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Report of 11th PG Day

The Postgraduate Research Symposium (PG Day) is an essential event in our department, which provides a formal way for research postgraduate students to present and share their research ideas, skills, works, and experiences. This year the 11th (PG Day) was carried out on 15th & 16th March, 2010.

Prof. Liu giving a welcome speech for the symposium

There were totally 26 papers coming from the PhD and MPhil candidates of the department. Presentations were carried through as double-track which cover Pattern Recognition & Computer Vision, Information System, Data Mining, Database, Networking and Optimization. We also had a distinguished lecture named as " Product Form Solutions for Stochastic Networks: Discovery or Invention? ", given by Prof. Prof. Erol Gelenbe, Professor in the Dennis Gabor Chair, Imperial College London.

Prof. Gelenbe giving the distinguished lecture

In this symposium, Mr. Zou Weiwen won the best paper award and the best presentation award, while Mr. Huang Lailei won the best reviewer award. Finally, the PG Day organizing committee thanks the active participation of the faculty members and the postgraduate students, it is their effort that makes this symposium a successful event.

Best Paper & Best Presentation Best Reviewer
Best Paper and Best Presentation Awards
Best Reviewer Avard

Some Numbers are reported as follows,

26 totally we reveived 26 papers from Ph.D and MPhil students
22 we received 22 reviews from student reviewers
82 we collected 82 evalution forms from staff
30 more than 30 PRg students participated
13 13 peer evaluation forms are collected