JUPAS Code: JS2510

The general aim of BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, with accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers^, is to prepare students for a career in computer science or information technology related areas. Students will be equipped to work in the Information and Communication Technology industry or pursue postgraduate study in Hong Kong or abroad. Graduates of this programme will have learnt how to learn and, have the skills and confidence to meet the challenges in the rapidly changing information technology world.

This programme offers four concentrations of study #:

CST Computing and Software Technologies

The CST concentration equips students with concepts, principles and practices of computing and software technologies to contribute to technological innovations.

ISA Information Systems and Analytics

The ISA concentration equips students with knowledge and practices of information systems design, development and integration, as well as information analytics skills for creative applications in real-world organizations.

AI Artificial Intelligence

The AI concentration is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to participate in AI-related projects using computational methods.

DMC Data and Media Communication

DMC is an interdisciplinary concentration co-offered with the Department of Journalism, School of Communication. It emphasizes both data analytics and journalistic principles and skills for media organizations as well as related industries.

^ Full accreditation has been granted for CST concentration, ISA concentration, AI concentration and double concentrations (CST+ DMC, ISA+DMC and AI+DMC).
# Double Concentration Options: CST / ISA / AI students are eligible to take DMC as the second concentration. Additional double concentrations are available (for Year 3 students from the 2024-2025 Academic Year onwards).

Programme Features

Professional Recognition - Accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) ^   

Computer science degrees accredited by the HKIE are recognized by the Seoul Accord signatories, which include Australia, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States. For details, please click here.

^Applicable to graduates of CST concentration, ISA concentration, AI concentration and double concentrations (CST+ DMC, ISA+DMC and AI+DMC).

Solid curriculum referenced with IEEE and ACM recommended curricula  

The curriculum is designed with reference to the international IEEE and ACM model curriculums to ensure Computer Science and Information Systems training of international standard. Students will be well-prepared for both working in industry or pursuing postgraduate study in Hong Kong and other countries.

Summer Internship & 1-year Placement Option  

Students could practice what they have learnt from classes and gain IT work experiences prior to graduation in summer internship. Students who wish to get more industry experience and practical training may engage in an IT-related job for one year after completing year 3 of study.

Diversified Overseas Outreach Opportunities  

To help students explore cultures and workspace practices in different countries, the department organizes summer study tours, overseas summer internship, overseas exchange (1-semester / 1-year) and summer research programme.

Numerous Scholarships Opportunities  

Besides University and Faculty, the department offer different scholarships exclusive for our students, including Undergraduate Scholarship in Computer Science, Scholarship for Computer Science Non-JUPAS School Recommendation Scheme, Outstanding Student Scholarship, Computer Science Department Alumni Scholarship, Undergraduate Overseas Summer Research Scholarship Scheme and Concentration Award in CST/ISA/DMC/AI. We also offer scholarship for students with financial needs to join our outreach programmes.

Caring Culture  

Since establishment, the Computer Science Department (CSD) has built up a caring culture. It is our goal that at CSD, teaching and learning are not just uni-directional delivery of knowledge. Instead, we are here to provide education and support on both academic and non-academic aspects to our students. By the implementation of the following measures, we are trying to nurture all-rounded future leaders:

Mentoring Programme: Each student is assigned a professor as his/her mentor for immediate advices via formal (e.g., individual consultation) and informal (e.g., lunch gathering) means.

Peer Tutor Programme: Aiming to build networks among students, senior students are recruited as peer tutors to help freshmen better adapt to the new environment.

Year Tutor Programme: Each class of students is assigned a professor as their year tutor. When the students encounter any problems, they can contact their class tutor for immediate advice and help. Each class tutor will also monitor the progress of her/his class of students, and provides advice whenever it is necessary.

Student-staff Consultation Meetings: As a generic open communication platform, we hold student-staff consultation meetings to facilitate free opinion exchange on various aspects of teaching and learning for further improvement.

Major Programme Selection

In Year 1 Semester 2, students admitted to Year 1 of Bachelor of Science (JS2510) programme may select Computer Science as their major programme subjected to the Selection Criteria.

Concentration Selection

In Year 2 Semester 2, Computer Science major students will choose their concentration. Besides choosing one concentration, students may choose double concentrations ( CST+DMC / ISA+DMC / AI+DMC).