Mobile Biometrics: Trends and Issues

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Mobile biometrics is useful when a handheld or movable identifying solution is needed. More recently, smart phones provide built-in biometric solutions for unlocking a phone and extend their usages in FinTech, IoT and Healthcares, In this lecture, trends on mobile biometrics are introduced with some empirical works in implementing multiple mobile biometrics. Mobile iris and fingerprint recognition will be discussed more in detail, and empirical works on phone include touchless fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and touchless palmprint recognition.


Prof. Jaihie Kim is a professor at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University in South Korea. Prof. Kim's general research interests include biometrics, pattern recognition and computer vision. Specifically, some of his recent research topics include mobile fingerprint recognition, mobile iris recognition, fake biometrics detection, 2D-to-3D face modeling and face age estimation/synthesis. Prof. Kim is the author of many international technical journals and conferences which can be found at '', and Prof. Kim is a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, and an Emeritus President of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea.

Jaihie Kim

Jaihie Kim
Yonsei University, Korea