JIANG Jiaxin(蒋家鑫)


Professor Byron CHOI


Currently I am a Ph.D. student of Database Group at HKBU. My supervisor is Professor Byron CHOI.

Before that, I obtained B.Eng. Degree in Computer Science in 2015 from Taishan College, Shandong University. (Taishan College is the so-called "pilot class" led by MOE which intakes only 15 students from 10,000 freshmen per year.)


  1. ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award, 2017.
  2. ACM SIGMOD Best Paper Award, 2017.
  3. VLDB Best Demo Award, 2017.


  1. J. Jiang, P. Yi, B. Choi, Z. Zhang and X. Yu. Privacy-Preserving Reachability Query Services for Massive Networks. CIKM 2016. [slide][pdf]
  2. Wenfei Fan, Yinghui Wu, Jingbo Xu, Wenyuan Yu, Jiaxin Jiang, Zeyu Zheng, Bohan Zhang, Yang Cao and Chao Tian.
    Parallelizing Sequential Graph Computations. ACM SIGMOD Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD), 2017.[pdf][poster] (the Best Paper Award)
  3. Wenfei Fan, Jingbo Xu, Yinghui Wu, Wenyuan Yu, Jiaxin Jiang GRAPE: Parallelizing Sequential Graph Computations. The 43rd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), demo, 2017.[pdf] (the Best Demo Award)
  4. Wenfei Fan, Yang Cao, Jingbo Xu, Wenyuan Yu, Yinghui Wu, Chao Tian, Jiaxin Jiang,Bohan Zhang From Think Parallel to Think Sequential. SIGMOD Record, 2018.[pdf] (SIGMOD 2017 Research Highlight Award)
  5. X. Huang, J. Jiang, B. Choi, J. Xu, Z. Zhang and Y. Song. PP-DBLP: real-world datasets of public-private collaboration networks on DBLP. ICDM 2018 (Workshop). [data][pdf]


  • Public-Private networks
  • Dbpedia
  • Yago
  • Teaching

    1. COMP7810 Business Intelligence(Spring 2017) Teaching Assistant
    2. COMP4096 Business Intelligence and Decision Support(Spring 2017) Teaching Assistant
    3. COMP7800 Analytic Models in IT Management(Fall 2017) Teaching Assistant
    4. COMP4007 Software Design, Development(Fall 2017) Teaching Assistant
    5. COMP7810 Business Intelligence(Spring 2018) Teaching Assistant
    6. COMP4096 Business Intelligence and Decision Support(Spring 2018) Teaching Assistant
    7. COMP4007 Software Design, Development(Fall 2018) Teaching Assistant
    8. COMP4007 Software Design, Development(Spring 2019) Teaching Assistant


      • Badminton, Jogging, Reading, Coding
      - I won "Shandong University Cup" in 2013.

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