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The topics and areas to be addressed include, but not limited to:

Autonomy-Oriented Computing (AOC)

Agent-Based Complex Systems Modeling and Development
Agent-Based Simulation
Autonomy-Oriented Modeling and Computation Methods
Behavioral Self-Organization
Complex Behavior Characterization and Engineering
Emergent Behavior
Hard Computational Problem Solving
Self-Organized Criticality
Self-Organized Intelligence
Swarm Intelligence
Nature-Inspired Paradigms

Autonomous Knowledge and Information Agents

Agent-Based Distributed Data Mining
Agent-Based Knowledge Discovery And Sharing
Autonomous Information Services
Distributed Knowledge Systems
Emergent Natural Law Discovery in Multi-Agent Systems
Evolution of Knowledge Networks
Human-Agent Interaction
Information Filtering Agents
Knowledge Aggregation
Knowledge Discovery
Ontology-Based Information Services

Agent Systems Modeling and Methodology

Agent Interaction Protocols
Cognitive Architectures
Cognitive Modeling of Agents
Emotional Modeling
Fault-Tolerance in Multi-Agent Systems
Formal Framework for Multi-Agent Systems
Information Exchanges in Multi-Agent Systems
Learning and Self-Adaptation in Multi-Agent Systems
Mobile Agent Languages and Protocols
Multi-Agent Autonomic Architectures
Multi-Agent Coordination Techniques
Multi-Agent Planning and Re-Planning
Peer-to-Peer Models for Multi-Agent Systems
Reinforcement Learning
Social Interactions in Multi-Agent Systems
Task-Based Agent Context
Task-Oriented Agents

Distributed Problem Solving

Agent-Based Grid Computing
Agent Networks in Distributed Problem Solving
Collective Group Behavior
Coordination and Cooperation
Distributed Intelligence
Dynamics of Agent Groups and Populations
Efficiency and Complexity Issues
Market-Based Computing
Problem-Solving in Dynamic Environments
Distributed Search

Autonomous Auctions and Negotiation

Agent-Based Marketplaces
Auction Markets
Combinatorial Auctions
Hybrid Negotiation
Integrative Negotiation
Mediating Agents
Pricing Agents
Thin Double Auctions


Agent-Based Assistants
Agent-Based Virtual Enterprise
Embodied Agents and Agent-Based Systems Applications
Interface Agents
Knowledge and Data Intensive Systems
Perceptive Animated Interfaces
Social Simulation
Socially Situated Planning
Software and Pervasive Agents
Tools and Standards
Ubiquitous Systems and E-Technology Agents
Ubiquitous Software Services
Virtual Humans
XML-Based Agent Systems

Web Intelligence Consortium