IAPR/IEEE Winter School on Biometrics 2019

Biometrics for Intelligent Finance (Talk from Sponsor)


Fingerprint recognition has been a popular identification technique for years. With the rapid development of AI techniques recently, the other biometrics techniques, such as face recognition or voice authentication, has started to play important roles in various applications. Risk management is the most critical factor of financial business, and security is one of the core areas. As a leading integrated finance firm, Ping An has been developing a series of biometrics technologies for a number of financial areas, including banking, insurance, investment, Internet finance, and so on. This talk will introduce the technologies we developed and how they are successfully applied for Ping An’s finance businesses.


Zhangcheng Huang, data scientist from PingAn Technology. Before join in PingAn, Mr. Huang worked in Symantec Corporation in Mountain View, USA. His research interests includes Big Data, Deep Learning and Cloud Computing.

Zhangcheng Huang

Zhangcheng Huang
PingAn Technology