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The topics and areas to be addressed include, but not limited to:

World Wide Wisdom Web (W4)

Distributed Resources Optimization
Goal-Directed Services Support
Information and Knowledge Markets
Knowledge Community Formation and Support
Meta-Knowledge Discovery and Representation
New Social Interaction Paradigms
Problem Solver Markup Language (PSML)
Regularities and Laws of W4
Search of Best Means and Ends
Service Self-Aggregation
Social and Psychological Contexts
Web Inference Engine

Social Networks and Social Intelligence

Knowledge Community Formation and Support
Link Topology and Site Hierarchy
Intelligent Wireless Web
Social Networks Mining
Theories of Small-World Web
Ubiquitous Computing
Ubiquitous Learning Systems
Virtual and Web Communities
Web-Based Cooperative Work
Web Site Clustering

Knowledge Grids and Grid Intelligence

Brokering and Scheduling
Knowledge Resources and Services Discovery
Middleware Architectures and Tools
On-Demand Planning and Routing
Semantic Grids

Web Mining and Farming

Context Sensitive Web Mining
E-Mail Classification
Data Warehousing
Learning User Profiles
Multimedia Data Mining
Mining Data Streams
Text Mining
Web Farming and Warehousing
Web Content Mining
Web Information Clustering
Web Information Indexing
Web Log and Usage Mining
Web Page Clustering and Mining
Web Site Classification

Semantics and Ontology Engineering

Ontology-Based Information Extraction and Retrieval
Ontology-Based Web Mining
Web-Based Ontology Learning
Semantic Web

Web Agents

Agent Networks and Topologies
Distributed Problem Solving
Global Information Foraging
Macroscopic Behavior Modeling
Mobile Agents
Remembrance Agents
Resource Intermediary and Coordination Mechanisms
Self-Organization and Reproduction
Trust Models for Web Agents

Web Services

Middleware-Based Ubiquitous Services
Service-Oriented Computing
Web Service Reconfiguration
Web Service Workflow Composition
Grid Services

Web Information Filtering and Retrieval

Automatic Cataloging and Indexing
Clustering-Based Recommender Systems
Collaborative Filtering
Digital Library
Distributed Web Search
Hybrid Recommendation
Information Retrieval Criteria and Evaluations
Proxy and Cache Techniques
Search Engines and Meta-search Engines
Specifications for Web Information Extraction Process
Web Crawling Systems
Web Information Categorization and Ranking
Web Prediction and Prefetching

Intelligent Human-Web Interaction

Adaptive Web Interfaces
Context-Aware Computing
Learning User Profiles
Multimedia Representation
Personalized Interfaces
Personalized Web Sites
Social and Psychological Issues
Visualization of Information and Knowledge

Web Support Systems

Information Retrieval Support Systems
Web Site Navigation Support Systems
Recommender Support Systems
Soft Computing (including neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, rough sets, and granular computing) and Uncertainty Management for WI
Web-Based Decision Support Systems

Intelligent E-Technology

Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation
Business Intelligence
Decentralized Community Communication Techniques
E-Business and E-Commerce
Intelligent Enterprise Portals
Web-Based Direct Marketing and CRM
Web-Based EDI
Web Security, Integrity, Privacy and Trust

Web Intelligence Consortium