Department of Computer Science HKBU

Postgraduate Research Symposium (PG Day) is targeted to keep track of students’ research progress and enhance their performance, as well as allowing them to share ideas among professors and students. The 2022 25th PG Day will be held on June 17 (Friday), 2022.

In 2022, the event is compulsory for ALL full-time Ph.D. students within normal study period. Each student is required to submit a paper to report her/his research progress, and present her/his research work on PG day in form of presentation.

  • Report: the student is required to submit a report to summarize her/his research progress in the past one year. The requirements for students in year 1, year 2 and year 3+ are different. Please find details here.
  • Presentation: the student is required to present her/his report on PG day. Notice that this year there will be a Q&A session for each student, which covers around half of presentation time. You will be asked by three panel members. The suggested rundown of your presentation is listed here.