Year 1 Admissions

For students admitted to Year 1, they are admitted on a Faculty basis and they will and exposed to a list of "Year 1 Science and Technology courses" before declaring major programme. Please refer to Bachelor of Science programme offered by Faculty of Science.

Year 3 Admissions (Senior Year Entrants)

Admission Requirements (JS2510-CS-CST / JS2510-CS-ISA / JS2510-CS-AI / JS2510-CS-DMC)

Applicants fulfilling the following requirements may apply for direct admission to Year 3 of BSc (Hons) in Computer Science Programme in 2023-2024:
  1. Final year students or graduates of sub-degree programmes and degree holders; or
  2. Transfer students who have completed at least one year of study of a 3-year degree programme or two years of study of a 4-year degree programme.

How to Apply

Programme Details

Study Plan

Study plans are prepared for applicants who are admitted to Year 3 study on individual basis.
Study plan samples are available for reference.

Summer Programme for Senior Year Entrants

To facilitate senior year entrants to participate in the exchange programme / internship training and to lighten their study load in normal semesters, Summer Programme is held around July. Details of Summer Programme can be found at

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