21 April, 2011: Workshop Location: LT7 Level 3, Cheng Yu Tung Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
1 Feburary, 2011: Five papers are accepted by the workshop.
1 Feburary, 2011: The workshop co-organizers are pleased to announce that Dr. Lei Chen from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will be the keynote speaker at GDB 2011.

Call for Papers

Recent applications on graph-structured data, for example, biological and chemical databases, social networks, business process models, the Semantic Web and XML, have sparked a renewed interest on graph-structured databases. The GDB workshop targets at bringing academic and industrial researchers together to share their knowledge and opinions on visions, challenges and solutions on graph-structured databases. The workshop solicits original research contributions, reports on prototype systems, reports on industrial experience, position paper and vision paper on a wide range of topics of graph-structured databases.

The main topics of interest covered by the workshop include, but certainly not limited to:

  • Query models and languages for graph-structured data
  • Performance optimization in graph-structured databases
  • Graph pattern matching
  • Mining graph-structured data
  • Querying graph-structured data streams
  • Querying the Semantic Web (RDF) graphs, ontologies or social networks
  • Keyword search on graph-structured data
  • Graph-structured databases on modern architecture
  • Querying distributed and/or heterogeneous graph-structured data
  • Query visualization and interactive interfaces for graph-structured data
  • Querying biological or chemical databases
  • Applications of graph data management including Business Process Management and geometrical information systems