Conference Venue

Map of Conference Venue

Conference delegates can reach the conference venue from airport by (1) MTR, (2) bus, and (3) taxi. More details about these three means are given in the following. For delegates coming from Mainland, taking the KCR train should be the best choice. For delegates who take MTR and KCR train, you need to get off at Tsim Sha Tsui station and the conference venue is within walking distance.

Octopus Cards -- The Easy Way to Travel

Most public transport requires exact change and that's why we recommend that you get an Octopus card. This electronic stored-value card is just like money and is accepted on most public transport including buses, minibuses, trains, ferries, the Peak Tram, and some taxis. It's even accepted at convenience stores and fast food restaurants. To pay a fare, simply place the Octopus card on the reader located next to the fare box and the fare gets deducted electronically. A new Octopus card includes a refundable HK$50 deposit. Any leftover money is also refunded when you return the card. Ask for it at the Airport Express Customer Service Counters on Level 5 of the Hong Kong International Airport, and the cards are also available at most public transport customer service centres.

From Airport to Conference Venue by MTR
(Equivalent to Subway (US) / Underground (UK) / Metro)

Route 1: Airport -> Tsim Sha Tsui (by MTR)
               Tsim Sha Tsui -> Langham Hotel Hong Kong (by foot)

Airport - Tsing Yi
Ticket Fare HK$ 60 (Octopus) / HK$ 60 (Single Journey Ticket)
Min. Travelling Time 12 min
Interchange Stations No Interchange Station

Tsing Yi - Tsim Sha Tsui
Ticket Fare Free* (Octopus) / HK$ 9 (Single Journey Ticket)
Min. Travelling Time 22 min**
Interchange Stations Lai King

Route 2: Airport -> Kowloon (by MTR)
               Kowloon -> Langham Hotel Hong Kong (by Airport Express Shuttle)

Airport - Kowloon
Ticket Fare HK$ 90 (Octopus) / HK$ 90 (Single Journey Ticket)
Min. Travelling Time 20 min
Interchange Stations No Interchange Station

In Kowloon station, go to exit B then you can take the K3 shuttle and destined at Langham Hotel Hong Kong.

Kowloon - Langham Hotel Hong Kong
Ticket Fare Free (Octopus) / Free (Single Journey Ticket)

* With the Octopus, you will enjoy free MTR connections as long as you have usable value on the card and that you travel on the MTR and Airport Express within one hour of each other.

** The overhead time for the whole trip (eg. waiting time in interchange stations) is around 15 - 20 mins.

For more information, please visit or

From Airport to Conference Venue by Taxi

Taxi stands are located on the north side of the Ground Transportation Centre (the left-hand ramp if you are leaving from the Arrivals Hall). By Taxi, you can simply show the driver the map of conference venue. In Hong Kong, there are 3 types of taxis, but only the Urban Taxis (red) can reach the conference venue. Including the bridge toll HK$30, the fare from Airport to Langham Hotel is around * HK $300 , baggage will be charged exclusively (not more than HK $5 each piece). Participants can ask for receipts from the taxi driver before the payment. In addition, fare bargain is not allowed in Hong Kong. Please click for more information.

* Subject to traffic condition, and Octopus is only applicable for some taxis.