IAPR/IEEE Winter School on Biometrics 2020

Fingerprint Recognition: State-of-the-Art and New Directions

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This lecture introduces fingerprint recognition in a top-down fashion. Some general schemes are provided to explain the overall architecture of a fingerprint recognition system. Then, the main components (acquisition device, feature extraction, and matching) are discussed in detail. Different state-of-the-art approaches are presented and compared, and the most critical difficulties in fingerprint recognition are pointed out. Hot topics like fully automatic latent fingerprint processing with deep learning approaches are also introduced. Examples and demos of several techniques are shown during the lecture to better explain the main concepts.


Annalisa Franco is a researcher at the University of Bologna, Italy.

She received her Laurea degree cum laude in Computer Science in 2000 from the University of Bologna. In 2004 she received her Ph.D. in Electronics, Computer Science and Telecommunications Engineering at DEIS, University of Bologna for her work on Multidimensional Indexing Structures and their application is pattern recognition.

She is a member of the Biometric System Laboratory at Computer Science - Cesena.

Her research interests include Pattern Recognition, Biometric Systems, Image Databases and Multidimensional Data Structures.

Annalisa Franco

Annalisa Franco
University of Bologna, Italy