The Centre for e-Transformation Technology Research (CTTR), established by Prof. Jiming Liu, Head of Computer Science Department in 2003, aims to promote scientific research and industrial development in Web Intelligence (WI) which encompasses the exploration of the new fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their practical impacts on the next generation of Web-empowered products, systems, services, and activities, with the application to enabling the e-transformation processes in different sectors of the society, including e-business, e-learning, among others. WI is currently an active research area in IT that has been internationally well recognized since it was first introduced by Prof. Jiming Liu together with three overseas researchers in 2000.

CTTR’s research arm is rooted at Computer Science Department of HKBU, with expertise on autonomous agents and multi-agent systems, machine learning, and data mining (AMD), as well as advanced Information Technologies (IT), e.g., wireless networks, grid computing, ubiquitous agents, etc. CTTR has two strategical research partners from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and E-business Technology Institute, The University of Hong Kong.  CTTR’s unique research strength has been recognized by The Research Grant Council (RGC) and supported through an RGC Central Allocation Research grant of HK$3.8 million in the 2003-2004 exercise. Also, CTTR is one of the affiliated research centres of the world-wide Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC).


We are actively looking for local and oversea collaborators for joint research projects related to the themes of CTTR.


Jobs openings in Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University


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