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Report of 10th PG Day

The Postgraduate Research Symposium (PG Day) is an essential event in our department, which provides a formal way for postgraduate students to present and share their research ideas, works, and experiences. This year the 10th (PG Day) was carried out on 31st August & 1st September, 2009.

There were totally 18 papers coming from the PhD and MPhil candidates of the department. Presentation was carried through as single track which covers Pattern Recognition, Information System, Data Mining, Database, Networking and Optimization. We also had a keynote talk named as "You Can Build a Smarter Planet", given by Jenny Li from IBM, and a distinguished lecture named as "How Precise Documentation Allows Information Hiding to Reduce Software Complexity and Increase its Agility", given by Prof. David Lorge Parnas from University of Limerick & McMaster University.


Jenny Li from IBM, giving a keynote talk

Prof. David Lorge Parnas, giving a distinguished lecture

In this symposium, Mr. Xia Shang won the best paper award and the best presentation award. Finally, the PG Day organizing committee thanks the active participation of the faculty members and the postgraduate students, it is their effort that makes this symposium a successful event.

Mr.Xia Shang
(Winner of Best Paper Award & Best Presentation Award)