Sun Park Dynamic Construction of Category Hierarchy Using Fuzzy Relational Products
1241 Younjeong Lee Ki Yong Lee, Joohun Lee PCA Fuzzy Mixture Model for Speaker Identification
1243 JongJoo Lee Ki-Yong Lee, JaeYeol Rheem GMM Based on Local Fuzzy PCA for Speaker Identification
1245 kwong-Sak Leung Yong Liang Evolution Strategies with a Fourier Series Auxiliary Function for Difficult Function Optimization
1246 SW Lim Michael KY Wong, Peixun Luo Agent-based Modeling of Efficient Markets
1250 Jiming Liu Yi Tang, Xiaolong Jin Agent Compromises in Distributed Problem Solving
1302 Shibnath Mukherjee A Probabilistic Model for Optimal Searching of the Deep Web
1305 Martin Molina Gemma Blasco A Multi-agent System for Emergency Decision Support
1307 Jorge Moraleda Teresa Miller AD+Tree: A Compact Adaptation of Dynamic AD-Trees for Machine Learning in Large Data Sets
1312 Kyongho Min Related Factors for Document Classification Performance in a Highly Inflectional Language
1315 Sarah Coppock Lawrence Mazlack Multi-Modal Data Fusion Questions
1405 Vincent Ng Ida Ng Customer Loyalty on Recurring Loans
1407 Nadia Nedjah Luiza de Macedo Mourelle Evolvable Hardware Using Genetic Programming
1408 Nadia Nedjah Luiza de Macedo Mourelle Minimal Addition-Subtraction Sequences for Efficient Pre-Processing in Large Window-Based Modular Exponentiation Using Genetic Algorithms
1610 Sung Hee Park Keun Ho Ryu, Hyeon S. Son Protein Structure Modeling Using a Spatial Model for Structure Comparison
1611 Mikhail Petrovskiy Convolution Kernels for Outliers Detection in Relational Data
1801 Ekkawut Rojsattarat Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj Hybrid Recommendation: Combining Content-Based Prediction and Collaborative Filtering
1807 Carolina Ruiz Christopher A Shoemaker Association Rule Mining Algorithms for Set-Valued Data
1903 Alfons Schuster DNA Algorithms For Rough Set Analysis
1910 Hai Jin Jianhua Sun, Hao Chen, Zongfen Han A Data Mining Based Intrusion Detection Model
1911 D Manjula Santhosh Kulandaiyan, Santhosh Sudarshan, Ashok Francis, T V Geetha Semantics Based Information Retrieval Using Conceptual Indexing of Documents
1912 Hyunjung Shin Sungzoon Cho Fast Pattern Selection Algorithm for Support Vector Classifiers: Time Complexity Analysis
1917 Antonio Sgorbissa Maurizio Miozzo, Renato Zaccaria The Artificial Ecosystem: a Multiagent Architecture
1918 Fu-Shing Sun Chun-Hung Tzeng A Tolerance Concept in Data Clustering
1919 Won Jay Song Sun Jin Kim, Won Hee Kim, Byung Ha Ahn, Munkee Choi, Bo Gwan Kim Power Control and Evolutionary Computation in CDMA Cellular Radio Networks
2006 L Dong C Tjortjis Experiences of Using a Quantitative Approach for Mining Association Rules
2012 David Taniar J.Wenny Rahayu Global B+ Tree Indexing in Parallel Database Systems
2013 Choh Man Teng Noise Correction in Genomic Data
2016 David Taniar Rebecca Tan, Lu Guojun Efficient Execution of Parallel Aggregate Data Cube Queries in Data Warehouse Environment
2203 Murlikrishna Viswanathan Chris Wallace An Optimal Approach to Mining Boolean Functions from Noisy Data
2204 Ville Kononen Gradient Based Method for Symmetric and Asymmetric Multiagent Reinforcement Learning
2309 Hai-Lin Liu Yu-Ping Wang A Novel Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Min-Max Strategy
2312 Ching-Tang Hsieh Yeh-Kuang Wu A New Adaptive and Complementary Quantized Blind Watermarking System
2318 YuLin Wang Blind Image Watermarking with Regular Pattern
2320 Wai Lam Tak-Lam Wong, Wei Wang Beyond Supervised Learning of Wrappers for Extracting Information from Unseen Web Sites
2322 Yongxian Wang Haiyan Chang, Zhenghua Wang, Xiaomei Li Input Selection and Rule Generation in Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Protein Structure Prediction
2323 Michael KY Wong Peixun Luo, Fuli Li Dynamics of Gradient-based Learning and Applications to Hyperparameter Estimation
2504 Winson K.Y. Yeung Song Han Revocable Anonymity of Undeniable Signature Scheme
2506 Enzhe Yu Sungzoon Cho Novelty Detection Approach for Keystroke Dynamics Identity Verification
2509 Juhani Pulkkinen Mika Lappalainen, Anna-Maija Häkkinen, Nina Lundbom, Risto A Kauppinen, Yrj?Hiltunen Quantification of Human Brain Metabolites from In Vivo H NMR Magnitude Spectra Using Self-Organising Maps
2514 Hujun Yin Nonlinear Multidimensional Data Projection and Visualisation
2604 Wen-Bo Zhao De-Shuang Huang, Lin Guo Comparative Study Between Radial Basis Probabilistic Neural Networks and Radial Basis Function Neural Networks
2609 Xiangdong Zhou Qi Zhang, Liang Zhang, Li Liu, Baile Shi An Image Retrieval Method Based on Collaborative Filtering
2617 Shanfeng Zhu Qizhi Fang, Xiaotie Deng Metasearch via Voting
2618 Jia He Yong Zeng The impact of the speed of innovation arrival on the innovation adoption timing: The case of two generations of future innovations
2619 Ning Zhong Peculiarity Oriented Mining in Multiple Human Brain Data

Poster Presentation

Paper ID Contact Author Other Author(s) Title
0206 Li Bai Yihui Liu A Face Detector Based on Wavelets and Neural Networks
0214 Joong-Hwan Baek Won Nah, Seung-Bum Hong Automatic Classification and Clustering of Caenorhabditis Elegans Using a Computer Vision System
0215 Hamid Beigy M. R. Meybodi An Adaptive Uniform Fractional Guard Channel Algorithm: A Learning Automata Approach
0220 Jang-Mi Baek Study of United Mileage Agent in E-Commerce
0302 Rowena Chau Yeh Chung-Hsing A Concept-Based Inter-lingua and Its Applications to Multilingual Text and Web Mining
0309 Qingfeng Chen Chengqi Zhang, Shichao Zhang Verifying the Payment Authorization in SET Protocol
0312 Bonnie Kit Yee Chan Wilson Wei Sheng Chu, Lei Xu Empirical Comparision between Two Computational Strategies for Topological Self-Organization
0315 Eun-Kyung Yun Sung-Bae Cho Learning Classifier System for Generating Various Types of Dialogues in Conversational Agent
0317 Sung-Bae Cho Jee-Haeng Lee Learning Neural Network Ensemble for Practical Text Classification
0318 Joshua W Comley Lloyd Allison, Leigh J Fitzgibbon Flexible Decision Trees in a General Data-Mining Environment
0320 Jacky K H Shiu Stephen C F Chan, Korris F L Chung Developing a Directory of Search Engines for Meta-Searching
0324 Cesar Coutino-Gomez Heuristic Methods for Portfolio Selection at the Mexican Stock Exchange
0326 Seongah Chin Filtering of Text Blocks in Web Images
0401 Hao Ding Yun Lin, Bin Liu Towards a Terabyte Digital Library System
0403 Do Phuc Hoang Kiem Classifying Biological Sequences using the Ordered Set Of Frequent Motifs
0607 Leigh J. Fitzgibbon Joshua W. Comley, Lloyd Allison Probability Model Type Sufficiency
0610 Feng Li Shan Feng, Ying Wei An Enhanced Security Model for Mobile Agent System
0706 Guang Dai Lin Zhang, ChangLe Zhou Face Detection Based on Hybrid Approach
0708 Nelly Kasim Chunyan Miao, Angela Goh The Knowledge-base of a B2B e-Commerce Multi-Agent System
0710 Wanwu Guo Anthony Watson A Neural System Prototype for Data Processing using Modified Conjugate Directional Filtering (MCDF)
0816 Li-Sun Shu Shinn-Jang Ho, Shinn-Ying Ho A Novel Orthogonal Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Optimization of Electromagnetic Problems
0817 Min-Huang Ho Yue-Shan Chang, Ming-Chun Cheng, Kuang-Lee Li, Shyan-Ming Yuan "A Unified, Adjustable, and Extractable Biological Data Mining-Broker"
0819 Jia-Sheng Heh Shein-Yun Cheng, Nan-Chao Ma Nested State-transition Graph Model of User Behaviors
0820 SK Tso HK Ho Design of Data-mining Application Software based on Object-oriented Approach
0821 Jae-Jeong Hwang Sang-Gyu Cho, Chi-Gyu Hwang, Jung-Sik Lee Prediction Error Context-based Lossless Compression of Medical Images
0824 Robert J Hilderman Predicting Itemset Sales Profiles with Share Measures and Repeat-Buying Theory
1005 Chaiwat Jassadapakorn Prabhas Chongstitvatana Diversity control to improve convergence rate in genetic algorithms
1008 Javad Abdi Ali Gholipour, Caro Lucas, Ali K Sedigh, Azam Famil Khalili Multi Step Prediction of Solar Activity with ETDLMLP - Emotional Temporal Difference Learning via Multi Layer Perceptron
1102 Minho Kim Gye Hyung Kim, R. S Ramakrishna A Virtual Join Algorithm for Fast Association Rule Mining
1105 Uchida Osamu Ryotaro Kamimura Improving Feature extraction performance of greedy network-growing algorithm
1110 Xiangwei Kong Rufeng Chu, Xiaohui Ba, Ting Zhang, Deli Yang A Perception Evaluation Scheme for Steganography
1111 Heeyong Kwon On-line Signature Verification based on Dynamic Feature Segmentation and 3-step Matching
1113 Kedong Luo Jianmin Wang, Deyi Li, Jiaguang Sun Clustering Individuals in Non-Vector Data and Predicting: A Novel Model-based Approach
1208 Chun-Yan Li Yong-tian Yang Packet Filtering using a Decision Tree Classifier
1209 Paul Lajbcygier Eugene Lim Trading futures markets with the largest equity drawdown method
1210 Chunsheng Li Chengqi Zhang, Zili Zhang A Ring-Based Architectural Model for Middle Agents in Agent-Based System
1211 Raymond Y. K. Lau Belief Revision for Adaptive Recommender Agents in E-commerce
1213 Tai-Lang Jong Chi-Wen Hsieh, Jin-Jang Lin Investigation of ART2-Based Audio-to-Visual Conversion for Multimedia
1214 Huayong Liu A Content-based News Video Browsing and Re-trieval System: NewsBR
1218 Deyi Li Wenyan Gan A Novel Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm based on Data Fields
1220 Yong Hae Kong Dong Ik Oh, Im Yeong Lee, Kyeung Soo Lee An XML Query Mediator
1224 Kevin Lo Richard Coggins Intraday Analysis of Portfolios on the ASX using ICA
1226 Chang Woo Lee Hyun Kang, Kyung Mi Lee, Keechul Jung, Hang Joon Kim Spatiotemporal Restoration of Regions Occluded by Text in Video Sequences
1227 Shinn-Ying Ho Kual-Zheng Lee, Wei-Che Chuang A Non-Parametric Image Segmentation Algorithm Using an Orthogonal Experimental Design Based Hill-Climbing
1234 Vincent CS Lee Linyi Shao A fuzzy multi-criteria decision model for information system security investment
1235 Dae Won Lee Kwang Sik Chung, Hwa Min Lee, Seongbin Park, Young Jun Lee, Heon Chang Yu, Won Gyu Lee Managing Fault Tolerance Information in Multi-agents based Distributed Systems
1237 Wei Li Potential Gains from Global Market Timing Involving Three or More Markets
1238 Hyeong-Taek Park Sang-Seok Lim, Tae-Seung Lee, Sung-Won Choi, Won-Hyuck Choi, Byong-Won Hwang A Qualitative Discriminative Cohort Speakers Method to Reduce Learning Data for MLP-Based Speaker Verification Systems
1239 Jeong-Oog Lee Yo-Han Choi Agent-based Layered Intelligent Information Integration System Using Ontology and Metadata Registry
1240 Jung-Sik Lee Jin-Hee Kim, Dong-Kun Jee, Jae-Jeong Hwang, Ju-Hong Lee Blind Equalization using RBF and HOS
1242 SP Li CI Chou, RS Han, TK Lee A Guided Monte Carlo Approach to Optimization Problems
1310 Shibnath Mukherjee An Optimization Model for Planning and Utilization of Emergency Health Care Services Using Geographic Information Systems
1313 Kyong Do Moon Jeong Seok Park, Ye Ho Shin, Keun Ho Ryu Incremental Condition Evaluation for Active Temporal Rules
1409 Wai Ki Ching Eric S Fung, Michael K. Ng Ng Higher-Order Hidden Markov Models with Applications to DNA sequences
1411 David Taniar Nathalia Devina Widjaya, J. Wenny Rahayu Inheritance Transformation of XML Schemas to Object - Relational Databases
1501 Jesus A Carrasco-Ochoa Trinidad Jose Fco Martinez "Editing and Training for ALVOT, an Evolutionary Approach"
1601 Seong-Bae Park Sohyun Hwang, Byoung-Tak Zhang Classification of the Risk Types of Human Papillomavirus by Decision Trees
1602 Seong-Bae Park Automatic Webpage Classification Enhanced by Unlabeled Data
1607 Jong-Hyun Park Il-Seok Oh Wavelet-based feature extraction from character images
1609 Sukhvinder Singh Panesar W Wang Electricity Forecasting using Neural Networks
1704 Laiyun Qing Weiqiang Wang, Wen Gao Illumination Invariant Shot Boundary Detection
1802 F Rashidi C Lucas, Javad Abdi Applying CBBEL (Context Based Brain Emotional Learning) to SR Motors
1804 Abdul Ghafoor Rao Naveed Iqbal, Shoab Khan Modified Chamfer Matching Algorithm
1805 F Rashidi C Lucas, Javad Abdi Applying CBRL (Context Based Reinforcement Learning) to Multivariable Control of A HVAC System
1806 S Rezvani G Prasad, J Muir, K McCraken An Extended Multivariate Data Visualisation Approach for Interactive Feature Extraction from Manufacturing Data
1904 Shigeo Abe On Invariance of Support Vector Machines
1905 Arno Scharl Determining the Semantic Orientation of Web-based Corpora
1907 P. Deepa Shenoy KG Srinivasa, MP Mithun, KR Venugopal, LM Patnaik Dynamic Subspace Clustering for Very Large High-Dimensional Databases
1909 Janusz Sobecki Ngoc Thanh Nguyen Consensus-based Adaptive Interface Construction for Multiplatform Web Applications
1914 Moon Sun Shin Ki Young Kim, Myung Jin Lee, Ho Sung Moon, Keun Ho Ryu Design and Implementation of Alert Analyzer with Data Mining Engine
1915 Marian S Stachowicz David Lemke Colors in Image Recognition
1916 Kwok Yip Szeto Chiwah Kong Fluctuation in Multi-Agent System of Supermarket Chain Network
1921 Atul Sajjanhar Spatial Information in Histograms for Shape Representation
1922 Atul Sajjanhar Grid Based Method for Ranking Images with Multiple Objects
1925 S Arbeleche MAH Dempster, EA Medova, GWP Thompson, M Villaverde Portfolio Management for Pension Funds
1928 Kah Phooi Seng Kai Ming Tse, Ee Hui Lim Adaptive Lyapunov Theory-based Fuzzy Neural Network For Nonlinear Adaptive Prediction of Nonstationary Signals
1929 Kwang Mong Sim Weng Hong Sun Multiple Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Load Balancing
2011 David Taniar Hema Sharda, Sushant Goel Asynchronous Messaging Using Message-Oriented-Middleware
2014 Choh Man Teng From Competing Associations to Justifiable Inferences
2018 Kamrul Hasan Talukder Md. Khademul Islam Molla, Md. Altab Hossain Line Chart Recognition and Data Extraction Technique
2202 Estivill-Castro Vladimir Lovell Nathan Improved Object Recognition -- The RoboCup 4-Legged League
2311 Ching-Tang Hsieh Chia-Yi Chen, Yeh-Kuang Wu People Tracking System Using Principal Component Analysis and Kalman Filter
2313 Frank Wang Na Helian List Representation Applied to Sparse Datacubes for Data Warehousing and Data Mining
2317 Juyang Weng Yilu Zhang, Wey-Shiuan Hwang A Fast Algorithm for Incremental Principal Component Analysis
2319 Keqiang Wu Resit Sendang, David J. Lilja Exploring Memory Access Regularity in Pointer-Intensive Application Programs
2502 Xiaowei Yan Chengqi Zhang, Zhang Shichao A Database Independent Approach of Mining Association Rules with Genetic Algorithm
2503 Qixiang Ye Wen Gao, Wei Zeng, Tao Zhang, Weiqiang Wang, Yang Liu Objectionable Image Recognition System in Compressed Domain
2511 Kevin CW Chen Discovering Process Models from Execution History by Graph Matching
2513 Ying Wei Feng Li Case-based Reasoning: An Intelligent Approach Applied for Financial Crises Warning
2601 Zhang Liang Zhang Zhe Constructing UML Galaxy Diagram for Conceptual Data Integration in Web Mining
2603 David Zhang Bin Li, Kuanquan Wang On-Line Signature Verification for E-Finance and E-Commerce Security System
2606 Zhenyue Zhang Hongyuan Zha Nonlinear Dimension Reduction via Local Tangent Space Alignment
2613 Feng Zhang Daniel Apley MLPCA Based Logistical Regression Analysis for Pattern Clustering in Manufacturing Processes
2614 Aijun Zhang Zhili Wu, Chun-Hung Li, Kai-Tai Fang On Hadamard-Type Output Coding in Multiclass Learning
2616 Kang Zhang Yu Qian, Jiannong Cao Graph-Based Data Clustering: Criteria and a Customizable Approach