Call for Global Innovators!

About COVID19 Virtual Hack & Design Challenge (VHDC-COVID19)

Virtual Hack and Design Challenge 2020 (VHDC2020) will set the stage for innovation and brings global wisdom together, calling on teams consisting of students with their mentors from various backgrounds to develop ways to address Covid-19 crisis, empower our community and improve people’s quality of life.

Guided by mentors and facilitators, in a 48-hours time span, participants are expected to learn and apply emerging skills of design, digital, art, media and communication, business, education and others, to design solutions and deploy innovation-driven projects addressing current crisis, planning ahead and to bring value and impact to community through an innovative way.

Participants can choose/propose your own topics and do a mini project together related but not limited to:

  • During Covid-19

  • How might we

    • make virtual more human?
    • keep physical distancing while enhancing social emotion connection?
    • flatten the curve (slow virus spread)?
    • … and more
  • After Covid-19

    • Re-imagine future education or work style
    • Resume business activities quickly
    • Re-establish social connections
    • … and more
  • Next Pandemic

    • Strategic planning
    • Prediction and prevention
    • Global collaboration
    • … and more

Participants can choose/propose your own topics and do a mini project together related but not limited to:


#visualization #dashboard

#game #chatbot

#website #App #drawing #poster #banner

#video #animation #news

#music #performance #poetry

#slogan #WhatsAppStickers

… and more

Join Us

Unique Opportunity to work with global talents and professionals together at HKBU cross different time zones, to share global wisdom, impactful insights, discover opportunities, unleash your potential of creativity.

Application deadline: ** 22 April 2020 **

Event Schedule

Friday, April. 24 

(Hong Kong Time)
15:00-17:00 Kick-off, Energizer
Design Thinking Workshop: Design Remote Collaboration
Programme Briefing
Team formation
17:00-18:00 Team Building | Brainstorming
18:00-23:00 Hacking | Workshops | Mentoring (depends on team)
23:00-... Hacking

Saturday, April. 25 

(Hong Kong Time)
09:00-09:30Virtual Coffee | Connect to Taiwan Offline Teams
15:00-15:30Virtual Tour - the Windows of the World
Progress Sharing: Online-Offline Teams (Taiwan)
15:30-19:00Hacking | Mentoring
19:00-20:00Virtual Tour - the Dishes of the World

Sunday, April. 26

(Hong Kong Time)
09:00-09:30Virtual Coffee | Connect to Taiwan Offline Team
12:00-14:00Virtual Meal/Snacks with Mentors
15:00-15:30Virtual tour - the innovator faces of the World
15:30-17:00Final run run run! Submission
17:00-20:00Project Gallery Show
Judges Review | Public Vote | Peer Comments
Judges Deliberation
20:00-21:30Awards Announcement
Celebration “Bring your own Meal/Snacks/Drinks”

Mentors and Judges


Dr. Albert Chau

Vice-President (Teaching and Learning)


Prof. Alfredo Milani

Associate Professor Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Perugia, Italy


Mr. Allan Wong

Director of IT Office, Hong Kong Baptist University



Senior Lecturer & UGC Teaching Fellow (2019)
Department of Government & International Studies
Programme Coordinator of European Studies Programme (German Stream),
Hong Kong Baptist University


Ms. Anna Choi

Head of Digitalization, Schindler
TED Speaker


Ms. Daisy Chan

Registered Social Worker
Youth Work Officer, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups


Ms. Didi Wei

Founder at DiChat Consulting Limited


Mr. Donny Siu

Head of Entrepreneurship Center, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


Dr. Henry Ma

Associate Dean, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Mr. Howard Mijares

Experience Designer and Consultant Facilitator (UX Strategy, Service Design & Innovation Product Development),
Emirates Airlines Group, Dubai


Ms. Jah Ying Chung

Co-Founder, User Researcher and Business Designer, The Good Growth Co.


Dr. James Wesley Cheng

Specialist in Paediatrics, Hong Kong


Dr. Jeffrey CF Ho

Assistant Professor, School of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Mr. Johnny Lo

Career Trainer, Social Entrepreneur
Assistant Manager (Student Development)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Ms. Kelly Yim

Actuary by profession, Founder of WeCareBill

Facilitator, Mentor

Prof. Kumiyo Nakakoji

Professor, Department of Media Architecture, School of System Information Science Future University Hakodate, Japan


Mr. Kyrus Siu

Director of Greater China, The Social Investment Consultancy


Ms. Laura Polomba

Founder of Salsaloca Dancing and Fitness School


Mr. Leslie Leung

Future-ready Skill Leader,
Microsoft Hong Kong


Ms. Lok Chi Tsang

Hong Kong Outstanding Youth Volunteer
Member of Youth Service Advisory Committee, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Past District Rotaract Representative, Rotary International District 3450


Ms. Lucia Choi

Consultant, Global Development Incubator


Mr. Marco Mencacci

Healthcare Senior IT Project Manager, Perugia Hospital, Italy


Dr. Meng-Fen Grace Lin

Associate Professor, Department of Learning Design and Technology, University of Hawaii-Manoa, USA


Mr. Nicholas Ooi

Lead of Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative, Lingnan University, Hong Kong


Dr. Pamela Tin

Head of Healthcare & Social Development Research, Our Hong Kong Foundation


Ms. Veronica Fung

Title Head of Global Markets New Client Onboarding, Vice President, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking
Member Board of Directors, FinTech Association of Hong Kong


Prof. YB Yeung

Adjunct Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University
Former Regional Chief Information Officer (CIO) for HSBC Asia Pacific

Facilitator, Mentor

Dr. Yusuke Kita

Associate Professor, Nagaoka Institute of Design, Japan


Dr. Zelda Fabbri

Medical Doctor, Emergency Department, Perugia Hospital, Italy


Design Thinking: Design Remote Collaboration

Dr Kristen Yuanxi Li

Lecturer, Associate Programme Director of MSc in ITM, HKBU

News sourcing, verification, and fact-checking in the digital age

Dr Xinzhi Zhang

Assistant Professor, Director of MSc in AI and Digital Media

Service Design and Innovation Management

Dr Chia-Han YANG

Associate Professor, Institute of Creative Industries Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Social Network Analysis and Visualization using Gephi

Dr Paolo Mengoni

Visiting Scholar, School of Communication, HKBU

Leverage the power of R

Dr Vincent Wang

Research Assistant Professor, Associate Director of MSc in AI and Digital Media, HKBU

Data visualization and analysis

Dr Xiaoyi Fu

Lecturer, Department of Journalism, Course Instructor of MSc in AI and Digital Media, HKBU

Professional communication strategies

Dr Nancy Guo

Lecturer, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Rapid mobile application development with NativeScript-Vue

Dr Martin Man Ting Choy

Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, HKBU

Tips for public speaking

Ms. Fan Fei

Lecturer, College of International Education, Hong Kong Baptist University

More workshop coming soon

Resources and References

[Click here to access Resources and References]

Organizers & Partners:

Organizing Committee

Dr. William Cheung

Department of Computer Science, HKBU, Hong Kong

Dr. Xinzhi Zhang

Department of Journalism, School of Communication, HKBU, Hong Kong

Prof. Alfredo Milani

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, UNIPG, Italy

Ms. Cindy Chan

Centre for Innovative Service-Learning, HKBU, Hong Kong

Dr. Paolo Mengoni

Department of Journalism, School of Communication, HKBU, Hong Kong

Prof. Chia-Han Yang

Institute of Creative Industries Design, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Dr. Kristen Yuanxi Li

Department of Computer Science, HKBU, Hong Kong

Dr. Martin Choy

Department of Computer Science, HKBU, Hong Kong

Prof. Huang Chung-Ching

College X, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan


Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) University of Perugia, Italy National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
COMP, HKBU Communication School, HKBU Centre of Innovative Service Learning, HKBU Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, UniPG


Microsoft Nagaoka Institute of Design, Japan Future University Hakodate, Japan Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg), Germany University for Foreigners of Perugia, Italy Ritsumeikan University, Japan University of Hawaii Manoa Learning Design & Technology (LTEC) HKUST HackUST Lingnan University Lingnan University Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) HKBU CHTL HKBU Library HKBU International Office



Prize and Awards

Digital Certificate (for your CV)

Cash Awards

Media publication

full time internship positions (data analytics, Apps development, social media management, project assistant) @ Academic & IT Units of HKBU

First Prize x 1 | Second Prize x 2 | Third Prize x3

Special Prizes:

Best AI and Digital Media Innovative Award

Best Technology and Business Management Innovation Award

Best Arts and Innovation Award

Best Social Impact

The final deliveries of this event is unlimited, and it could be an interactive project, a news story, a video, a prototype, a computer application, a game, and so on. art work (drawing, poster, banner). However, all the deliverables should be within one of the below four categories:

  1. Apps (including: Apps prototype, dashboard, online interactive system),
  2. News story (including all types of non-fictional news stories, data-driven investigating report, long-form reporting, multimedia and multiplatform journalistic works)
  3. Art works (including all types of art works)
  4. Very creative category

Judging Criteria

The core 5 indicators are:

  • 20% insight. demonstrate your understanding of your target user group/industry and their pain points.
  • 20% innovation and creativity. demonstrate how your project contribution and what’s your innovation compared with your competitors.
  • 20% impact. demonstrate how your project will influence the community, society or industry.
  • 20% Depends on different category: Value of Art, Business or Technology and so on. (e.g. Data category looks at Data collection, data visualization, and how you use data to demonstrate your ideas…)
  • 20% Presentation, content, timing management, team skill diversity.

Submission Checklist and Important Time Points

Sunday, April. 26

(Hong Kong Time)
17:00 Final work submission, checklist:
  1. [required] A A3 size Poster promote your project to public in .jpg format
  2. [required] The demonstration/presentation video.mp4 (must be video format, including all the members in the video, in mp4 format, 3 min maximum)
  3. [required] Group photos.jpg (should include all the group members in any creative way).
  4. [required] Source files (news report, code, URLs, references, etc)

[optional] Any other supporting documents

Details of submission methods will be announced soon.

17:00-20:00 Panel review and discussion
20:00 Results announced


If you'd like to know more, don't hesitate to reach us at 3411-2385 /