Scope and Aims

The IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin is the official publication of the Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics ( TCII ) of the IEEE Computer Society, which will be published and distributed once a year in both hardcopies (ISSN 1727-5997) and electronic copies (ISSN 1727-6004) to all the members of the IEEE TCII.

The contents of the IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin will include, but not limited to, the following sections:

  1. Letters and Communications of the TCII Executive Committee
    [V. Raghavan ]
  2. News/Reports on Activities (such as TCII sponsored or other important/related conferences, workshops, programs, courses, visits)
    [M. C. Silaghi]
  3. R & D Profiles (R & D centers and organizations; interview profiles on individual `stars'; projects; products)
    [M. Howard]
  4. Feature Articles and/or Special Issues
    [S. Chawla, I. Davidson, M. Desmarais, Y. Li, P.N. Tan, S. Zhang, X. Wang]
  5. Book Reviews
    [Ruili Wang]
  6. Announcements (TCII and other important/related upcoming conferences, workshops, programs, courses, visits, and new journals and books)
    [W. Cheung, Xin Li]

Materials suitable for publication at the IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin should be sent directly to the Associate Editors of respective sections. Please refer to the submission page for latest publishing schedule.

Technical or survey articles are subject to peer reviews, and their scope may include the theories, methods, tools, techniques, systems, and experiences for/in developing and applying biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms, such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary optimization, rough sets, and self-organization in the research and application domains, such as data mining, Web intelligence, intelligent agent technology, parallel and distributed information processing, and virtual reality.