IAPR/IEEE Winter School on Biometrics 2019

Fingerprint Recognition

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This lecture introduces fingerprint recognition in a top-down fashion. Some general schemes are provided to explain the overall architecture of a fingerprint recognition system. Then, the main components (acquisition device, feature extraction, and matching) are discussed in detail. Different state-of-the-art approaches are presented and compared, and the most critical difficulties in fingerprint recognition are pointed out. Hot topics like fully automatic latent fingerprint processing with deep learning approaches are also introduced. Examples and demos of several techniques are shown during the lecture to better explain the main concepts.


Davide Maltoni is a Full Professor at University of Bologna (Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering - DISI). He teaches "Computer Architectures" and "Machine Learning" at University of Bologna, Cesena. Davide Maltoni's research interests are in the area of Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience. In particular, he is active in the field of Biometric Systems (fingerprint recognition, face recognition, hand recognition, performance evaluation of biometric systems). Davide Maltoni is co-director of the Biometric Systems Laboratory (BioLab), which is internationally known for its research and publications in the field. Several original techniques have been proposed by BioLab team for fingerprint feature extraction, matching and classification, for hand shape verification, for face location and for performance evaluation of biometric systems. In particular, BioLab developed and published the first algorithm able to meet the FBI error requirements for automatic fingerprint classification and developed SFinGe, the first effective method for generating realistic synthetic fingerprint databases. In cooperation with Prof. A.K. Jain from Michigan State University and Prof. J. Wayman from San Josè University, BioLab organized the First, Second, Third and Fourth International Competitions for Fingerprint Verification Algorithms (FVC2000, FVC2002, FVC2004 and FVC2006). Davide Maltoni is co-author of the Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition published by Springer, 2009, and co-editor of Biometric Systems - Technology, Design and Performance Evaluation Springer, 2005. He holds three patents on Fingerprint Recognition. Davide Maltoni served as Associate Editor for the international journals: Pattern Recognition and IEEE Transactions on Information Forensic and Security and is currently Associate Editor of the journal IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis Machine Intelligence. He has been elected IAPR (International Association for Pattern Recognition) Fellow 2010.

Davide Maltoni

Davide Maltoni
University of Bologna, Italy