The conference series of RTCSA started at 1994 and had become one of the major international conferences in the areas of embedded and real-time system and applications. RTCSA 2015 is the 21st in the conference series and the 3rd time RTCSA is to be held in Hong Kong.

RTCSA 2015 is technically sponsored by IEEE and will bring together researchers and developers from academia and industry for advancing the technology of embedded and real-time systems, and their emerging applications. The conference has the following goals: to investigate advances in embedded and real-time systems and system design practice and emerging applications; to promote interaction among the areas of embedded computing, real-time computing and system design practice and emerging applications; to evaluate the maturity and directions of embedded and real-time system and system design practice and emerging applications technology such as ubiquitous computing and Internet of Things.

Furthermore, there are two more IEEE International conferences co-locating with RTCSA 2015 and they are CPSNA 2015 and NVMSA 2015. Both are up rising IEEE conferences on specific areas of emerging technologies. While CPSNA attracts researchers working at Cyber Physical Systems, networks and their related applications, NVMSA aims at providing a exchange platform for researchers and developers for non-volatile memory system and applications.

RTCSA 2015 together with CPSNA 2015 and NVMSA 2015 will be a 3-day event hosted by the Department of Computer Science (CSD) and the Research Centre for Ubiquitous Computing (RCUC). Although the three conferences each have their own specific topics, they also share common research interest such that we will have joint-conference keynote sessions at the start of each day. After the keynote speech, the conference will break into multiple tracks for presentations and discussion. RTCSA 2015 will continue to have 3 technical tracks namely: Embedded Systems; Real-Time Systems; and System Design and Emerging Technologies & Applications; On the other hand, CPSNA 2015 will hold a single track on Cyber Physical System and related technology, and NVMSA 2015 will work on everything on non-volatile memory systems.

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